Shetland Pony News & Show Reports from 2020

22 December 2020

Our Show Dates Calendar has been updated for 2021, to have your show included please email –


13 December 2020

Here is Miniature Shetland Pony Jack Brock doing his Christmas shopping! Jack is raising vital funds for Dementia.
In 2019 Jack and his owner Ali raised a massive £22,000 for Dementia UK.
You can find out more info and donate here;- 


09 December 2020

The Dutch Shetland Pony Studbook hold their yearly Young Stallion Inspection on the 10, 11 & 12 December. This year they are going to livestream the event, you can watch it here – Watch Event


25 November 2020

🎄 2020 Xmas Card Appeal 🎄

As last year all Donations will be split between Macmillan Cancer Support & Alzheimer’s Society.

For more Details and to view the Appeal Page Click Here…


22 November 2020

Pictured is Sylvandene Charisma with the rosettes she won at the Midlands Online Foal of the Year Show – Best Filly and Overall Champion.

“I am very grateful to the organisers for giving us something at least to look forward to with our foals this year” says Belinda Jacques

Sylvandene Charisma

27 October 2020

The Directors of Thimbleby & Shorland regret to announce that they will no longer be holding sales of Shetland Ponies at Reading Auction Centre.  This is an inevitable consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, which among other things meant that a sale could not be held in 2020.  The effect of the pandemic has been to change our business significantly, and due to these changes we will not be able to service a sale of Ponies here in Reading in the future.

We would like to thank all those Sellers and Buyers who have supported the sales, over in excess of 50 years, and wish you all good fortune with your enterprises in the future.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


19 October 2020

Champion Shetland Pony at the McCartneys Worcester SPSBS Sale was a Standard Brood Mare Warrackston Tigerlilly who realised 1850gns.
Reserve show champion was Mr P. Atkinson’s Addingham Ike, a yearling colt who sold for 900gns.
Judge today was Mrs Jill Jones.
Top price of the day was Mr Cyril Pearse’s Mardlebrook Volcano, a piebald stallion, 2300gns.
Warrackston Tigerlilly

Worcester Sale Prices 2020

Please Note no responsibility can be held for the accuracy of these prices

  1. 2000
  2. 380 N/S
  3. 780
  4. 820
  5. 650
  6. 680
  7. 700
  8. 950
  9. 1800
  10. N/F
  11. (Sold with lot 50)
  12. 650
  13. 850
  14. 1550
  15. 550
  16. 1100
  17. 1750
  18. 480
  19. 450
  20. 1000
  21. 420
  22. 320
  23. 880
  24. 480
  25. 400
  26. 600
  27. 550
  28. 280
  29. 280
  30. 720
  31. 450
  32. 620
  33. 320
  34. 380
  35. 280
  36. 350
  37. N/F
  38. 350
  39. 280
  40. N/F
  41. N/F
  42. 1600
  43. 520
  44. 900
  45. 850
  46. 450
  47. 1300
  48. N/F
  49. N/F
  50. (with lot 11) 1650
  51. 720
  52. 2100
  53. 1400
  54. 1850
  55. N/F
  56. 950
  57. ?
  58. ?
  59. ?
  60. ?
  61. ?
  62. ?
  63. 300 N/S
  64. 550
  65. 900
  66. N/F
  67. N/F
  68. N/F
  69. 800
  70. 1550
  71. N/F
  72. 1150
  73. 1450
  74. 2300
  75. N/F

06 October 2020

Lerwick Shetland Pony Sale 2020

The 61st annual Lerwick Pony Sale was held on Friday 2nd October at the Shetland Rural Centre. Unfortunately due to the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic the annual Lerwick Pony Sale Show was unable to be held. However, the Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) felt it was imperative for the sale to go ahead. With thanks to Shetland Livestock Marketing Group (SLMG) and Aberdeen and Northern Marts (ANM) this was made possible, albeit with a very different format to comply with social distancing rules and regulations. Entry numbers were down on previous years, with 41 ponies forward, but although numbers were lacking quality was not. An array of different sizes and colours were forward to suit a range of buyers.

Yet again, especially due to the pandemic travel restrictions, the online bidding facility proved invaluable with 33 of the 41 ponies sold, selling through the facility. All 41 ponies forward were sold, with many travelling far and wide The PBSA must express thanks to the vendors who all provided numerous photographs and videos of the lots in advance of the sale, allowing for ponies and the sale as a whole to be promoted greatly in the lead up to the day.

The top price was paid for Bergli Lanca, a 6 year old skewbald miniature mare belonging to the Bergli Stud now based in Norway, achieving 3,100 guineas. The highest price colt foal was the Black standard, Filska Ignite sold by the Filska Stud, Eshaness for 680 guineas and the highest priced filly foal was Musselbrough Whisper presented for sale by Janice & Marcus Priest, Unst selling for 1,400 guineas.

shetland pony news
Musselbrough Whisper
shetland pony foal
Filska Ignite
shetland pony for sale
Bergli Lanca

Top Prices

3100gns – Bergli Lanca – Skewbald Miniature Mare – Bergli Stud, Norway

2300gns – Merkisayre Jannie – Chestnut Standard Mare – Merkisayre Stud, Burra

1700gns – Merkisayre Joyful – Black Standard 2yr Filly – Merkisayre Stud, Burra

1400gns – Musselbrough Whisper – Chestnut Standard Filly Foal – J&M Priest, Unst

1300gns – Stepley Candice – Chestnut Standard Mare – I Burgess, Virkie

1250gns – Bergli Searose – Liver Chestnut Standard Mare – Merkisayre Stud, Burra

1000gns – Hollydell Pheodora – Black Standard Filly Foal – Hollydell Stud, Nesting

