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Wotnotts Buccaneer
Dam Kerswell Butterscotch,

Sire New Park Caspar.

We are just sooo proud of this colt! An absolute star during 2010, we were ecstatic when he won the 2 year old colt class at the International Shetland Show and then went on to take Reserve Junior Champion. As seen on the DVD of the event... 'the best day of my life'. (That comment's taken a bit of living down...) Buccaneer has now been DNA'd and passed VVE, and will run with a couple of our mares this Spring. I'm already looking forward to seeing his offspring!

Wotknotts Cedric
Dam Tawna Celandine,

Sire Wotknotts Conquest.

Lovely colt, a real character but rather naughty! Nevertheless, Cedric achieved much success in the show ring during 2010, including 3rd place in the miniature yearling colt class at the International Shetland Show.

Wotknotts Annabelle
Dam Wotknotts April Showers,

Sire Wotknotts Conquest.

Annabelle was lightly shown as a yearling in 2010 with much success, and we hope to show her again as a 2-year old during 2011

Wotknotts Alonso Dam Wotknotts Alice, Sire Udaller of Braebister. Being an April Grandson by a total out-cross sire I am interested to see how Alonso matures. This little colt is extremely correct. He looks a bit scruffy in the photos but the weather really has been pretty awful and he has a very long coat! On the assumption that he will 'scrub-up' OK, I am also hoping to show him this year.

Wotknotts Rubeana Dam Wotknotts Ruby, Sire Udaller of Braebister. Well, I ordered a bay and white filly, and look what I got... How lucky am I? 'Beana is a 'proper little madam' and the mischievious ringleader of the youngsters. Despite the fact that she seems to turn into a donkey when I put a head collar  on her to try and take photos, I am hoping to show her as a yearling in 2011.

Wotknotts Bunty Dam Kerswell Butterscotch, Sire Wotknotts Conquest.

Pictured as a foal and at 8 months. We are very lucky Bunty survived - she got joint-ill at 48 hours but miraculously she responded to antibiotic treatment and as you can see was soon back on her feet - photo at 2 months old shows her with her beautiful Dam Kerswell Butterscotch. Consequently Bunty is very special to us. She is half sister to Buccaneer, sharing the same Dam, and we are hoping to show her at some point this year.