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Over fifty years our experience has produced some the finest Bantams worldwide, this website shows some
examples of the superb breeding of Hamburgh Bantams. Please take a look and we hope to hear from you.

Some of the finest examples of their breed

Established 1947.

Birds from these yards have won Championships at National, Club, County and Local shows for over 50 years and...
A R E ..S T I L L.. W I N N I N G.. T O D A Y !

Over the years birds have been exported to many parts of the world.
Many of the top UK Breeders' strains were founded on birds purchased from here.
Poultry Club of Great Britain: Panel A Judge, Overseas Judging Engagements, Completed in Canada and Bermuda in addition to officiating at all the principal shows in the UK.
President of the Hamburgh Club of Great Britain. Member of the Sebright Club for 45 years.
Breeder of the only Hamburgh Bantam ever to be selected for the front cover of the Poultry Club Year Book.
Author of Bantams and Poultry Keeping For Beginners.

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Son Charles Kay Breeds, Exhibits and Judges Pekin Bantams specialising in Partridge and Buffs.
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