860gns – Merkisayre Donna – Black Standard Mare – Merkisayre Stud, Burra

800gns – Moorens Misty – Black Miniature Filly Foal – D Johnson, Unst

800gns – Stackerhvi Donna – Skewbald Miniature 3yr filly – A J Williamson, Whalsay

740gns – Ockran Lisa – Black Standard 2yr filly – R Ramsay, Collafirth

740gns – Scatness Bounty – Black Standard Mare – G Douglas, Virkie

Average Prices 2019 – 2020

Filly Foals – 475gns – 1066gns

Colt Foals – 147gns – 334gns

Fillies – 288gns – 847gns

Colts – 30gns – 170gns

Stallions – 225gns – 300gns

Mares – 567gns – 1221gns

Overall 375gns – 624gns

The overall average was greatly up on last year at 624 guineas across the whole sale.

Huge thanks to auctioneer Rod MacKenzie and Alan Donald of ANM for doing a fantastic job for all concerned. Also a huge thanks to the SLMG yard staff for the smooth running of the sale and also to Northlink Ferries for their continued support and sponsorship.


05 October 2020

Aberdeen Sale Prices 2020

Please Note no responsibility can be held for the accuracy of these prices

  1. 1150
  2. 615
  3. 320
  4. 480
  5. 380
  6. 300
  7. 280
  8. 100
  9. 180
  10. 300
  11. 520 N/S
  12. 550 N/S
  13. 150
  14. 180
  15. 750
  16. 120
  17. 220
  18. 720
  19. 280
  20. 350
  21. 550
  22. 350
  23. 900
  24. 480

02 October 2020

Lerwick Sale Prices 2020

Please Note no responsibility can be held for the accuracy of these prices

  1. 800
  2. 560
  3. 560
  4. 760
  5. 80
  6. 100
  7. 800
  8. 400
  9. 600
  10. 740
  11. 180
  12. 100
  13. 300
  14. 320
  15. 1400
  16. 480
  17. 260
  18. 140
  19. 680
  20. 600
  21. 740
  22. 1000
  23. 640
  24. 240
  25. 860
  26. 2300
  27. 1700
  28. 300
  29. 1250
  30. N/F
  31. 130
  32. 300
  33. 180
  34. 200
  35. 240
  36. 220
  37. 200
  38. 380
  39. 260
  40. 240
  41. 1600 N/S
  42. 3100

01 October 2020

SALE OF REGISTERED PEDIGREE SHETLAND PONIES (LERWICK SALE) – 02/10/2020 11:00 AM – Catalogue link available here

SALE OF REGISTERED PEDIGREE SHETLAND PONIES (THAINSTONE SALE) –  05/10/2020 11:00 AM – Catalogue link available here


23 September 2020

Worcester Mart Shetland Pony Sale Catalogue link available here

17 Filly Foals, 24 Colt Foals, 8 Fillies (1-3 year old)

11 Mares, 7 Entire Males, 8 Licensed Stallions

At Worcester Livestock Market
On Monday 19th Ocotber
Details Tel: 01905 769770

shetland pony news

08 September 2020

Aberdeen Mart Shetland Pony Sale Entry Form can be found here – entries close on Friday 11th September at 5pm.

shetland pony news

Worcester Mart Shetland Pony Sale Entry Form can be found here – entries close on Friday 11th September.


20 August 2020

Liscombepark Za Za ‘horsing around’ in the nice weather!

shetland pony

15 August 2020 - Downs Shetland Pony Group Show Results

We managed to hold a very successful Summer show despite having to abide by Covid restrictions .
To enable track and trace we could not accept entries on the day whereas normally we get a lot of extra entries on show day .
Also the weather had been stifling prior to the show but on the day there was a cool breeze which was lovely !
We used our Sponsors from the Spring show in April which unfortunately had to be cancelled owing to Covid .
We all had a lovely day and despite the restrictions really managed to obtain a sense of normality
The Principal Results were as follows




Carrickfergus Admiral
shetland pony news
Fairy Constance

13 August 2020

Regimental mascot, Cpl Cruachan IV (Clothie Nyggle) celebrated his 11th birthday this week! It has become customary for the Officer Commanding Balaklava Company to give him a light refreshment to mark the occasion!

This fantastic tradition is usually completed at #Balmoral Castle following the arrival of Her Majesty The Queen, as under normal circumstances Cpl Cruachan would be on Royal Guard with #SCOTS at this time of year but this week he is at home in Redford.

Cpl Cruachan IV is a great source of morale for our #WeAreInfantry Soldiers. Whether they are proudly marching through a Scottish town, deploying on Operations or on Exercise his mischievous character brings a smile to the Regimental family.


13 August 2020

Sylvandene Charisma owned by Belinda Jacques & Sian Greene taking Reserve Standard Junior Champion at the Downs Shetland Pony Group Summer Show at the weekend.


09 August 2020

Liz Gray of Earlswood Shetlands wishes to express her sincere thanks to everyone for the kindness and sympathy which has been offered to her in her bereavement.

