This page contains Web Links to all the UK (Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland, England) SHETLAND PONY STUDS listed on the Home Page, split into breeding categories.
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Standard Studs

Almondell / Edinburgh

We have an established herd of registered standard ponies with excellent pedigrees and we are now proudly producing homebred stock of show quality.

Brockville / Aberdeen

We keep standard sized Shetland ponies ranging in height from 38” to 42”, mainly black, chestnut and bay ponies with a few duns, piebalds and skewbalds.

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Hools / Orkney

Breeding black standard Shetland ponies with mainly Marshwood & Wells bloodlines, ranging from 38″ to 42″, with bone & substance, kind temperaments & great movement for performance activities

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Grutness & Laaward / Shetland

Founded on Mousa bloodlines, our ponies are bred in the south mainland of the Shetland Isles & are mainly black & bay with some dun, chestnut, grey, piebald & skewbald ranging in height up to 41½”

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Transy / Dollar

Established 1886 well known for superb quality ponies with action to match. Stock sometimes available

Gwyddelfynydd / Wales

Ponies are based on Knock and Marshwood bloodlines with a few others of different breeding but of a similar type.

Ladbury / South Wales

Founded in 1969 mainly black standard ponies with a few coloured. Bred for good conformation and action with good temperaments

Beltoy / N. Ireland

Awaiting Details

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Ronelle / N. Ireland

Our aim is to breed ponies suitable as children's ridden ponies or driving ponies

Bellever / Devon

Standard shetlands of predominantly black & chestnut, our aim is to keep the true Lakehead bloodlines with good movement & presence

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Birchmoor / Yorkshire

We specialise Black and Red Bay mostly, but breed some other colours also

Burghwood / Norfolk

Based on traditional Marshwood & Harviestoun blood lines. Producing Standard sized Shetlands 38” – 42”, with neat “pony” heads, good movement & wonderful temperament

Coppice / Warwickshire

Standard Shetland Ponies Black, Roan, Grey & Coloured 38" - 42"

Westbridgepark / Devon

Our aim is to breed good straight moving up to height Shetland Ponies for showing, riding and driving

Miniature Studs
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Abbeygreen / Ayrshire

Established in 2017. We are a small stud that enjoy showing our ponies, travelling throughout the UK to many of the major shows on the showing calendar. We hope to breed quality true to type miniature Shetlands from our show stock with the main intention of breeding stock to retain & show. Stock occasionally available

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Alichbrae / Crieff

We are a family run stud who breed high quality miniature Shetland ponies. The majority of our foundation stock is based mainly on Kerswell. Our aim is to breed ponies that are true to type & correct in confirmation with pretty heads. Our ponies vary in colour & we have many champions within our stud. Enquiries are always welcome

Benston / Shetland

Miniature Shetland ponies ranging from 29"- 33" of mainly broken colours with neat heads, good bone, conformation and movement

Brygarth & Midgarth / Shetland

Our stock is based on Berry, Brindister, Gott and Kerswell bloodlines concentrating on broken coloured and dun miniatures.

Gue / Shetland

Breeding miniature Shetland ponies with great temperaments

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Shallochmill / Ayrshire

Situated on south west Scotland’s scenic coastline, aims to breed correct,show quality, well-handled miniatures with fabulous temperaments

Cotmullion / Powys

Our ponies have followed New Park, Kerswell & Glebe bloodlines with additions from time to time over the years of different bloodlines, with the aim of producing quality ponies with lots of bone, lovely heads & good movement, in a variety of colours

Kalipso / South Wales

Located in the glorious South Wales Hills & Countryside, started in 2010, is a family-run, hobby Stud that focuses on breeding & producing quality Dun, Dilute & Mushroom Miniature Shetland Ponies

Blenhiem / Oxford

We breed miniature Shetland ponies, all colours, with good bone, small heads and excellent temperaments

Brackenfield / Shropshire

We breed miniature Shetland ponies up to 34" of all colours, based on Kerswell & Fairy bloodlines, with small heads, beautiful eyes & good conformation, we are based in Wem, Shropshire

Busvannah / Cornwall

Small stud of quality miniature Shetlands, bred from carefully selected bloodlines, noted for good bone, correct conformation and movement

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Cornerways / Cheshire

We aim to breed ponies with good temperament & conformation from 30" to 34" We only breed 2 or 3 foals a year which will be very friendly when they leave

Helenbie / Devon

Established herd of miniature shetland ponies. We are situated in North Devon. Breeding high quality ponies with good temperaments & excellent pedigrees, inc Mardlebrook & New Park

Heritage Grange / Notts

All colours, palomino, solid colour, skewbald, Dun, Roan and specialising in piebald

Highedge / Leics

We have been successfully showing & breeding coloured miniature & black standard shetlands for over twenty years. Enquiries always welcome

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Liscombepark / Bedfordshire

Colours include Dun, Cream Dun, Silver Dun, Piebald, Chestnut, Blue Roan, Cremello and Palomino

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Littlefort / Derbyshire

A small stud placing emphasis on quality. All ponies have excellent pedigrees & we aim to breed two or three foals a year, with correct conformation & friendly temperaments being of paramount importance

Merrylees / Derbyshire

We are a small stud of broken coloured ponies, mainly piebald

Mignon / Devon

We breed miniature Shetland ponies, mostly broken coloured with good conformation and lovely temperaments

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Moorsbeck / North Yorkshire

We are a small family run stud breeding a couple of foals per year as a hobby

Padbrook / Kent

Small stud of Miniature Shetland Ponies based on Balmedie – Tawna – New Park bloodlines

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Parlington / Yorkshire

Founded in 1955, consists of around 60 ponies living in the perfect environment on a hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales, renowned worldwide for their quality, movement & above all their fantastic temperaments

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Plumtree / Yorkshire

Founded in 1982 situated near Doncaster breeding quality true to type minis in most colours with fantastic temperaments. Foals available every year & occasionally older ponies, enquiries always welcome

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Shandwick / Hants

A small stud of miniature Shetland Ponies using the finest Kerswell & Fairy bloodlines which has been developed over the last 30 years

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Shawdene / Berkshire

We breed top class little ponies, from the best old bloodlines, for big people and little people to enjoy, showing & breeding

Sycamore Nook / Yorkshire

Based near Ripon, North Yorkshire, Jen Hurford has a newly founded registered herd of Miniature Shetland Ponies

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Tawna / Cornwall

Established in 1960, we produce beautiful, kind-natured miniature ponies in a variety of colours. Tawna ponies are noted in the show ring for their quality, presence & free movement. Well-handled foals, & a few other ponies offered for sale each year

Standards & Miniatures Studs

Dryfesdale / Dumfries

A selective stud with approximately 35 ponies of various colours. We have been successfully showing and breeding ponies for 30 years. Sizes from 31" - 41"

Lochfleet / Highlands

We are located in the north east of Scotland, 4 miles north of Dornoch on the shores of Loch Fleet. We have a mixture of rare breed sheep and M&M ponies.

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Winterburna / Powys

A small miniature Shetland pony stud breeding for both quality & temperament

Loghshore / N. Ireland

Small stud breeding quality black standard Shetlands with good confirmation and bone We also have a selection quality miniatures Shetlands

Hartside / Cumbria

Established in 1975 with pure Marshwood bloodlines our ponies have excellent bone & movement, lovely heads & wonderful temperaments. We breed both standards & miniatures. Enquiries are always welcome

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Stepley / Somerset

Stud consists of black & coloured standards up to height, & a small miniature herd of various colours