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Mares & Youngstock

Lakehead Esmerelda AH 2179        DOB 04.05.1998  40"

Sire: Wells Headline (3654)

Dam: Lakehead Emelda (014753)

Reserve Champion and best overall Brood Mare S.P.S.B.B.S. Breed Show 2002 Champion United Counties 2002 & 2005 

Champion Pembrokeshire County 2005 

Champion Royal Welsh Show 2009 

Champion Gower Show 2009

Champion Pembroke County Show 2009

Ladbury Morning Melody (AU2864)

DOB 05.05.2008
Black 41"
Sire: Sapphire Vision (AA1892)
Dam: Lakehead Mikalia (AJ2188)



Ladbury Evette (AM1871)
DOB 24.05.2001
Black 40"
Sire: Lakehead Double Top (3654)
Dam: Lakehead Eveline (AF2691)
1st prize yearling S.P.B.S 2002 (only time shown)




Lakehead Mikalia (AJ2188)
DOB 05.05.1999
Black 39"
Sire: Lakehead Double Top (4216)
Dam: Cresco Morning Melody (17263)
3rd Royal Welsh Show in large class
Supreme Champion - South & West Shetland Pony Group Show 2012

Pankymoor Candytuft (AR2482)   SOLD

DOB 24.04.2005
Grey 40"
Sire: Walkmill Mactavish (AF0571)
Dam: Southley Cherry Blossom (AC1739)
Has done very well in the show ring, winner of Senior and Junior Championships

Ladbury Elsanta (BC1582)
DOB 23.04.2015
Sire: Email of St Ninian (AK1155)
Dam: Ladbury Elsa (AJ1526)
1st Prize yearling Welsh National Shetland Show 2016 only time shown to date


Ladbury Morning Magic (BC1581)
DOB 12.07.2015
Sire: Email of St Ninian (AK1155)
Dam: Lakehead Mikalia (AJ2188)

Ladbury Eloise (BS1577)   SOLD
DOB 14.05.2014
Black 39”
Sire: Sapphire Vision (AA1892)
Dam: Lakehead Evangeline (AK2355)

Ladbury Morning Star      SOLD
DOB 11.05.2012                                    
Sire: Millhouse Respectable (AG2298)
Dam: Lakehead Mikalia (AJ2188)
Supreme Champion Foal South & West Shetland Pony Group Show and

1st and Best foal Pembrokeshire County Show 2012


Ladbury Elsa (AJ1526)

DOB 07/05/99

Golden Dun 391/2"

Sire: Seva Laddie (3386)

Dam: Ladbury Emily (AA079)

1st and Best Foal Pembrokeshire County Show 1999 (only time shown)