07 August 2020

The sale will now start at the later time of 11am, to allow ponies to arrive at the marts early on the Friday morning rather than the night before. There will be no show of ponies prior to the sale. PBSA committee members will be there to check microchips and passports, receive ponies and deal with sorting the ponies after the sale. Vendors are requested to leave ponies in a pen outside the mart, with passports in an envelope to be handed over to the PBSA Committee members in attendance.
The sale will be administered from Thainstone, with both Alan Donald and Auctioneer Rod Mackenzie being based there, rather than in Lerwick. As there will be no live feed of the sale as in previous years vendors must provide plenty of pictures and videos of the ponies for sale.
There will be no bidding in person at the mart. Bidding will be done via the online system or there will be a facility to place bids prior to the sale starting. There will be a big screen in the Mart foyer to display the sale and we will also set up a bidding point there so that locals can bid through a member of staff into the Auction.
Payment for purchases can be done by contacting the Aberdeen and Northern Mart office, where arrangements can be made for ponies to be shipped to Aberdeen as normal.

We understand that this is in no way the ideal situation but is unavoidable given the current situation, however the PBSA were determined that a Lerwick Pony Sale would go ahead so we would appreciate as mush support as possible.

“On behalf of ANM and SLMG we will do our utmost to make a success of the Lerwick Shetland Pony Sale given the restrictions we have to adhere to. We recognise the hard work that the PBSA committee do in ‘normal’ years to make this sale successful. We have been selling ponies ‘on line’ in Lerwick for many years now and the method, thankfully, is tried and tested especially now that we have to rely solely on this technology. We look forward to selling your ponies once again this year albeit by a different method!
Rod Mackenzie, Auctioneer

05 August 2020

Anyone in the Midlands itching to get out showing?  Warren Riding Club, Hucknall, Notts. have kindly put a Shetland only class on, plus there are plenty of other classes to enter, championships and supreme.  Entries are taken from 6pm on Thursday 6th August. Limited parking due to social distancing, so get your entries in early.
Payment is via PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please email your entries to: with the following information: 
Rider – Name, address, telephone number & age (if under 16) 
Horse – Name, height & colour 

Class number & name


30 July 2020

Sale of Registered Shetland Ponies
Under the auspices of the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society
At Worcester Livestock Market,
The Heath Meadow, Nunnery Way, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR4 0SQ
On Monday 19th October
Details Tel: 01905 769770
Entry Form Here

shetland pony news

27 July 2020

Oct 2020 Thimbleby & Shorland 52nd Annual Reading Show & Sale of Registered Shetland Ponies Wednesday 21st October 2020 at 9:30 CANCELLED

Due to Covid 19 it has been confirmed today that the 2020 sale of registered shetland ponies will unfortunately not take place.


27 July 2020

It is with deep regret we report the sudden and unexpected death of Mr David Gray of Earlswood Shetlands on Sunday 26th of July 2020.

21 July 2020

 I have been asked ‘How to share news from Facebook to, is there an easy way?’ 
So here’s a quick tutorial with some pictures for help;

  1. If you post is on a ‘Business Page’ change to your profile via the arrow at the bottom left off the post – Pic 1
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Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

10 July 2020

Here is two newspaper clippings from ‘Prairie Farmer ‘ which was a weekly newspaper published in Chicago, Illinois in 1911. 
The newspaper ran a competition where boys and girls could win a Shetland Pony for free!
Pictured here are some of the winners and ponies….

shetland pony news
Click image to make larger
Click image to make larger

06 July 2020

Nearly 4 weeks ago we lost our lovely Stepley Duana suddenly leaving us with her 4 week old filly foal Duchess with no mum. Duchess had had a fantastic start from Duana and was eating hard food and would drink from a bucket but not from a bottle. Thankfully a local breeder had some foal milk and saved the day and she has gone from strength to strength. Last week we turned her out and touchwood all going well and she comes into the pen for her feed every morning.

shetland pony news
shetland pony news
shetland pony news
The joys of lockdown, 4yr old Mabel with Jamilla of Jopa and older brother George 10yrs with one of her daughter's Carmaco Janiya

05 July 2020

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) will close after months of trying to source enough funding for a viable future.
The leading veterinary and scientific research charity announced the sad news.

“It is with deep regret that today we have announced to our colleagues that the Animal Health Trust’s board of trustees have concluded that the trust needs to close and next week will formally begin the process to wind up the AHT,” said a statement from the charity.

“The decision to cease operations has been reached after several months of trying to secure funding. Although substantial progress was made, the charity has been unable to secure the significant funds it needs to have a long-term viable future.”

The AHT currently undertake the SPSBS DNA testing.

Update 13/07/20 
All equine data for all equine societies has automatically been transferred to Weatherbys by the AHT, so that DNA testing for all equines will continue exactly as before. The SPS-BS charge of £60 will remain the same as will the procedure of sending hair samples to York Place by SPS-BS Members.

shetland pony news

02 July 2020


It is with great regret, that we must announce the cancellation of Horse of the Year Show 2020 due to public health concerns linked to the coronavirus pandemic. The 72nd edition of the event will now take place from Wednesday 6th – Sunday 10th October 2021, at the NEC Birmingham.

At the forefront of our minds has been, and will remain to be, the health and safety of all of those who come together to make Horse of the Year Show happen – the visitors, competitors, staff, officials, volunteers, partners, trade exhibitors and contractors – as well as our wider responsibility to support the efforts to tackle this challenge to our everyday lives.

Members of the public who have purchased tickets for HOYS 2020 will be offered the option to retain their tickets for the same day and seat for the 2021 event or alternatively they can claim a refund. Over the next few weeks, we will be working with our ticketing agent, The Ticket Factory, to communicate directly with all ticket holders, in addition to contacting trade exhibitors and sponsors.

We are sure that cancelling this year’s Horse of the Year Show will be as great a disappointment for you, our loyal followers, as it is for us. It has been your passion for HOYS that has made our event what it is today, and it is undeniable that without the support of the equestrian community HOYS would not continue to happen. We’d like to thank all our valued partners, customers and stakeholders for their continued support during these challenging times.

