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Miniature Mares
shetland pony mare

Buxted Charity

by Buxted Elite ex Kerswell Charisma

shetland pony mare

Cranford Estee

by Cranford Double Cream ex Cranford Lady Estella

Buxted Prima Ballerina

by Buxted Jasper ex Buxted Penny Black

Buxted Kadie

by Buxted Marksman ex Kanga of Catchpool

shetland pony

Buxted Lemon Puff

by Mardlebrook Flash Harry ex Mardlebrook Larkspur

shetland pony

Buxted Evangeline

by Family Fortune ex South Sands Evita
pictured with foal Buxted Endeavour

shetland pony Miniatures

Buxted Miniature Mares & Foals

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