Our thoughts remain with all those that have been, and continue to be, affected by this pandemic.

Horse of the Year Show will return in 2021. We look forward to welcoming you back for what promises to be a fantastic showcase of equestrian competition and entertainment.


30 June 2020

The S.P.S-B.S can confirm that, subject to Covid-19 regulations, the Shetland Pony sale will go ahead at Worcester Market on Monday 19th October 2020. Further details will follow.

shetland pony news

18 June 2020

This is Tawna (not Twana!) Patrick who was reported earlier in the year as a regular visitor, and Guiness-drinker at his local pub in South Devon. The lock-down has curbed his drinking habits, but he has been very busy doing useful work and raising the spirits of isolated people. He is the first Shetland to be selected as a ‘Hero Horse’ for the War Horse Memorial and Purple Poppy Fund.

shetland pony news

18 May 2020

President’s Report
As you will have read on the SPSBS Website we are sadly unable to hold a Council Meeting in July, Government restrictions on travel and on social distancing prevent us. It is very disappointing and I felt that you would all like to be kept in touch with what news we have from 22 York Place so I decided to write a sort of Presidents Report but actually more of a newsletter.

As you know Claire and Victoria are now back from furlough, we are lucky in that the size of the office enables us to keep to the required social distancing rules, and Claire and Victoria can work together without being physically close. Kate and Pauline are still on furlough, and until we have more information regarding workplace safety measures they will continue to stay at home. Claire reports that the Office have very few telephone calls, and the post is largely requests for foal registration forms which is encouraging as I hope that many of you are able to enjoy seeing new life at this difficult time. The office has got lots of microchips which can be ordered by telephone and vets should be able to implant them but obviously that does depend on your own particular vet.

Shetland Pony Trading still continues via the Trading Website page and Victoria can take orders as usual.

Again, you will all know that sadly the 2020 Breed Show has had to be cancelled, as have most, or all, other shows including the International Show with the ISPC Meeting. This will now take place in 2021 hosted by France and I hope will be a real humdinger of a show to make up for the loss of this year. Many of us were looking forward to going and I was looking forward to our annual meeting with our Daughter Stud Book Societies.

I have spoken to a representative of OSCR (the Scottish Charities Board) who have been very helpful and explained that due to Covid 19 we are not obliged to have the three meetings required in the Constitution nor are we compelled to hold an AGM, we have to submit our audited accounts which our accountants Johnston Carmichael are in the middle of preparing and which OSCR are happy to accept with an email signature from me. This is a ‘one off’ dispensation from OSCR and the English Charities Commission’s Covid 19 guidelines echo the same sentiments for Charities based in England and Wales.

I am still very much hoping that our Society sales will be able to take place in the Autumn and that we might be able to hold an AGM at the Worcester Sale on 19th October, but, again, this must depend on what Government restrictions are or are not in place, as with everyone else in the UK we have to abide by the rules set by the Prime Minister and no one knows where the country will be in October, we can only hope things are better.

New Council Members for 2021 will be announced after June 1st as there is a vote for the three English places, English members will get their voting papers this week, please vote and return them to York Place by June 1st. Scotland had two Council applications for two places and so will not have a vote this year.

It is very hard for everyone and all of you must be facing problems which you never thought would happen, probably some of you have friends or relations who have had or who have got the virus and you must be worried sick, isolation is causing difficulties for so many families, while we can all see the reasons for it that does not make it any easier. Some of you will have not seen much loved children or grandchildren for such a long time and that, again, is heart breaking. Some of you will be worried about jobs, companies going under, hardships that we have never seen before and I can only remind you all of The Queen’s Message that ‘We Will Succeed and Better Days Will Come’.

With my very best wishes to you all
Anne (Countess De La Warr, President SPSBS)


12 May 2020

‘Online Showing’ on Social Media is one method being used to replace this years cancelled shows, Belinda Jacques is currently waiting the results for her 16yr old Stallion Barns Saint George.

Anybody else had success competing in ‘online showing’? 

shetland pony news
Barns Saint George

06 May 2020

Sally Ann Dale has a riding school and livery yard near Mayfield. With the business being under ‘lock down’, far too many horses and ponies to be exercised by on person, so step in Lucie, Sally’s 6 year old daughter. Lucie wanted to raise some money for NHS Charities. Lucie rode 10 ponies one after the other for 20 minutes each and hoped for some donations via setting a target of £500. She only did it on Saturday and the total to date is £1025. Please take a look and any donation would be appreciated.

shetland pony news

Foal Gallery 2020

With no shows happening this spring / early summer, our news page is a little bare! 

Send in your foal photos via email or facebook and we will get a gallery going to brighten it up. 
Included Sire & Dam details.
(Max 4 Photos Per Person)
🐴 ☀️ 🌈

shetland pony news
shetland pony news
Gue Venus. Dam; Tiwa 11 of Berry, Sire; Brandon Fiery Jack
shetland pony news
Gue Viking. Dam; Gue Paloma, Sire; Buxted Explorer
shetland pony news
Kalipso Starlight Glimmer, Sire; Bergli Storm, Dam; Stepsford Zanadoo
Gue Vitality. Dam; Gue Norah, Sire; Strathlene Lester
Kalipso Big Bucks, Sire; Bergli Storm, Dam; Halstock Juniper
Kalipso Sunshower, Sire; Liscombepark Sabre, Dam; Tussilago Golden Summer
shetland pony news
Helenbrie Rumba, Sire; Windwillow Miskin, Dam; Helenbrie Guinevere
shetland pony news
Helenbrie Quicksilver, Sire; Brackenfields Velvet Vicount, Dam; Helenbrie Honeysuckle
shetland pony news
Plumtree Jinkie, Sire; Plumtree Sparrow Hawk, Dam; Plumtree Joyce
shetland pony news
Plumtree Maleficent, Sire; Brandeston Rupert, Dam; Grimpowood Maribell
shetland pony news
Plumtree Pacman, Sire; Plumtree Sparrow Hawk, Dam; Plumtree Polka-Dot
shetland pony news
Plumtree Calla Lily, Sire; Brandeston Rupert, Dam; Merryhill Crystal
shetland pony news
Jungle Molly May, Sire; Helenbrie Galahad, Dam; Jungle Polly Anna
shetland pony news
Jungle Ellie May, Sire; Helwai highland laddie, Dam; Routongill Candid Arrival
'Annie' (stable name ad awaiting confirmation of our prefix), Sire; Buxted Discovery, Dam; Ceann Charm
shetland pony news
Bayerns Avanti, Sire; Bayerns Alaba, Dam; Bayerns Wasabi
shetland pony news
Cornslands Josh, Sire; Parlington Pickles, Dam; Kerswell Salome
shetland pony news
Cornslands Jack, Sire; Parlington Pickles, Dam; Cornslands Tina
shetland pony news
Parlington Harvey, Sire; Parlington Pickles, Dam; Quaker’s Fennel 11
Parlington Filly, Sire; Parlington Spike, Dam; Parlington Utopia
shetland pony news
Helenbrie Quickstep, Sire; Windwillow Miskin, Dam; Joan of Houlland
Helenbrie Queen Bee, Sire; Brackenfields Velvet Viscount, Dam; Balmedie Pepper
shetland pony news
Littlefort Golden Nugget, Sire; Littlefort Toytown, Dam; Hermits Texas Rose
shetland pony news
Furthest to nearest Stepley Jessica by Carmaco Evander out of Stepley Jenny Wren Stepley Duchess by Stepley Troy out of Stepley Diana Stepley Trevenna by Carmaco Evander out of Stepley Trynna all enjoying the morning sunshine.
shetland pony news
Jungle Henrietta, Sire; Pinglewood Windsor, Dam; Jungle Lizzie Anna
shetland pony news
Jungle Lady Rihanna, Sire; Helenbrie Galahad, Dam; Jungle Miss Pandora
shetland pony news
Tawna Ambrose, Sire; Tawna Rubus, Dam; Tawna Agnes
shetland pony news
Tawna Filly, Sire; Tawna Rubus, Dam; Tawna Fuchsia
Hools Briseis, Sire; Email of St Ninian, Dam; Hools Beautiful
shetland pony news
Hools Colt, Sire; Email of St Ninian, Dam; Hools Eastern Rose
shetland pony news
Midgarth Sprite, Sire; Gabriel of Brygarth, Dam; Yvette of Brygarth
Midgarth Knox, Sire; Gabriel of Brygarth, Dam; Genevieve of Brygarth

04 May 2020

It is with deep regret that, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the SPS-BS announce the cancellation of the 2020 Breed Show, which was due to be held at Chard Equestrian Centre on Sunday 30th August. 
It will now be rescheduled to the 29th of August 2021.

shetland pony news

12 April 2020

Good News

She was found this morning by some riders about 5 miles away and followed them back to their stables.
She was very frightened and had sweated up a lot and had a couple of scrapes but otherwise is fine. We are unsure if she escaped or was dumped but at least she is safely back home. 

Stolen from a field near Ilminster, Somerset.

Miniature Shetland palomino yearling filly. Hillash Fairy, microchip number 977200009476891. The filly was in a field with four old ponies, she was there in the morning but gone early evening. Two days before three men were noticed with a white bmw and a white truck in a pullin nearby, unfortunately I didn’t get the number plate. We do have a travellers camp nearby. If anyone is offered a lovely little palomino filly or notice one being advertised please let me know. 
Mrs Pat Gray, Hillashponies.

shetland pony news
shetland pony news

07 April 2020

A mini mares has foaled and the foal has died if anyone looking for a surrogate mare please contact Lisa


Located Wem Shrewsbury Shropshire


07 April 2020

In light of the Covid 19 epidemic in France and throughout the world, it is with great regret that we must inform you of the cancellation of the International Shetland Pony Show. This event has been eagerly awaited by many Shetland pony enthusiasts and our team in France have been working hard behind the scenes in preparation for many months. In view of the huge scale of this epidemic and uncertainty that it brings for the months ahead of us, we believe that it is the correct decision to make.
All of the input and energy has not been in vain, as we intent to rescheduled the show in 2021 under the same conditions, at the same venue in Saint Lo, Normandy. We hope that you understand our decision, and that you and your families get through this period of crisis in your respective countries safely and in good health. See you in 2021 for a new International Shetland Pony Show.

Olivier Blanchet
Shetland de France

shetland pony news

06 April 2020

Government Guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for people with animals

Advice for pet owners and livestock keepers on maintaining the welfare of their animals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Horses, livestock and other animals

Advice if you have symptoms of coronavirus and must remain at home for 7 days, or 14 as a household

If you have a horse in livery, you must not visit them whilst you are self-isolating. You should contact your yard manager or vet to make suitable welfare arrangements.

If you have livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, or any other types of livestock you should arrange for someone else who is not self-isolating to care for your animals.

Where this is not possible you should ensure the basic needs of your animals are met. You must make sure you wash your hands before and after handling your animals and ensure you remain 2 metres away from other people.

If you are too unwell to care for your animals and there is no one to help, you should call your local authority.

Advice if you do not have symptoms of coronavirus

You may leave your house to exercise once a day and you should combine this with leaving your house to provide care for your horse or livestock.

It is essential that you minimise the time spent outside of the home and remain 2 metres away from others. You should remember to wash your hands before and after contact with any animals.

If your horse needs urgent attention from a farrier

If your horse requires urgent attention from a farrier, you should phone the farrier to arrange the best approach to meet your horses’ needs. You and the farrier must ensure that you keep 2 metres apart and wash your hands before and after contact with the horse.


30 March 2020

How a 12-year-old became a Shetland pony champion,

What Shetland pony champion Zak, 12, thought about retiring after winning almost every event.

And from the Shetland Film Archive, the Jim a’ Berry Collection,
1970s era 16mm colour footage of ponies, horses and foals on the Berry croft, Scalloway.
Filmed by James Smith MBE (aka Jim a Berry).


24 March 2020

Ivy Cromarty of Hools Shetland Pony Stud
Passed away on the 23rd March 2020 aged 97 years old.

shetland pony news
Ivy pictured in 1965 with Shetland Pony Trophies

19 March 2020

Dear friends of SSPG
As a group, we put the health and wellbeing of our competitors and our team as a top priority. We have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it unfolds and are following the guidance issued by the government and health authorities to help keep everyone as safe as possible. It is with much regret, but probably little surprise, that we can confirm the cancellation of The Southern Shetland Pony Group show on the 26th of April. We are continuing to make plans for our show on September 6th, however we will of course continue to monitor the situation and make decisions accordingly. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been personally affected, and we hope that everyone stays safe and well.

shetland pony news

17 March 2020

Show Cancellation / Postponements

South West Shetland Pony Group Show – 22nd March – Cancelled

Serrang Equestrian Inhand Show – 5th April – Postponed to later in year

Downs Shetland Pony Group Spring Show – 5th April – Cancelled

Southern Shetland Pony Group Show – 26th April – Cancelled

North Somerset Show – 3rd May – Cancelled

Scottish Friends Open Show – 3rd May – Cancelled

Nottinghamshire County Show – 9th / 10th May – Cancelled

Devon County Show – 21st/23rd May – Postponed until 28th/30th August

Fife Show – 23rd May – Cancelled

Heathfield Show – 23rd May – Cancelled

Herefordshire County Show – 23rd / 24th – Cancelled

Surrey County Show – 25th May – Cancelled

Great Harwood Show – 25th May – Cancelled

Suffolk Show 27th / 28th May – Cancelled

Staffordshire County Show – 27th – 28th – Cancelled

Royal Bath & West Show – 28th/30th May – Postponed until 31st July/2nd August

Cothi Bridge Show – 30th May – Cancelled

Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group Spring Show – 30th May – Cancelled

Royal Cornwall Show – 4th/6th June – Postponed until 10th/12th September

West Fife Show – 6th June – Cancelled

Midlands County Show – 6th / 7th June – Postponed until 10th / 11th August

South of England – 11th / 13th June – Cancelled

Caerwys Agricultural Show – 12th June – Cancelled

Royal Three Counties -12th /14th June – Cancelled

Cumberland Show – 13th June – Cancelled

Royal Cheshire Show – 16th / 17th June – Cancelled

Royal Highland Show – 18th/21st June – Cancelled

Derbyshire County Show – 28th June – Cancelled

Royal Norfolk – 1st / 2nd July – Cancelled

Royal Lancashire Show – 3rd / 5th July – Cancelled

Great Yorkshire Show – 14th / 16th July – Cancelled

Royal Welsh Show – 20th / 23rd July – Cancelled


12 March 2020

Brightwells Auctioneers wish to announce that due to market forces and with immediate effect, that they will no longer be conducting their equine sales. The curtailment of this aspect of their business will mean that the WPCS and Standardbred (STAGBI) sales held at Builth Wells, the Sport Horse Sales at Addington, the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society and Horse & Pony sales, held at Hereford and all other equine sales will no longer be conducted by Brightwells. Whilst making this announcement, Brightwells would like to say a huge thank you to all our loyal customers who have supported these events previously. Whilst making this announcement it is stressed that all other aspects of Brightwells business remain the same and will continue as normal.


10 March 2020

2020 Colt foals – full brothers, but not twins…

How can that be‘ I hear you ask…
Dams are Wotknotts Mindy, 13yrs and Wotknotts Matilda, 5yrs. My lovely cream/chestnut dun mares are full sisters –  out of Shamarette Millicent by Wotknotts Jeremy Fisher. 
Both colt foals are by Kerswell Bandit. 
The cream skewbald is Wotknotts Marco out of Matilda and the chestnut skewbald is Wotknotts Minstral out of Mindy. So on paper their pedigrees are full brothers. 
“Not the best year to have had early foals… it’s been a struggle but they are doing OK… “says Trudy
shetland pony news

8 March 2020

National Stallion Show 2020

Standard Champion and Overall Supreme Shetland was Hawkdale Dixie owned by Donna Lochtie.

Reserve Standard Champion was Eynhallow Dutch Prince owned by Brenda Laing.

Miniature Shetland Champion & Reserve Overall Shetland Champion was Halstock Cams Warrior, owned by Hazel Clarke.

Reserve Miniature Champion & Junior Miniature Champion was Alichbrae Bambi owned by Lynda Cochrane.

Alichbrae Bambi Photo courtesy of Fiona Brims Photography
shetland pony news
Hawkdale Dixie

29 February 2020

We always felt Tawna Patrick had a bit of star quality, but my goodness – isn’t he becoming a celebrity in the village of Cockington – a regular at the pub, the café, the craft shops, even photo-bombing a wedding! Take a look at the video by Devon Live. 
As breeders, it is so heart-warming to see one of our ponies leading such an interesting life, with a great future ahead in a caring, knowledgeable home.

26 February 2020

The Royal Northern Spring Show held at the Thainstone Mart.

Yearling Filly Milday India Jane, shown by Rachel Beattie, was 1st in the Miniature Yearling Class, took Overall Miniature Champion, Best Coloured, and then Overall Supreme Champion of the show.

Standard Champion and Best Female was 6yr old Mare Lynmore Isla shown by Christine Forbes.

shetland pony news

25 February 2020

Joseph White [Huckerby Stud] aged 84, passed away after a very short illness on Saturday 22nd February at The Conquest Hospital Hastings.
Joe and his wife Pauline came to Shetland ponies when they retired from business. They started by buying a few geldings from me to keep the grass down at the lovely house Joe had built for their retirement. The bug bit, and it wasn’t long before they bought some mares, sold the new house and bought somewhere with more land to accommodate their herd. Joe often told me how pleased they were that they had ponies, it saved them from what would inevitably be boredom from ‘going on cruises’! His wife, Pauline, though inexperienced with ponies, is very good with animals. She was a sponge for information and knowledge and ‘got it’, pretty quickly. They bred some very nice ponies having acquired some from Jane Dennis and Jill Jones to go with ours. They stopped breeding and showing 7-8 years ago, and to this day have kept all their ‘old ladies’, ‘going up the fields’ twice daily, to check them and give them titbits, Joe’s pleasure. Joe was a fisherman for most of his life, owning boats off Hastings beach. Latterly he had retail TV shops. An ex semi pro footballer, a handsome man with his pretty wife Pauline, they made a great couple. Pauline, the thoughts of your friends in the Shetland world are with you and your family at this sad time.      Obituary sent in by Gerry Hart.

25 February 2020

For those Studs with a website made and hosted by, we have a new template / design. Please view the studs listed to see the template in action.

This new template will give a better result in search engine results eg Google / Bing and also displays your images alot clearer. These pages can be customised to colours of your choice and your social media links added.

If you wish your stud to be transferred over to the new template or you would like a website made in this format please get in touch.

Website Design

23 February 2020

York Auction Centre
Shetland Pony Sales 2020

Friday 27th March

Saturday 26th September

Thimbleby & Shorland

52nd Annual Reading Show & Sale of Registered Shetland Ponies

Wednesday 21st October 2020 at 9:30


20 February 2020

Mick and Judy are very happy that Billy is now a licensed stallion.

Merrylees Billy the Kid – 30″
Sire – Merrylees Ringmaster
Dam – Merrylees Angelina

shetland pony news

17 February 2020

“On Valentines Day Shallochmill Crunchie arrives, a fortnight early and I think he is the first Scottish Foal to be born this year.
Mother and baby doing great but I’m getting nothing at all done due to sitting watching them!”
says Susan

Is this the first Shetland foal of 2020? Send them in…..

shetland pony news

11 February 2020


07 February 2020

Thank you for your patience in January during the transition of the site. I have received several emails about the new site, with a lot of good comments – Thank you. I also received a few suggestions (which are always welcome), about how it could be improved, a common one was about the colours being a bit dull on the Link Buttons, so I’ve made them a bit brighter! It is also fully responsive, so the screen size will alter to your screen. 

The same format that’s served this site for 20 years applies, Stud Web Links on the front page, a Current News page, a Ponies For Sale page, a ‘NEW’ Stud Type page, a ‘NEW’ Stud Map page and a Show Dates Page. I will be adding the previous years news in due course. Please keep sending in all your News & Ponies For Sale.
The Stud Type page is at the moment split into 2 categories, Standards & Miniatures. On the Map page you can get a marker on your exact location or your postcode. This would be useful to visitors planning stud visits, to see your locations around the country. To get your Stud listed or edited on either the ‘Type’ or ‘Map’ page please get in touch.

If you wish your Stud Link to be included on the front page or you are needing a website built please get in touch –

27 January 2020

Shetland Performance 2019 –  Inhand Awards – Overall Points Champion

Miniature Stallion – Highedge Darcy owned by Jill Needham

shetland pony news

24 January 2020

International Shetland Pony Show 24th – 26th July 2020

at The Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô (St Lô equestrian pole).

A dedicated park on the Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô offers hardstanding pitches with electric hook-up for lorries, campervans and caravans.  

No grass pitches for tents available on site, but still possible to have your tent in the parking.

More than 200 stables are available, close to the showrings. Straw provided. Hay available on site.

More Info –


A website promotes your Stud, it acts as a digital brochure providing information about you and your ponies.

Don’t have a website? Don’t worry we can make you one!

From a simple website hosted by to a stand alone

We can manage and update your website as an when you require or simply set it up and let you do the work yourself.

Here are two examples of home pages;

We can make you a simple website containing 3 pages of your choice, together with a link on the home page of for a yearly fee. Included in the yearly fee is one advert a year on the for sale page.

We can also make you a more in-depth bespoke website with multiple pages, linking up with your social media accounts or blogs.
It’s not just horse websites we can do…..get in touch with your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss


Horse of the Year Show 2020 National Pony Society / Baileys Horse Feeds M&M Ridden Pony of the Year Qualifiers containing Shetlands;

  1. Native Breeds Ridden Festival – 31/05/2020

  2. Midland Counties Show – 06/06/2020 – 07/06/2020

  3. Royal Three Counties – 12/06/2020 – 14/06/2020

  4. Derbyshire Festival – 13/06/2020 – 17/06/2020

  5. Royal Cheshire County – 16/06/2020 – 17/06/2020

  6. Royal Highland Show – 18/06/2020 – 21/06/2020

  7. North of England Summer Pony Show – 27/06/2020 – 28/06/2020

  8. Royal Norfolk Show – 04/07/2020

  9. Monmouthshire Show – 04/07/2020

  10. NCPA Staffordshire County Festival – 04/07/2020 – 05/07/2020

  11. Scottish Horse Show – 08/07/2020

  12. Great Yorkshire Show – 14/07/2020 – 16/07/2020

  13. New Forest and Hampshire County Show – 28/07/2020 – 30/07/2020

  14. NPS Summer Championships – 31/07/2020 – 02/08/2020

  15. Stoneleigh Horse Show – 07/08/2020 – 09/08/2020

  16. Shetland Pony Society Stud Book Breed Show – 30/08/2020

  17. Moreton in Marsh Show – 05/09/2020


Letters from Macmillan & Alzhiemers Society to all the people who donate to Gerry Hart’s SHETLAND PONY OWNERS AND BREEDERS Christmas Appeal, that was split between Macmillan & Alzheimer’s Society, all cards can viewed HERE;

Dear Friends,

We can’t say thank you enough

Thank you so much for your very kind donation of £595.00 to Macmillan Cancer Support Your generosity and support will allow us to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can

We would like to thank all owners and breeders for your generosity, kindness and commitment to supporting the work that we do at Macmillan. £595.00, for example, could pay for a Macmillan social care worker or family support worker for 1 week, helping patients, family members, and carers manage the social and practical problems of living with cancer.

How you’re helping

At Macmillan, we understand that cancer can impact a person’s whole life – health, money, family, work; everything. We can help people with managing symptoms and offer advice and benefits for things like keeping the cost of heating down during treatment. We can also provide training for employers to support people back to work. With your support, people get the energy and inspiration to feel more like themselves.

Thank you once again for being a part of Team Macmillan.

Dear Gerry Hart

We can achieve so much more when we come together. Thank you so much to everyone at Shetland Pony Group for uniting against dementia and raising a fantastic £595.00 from your fundraising – what a fantastic achievement!.  We will ensure that we make every penny count to drive our crucial work.

Dementia devastates lives. By 2021, 1 million people will be living with the condition. But dementia won’t win. Until the day we find a cure, Alzheimer’s Society will be here for anyone affected by dementia – wherever they are, whatever they’re going through. Everything we do is informed and inspired by them.

We’ll make sure that your donation is put to good use, whether it’s spent on campaigning activity to stand up for people with dementia, funding research to develop a cure, or delivering vital services across the UK; it’s going to make a huge difference.

Just one of the vital services we provide is Side by Side where we focus on the individual needs and personalities of people with dementia, allowing them to continue doing their favourite activities and making sure people living with dementia don’t feel alone.

‘After a whole year of not going out, I now can’t imagine staying indoors.’ – Val, living with dementia, using Side by Side

We’re taking on dementia to put a stop to it, any way we can.


Once again, thank you. With your help we hope to one day win the battle against dementia.

03 January 2020

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that it is time for me to pass on the baton which is I will miss it, but I’ve got to the stage having been on steroids for years that they are starting to have some of the side effects long usage brings. Whilst they make me ‘sharp’ and on the ball, amongst other things, they thin the skin, not good for someone sat in a wheelchair.
Neil Kirkness now owns the site, and much of its present content and format will remain the same, along with a new modern web site. Bear with us while the transition takes place. I have had my go, and its time to bring in new blood.

I’d like to leave a legacy of good memories, the Sussex Show, which I started and ran for 18 years the South East group for a similar time, passing its financial reserves to the Downs group which continues in the area. I set up the National in hand awards, a points scheme with an annual ‘black tie’ dinner and presentation at the Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, a highly successful, prestigious scheme and awards dinner attended by owners and breeders from Scotland, N Ireland, Wales and of course England. I always believed it was an important scheme that should be run by the breed society, eventually they agreed and continue with it to this day.

There are over 200 paintings by me of mostly Shetland ponies In the UK and worldwide, 150 illustrated in a book for reference. I think Kevin and I have bred some good ponies over the years and will continue with that, 3 perhaps 4 per annum, for the foreseeable future.

I’d just got my first PC in 1999, lying awake, the concept of a website that listed studs, promoted news, enhancing the reputation of the breed, a list of affiliated shows/schedules as provided by show secretaries, a results service, links to groups and associated sites, and a ponies for sale page. All laid out in an easy to access format. Over the years I have thought how I might improve it. I always believed it ‘does what it says on the tin’. That’s not to say it can’t be improved. The whole public perception of the Shetland pony has markedly improved to equality with other breeds. You’ve been out there ‘doing it’ breeding some fabulous ponies, but it has been that has told the world.
Social media such as facebook has entered the fray, people can ‘post’ what they like, (and they do!) I’m not entirely sure that breed perception has been enhanced, certainly the perception of some are that they are overly ‘pleased with themselves’ and far too self congratulatory for my taste and many others., under my EDITORSHIP, WHILST CONGRATULATING SUCCESS, has stuck to the facts and results, that’s one of the reasons why people return all the time to the site. I am assured and confident that Neil will continue in the same even handed approach.

Bear with us during this transition period of minimal disruption and a bright new future for the first and most respected Shetland pony web site. Gerry Hart. xx

GH, site founder pictured 2000
GH, site founder pictured 2019