Dryfesdale Shetland Pony Stud


Some results from Great Yorkshire show. Judged by: John Harrison on 10.07.14

Dryfesdale Diversity : below,  First prize yeld mare and champion. Dryfesdale Delilah  : below right, First prize yearling.

Dryfesdale Damson.  Countless Championships now with Slade Stud.

Dryfesdale DeKatrina.  Senior coloured champion 2009 breed show. 
Reserve champ Royal Highland Show 2010.

Dryfesdale Lady Luck.  Miniature & overall champion
 Ayr county show 2010.  Best miniature Royal Highland Show 2010.

Dryfesdale Dizzy Lizzy.  Junior champion and reserve
champion Ayr county show 2010. 
Reserve junior champion Westmorland county 2010.
Overall jnr champion Bowes show 2010.  Now with Sandfold stud.

Abbotsbury Tempest.  senior Stallion - 2nd prize
Great Yorkshire Show 2009.  Age 15.



2008 foals below

Dryfesdale Dark RoyalSOLD
standard black colt foal
S. Sandfold Chester. D. Westpark Velvet

2008 foals below

Dryfesdale Cyclone
miniature black colt foal
S. North Wells Rory, D. Whitgift Carbonella


Dryfesdale Jensen
Tri-coloured miniature colt
S.North Wells Rory. D. Baronshill Bonnie Jean

Dryfesdale RubySOLD
Miniature skewbald filly
S. North Wells Rory. D. Dryfesdale Duchess

  • Dryfesdale Donegal
    Standard chestnut colt
    S. Abbotsbury Tempest. D. Dryfesdale Debutante

Dryfesdale Dianthus
standard dark bay filly
S. Sandfold Chester. D. Pankymoor Honeysuckle

Dryfesdale Dame
standard chestnut filly
S. Abbotsbury Tempest. D. Dryfesdale Dune

Dryfesdale Jet 4 years Stallion. Miniature
s. North Wells Rory
. d. Bonnie Jean

Dryfesdale Lady Luck. Miniature Champion Central Scotland Group Show 2009

Dryfesdale Daisy ChainSOLD
standard grey yearling filly
Sire. Abbotsbury Tempest. Dam. Dryfesdale Dahlia

Dryfesdale Diva
standard black yearling filly
Sire. Abbotsbury Tempest, Dam. Evita of Tweedside

Dryfesdale Democrat
standard 3 year old colt
s.  Abbotsbury Democrat. D.  Evita of Tweedside
Reserve Champion (Black section) Central Scotland Group Show 2009

Dryfesdale Commanche
S. Bantac Apache. D. Whitgift Carbonella

Retained as future stallion

Dryfesdale Damson (filly)
S. Abbotsbury Tempest D. Kirkbride Dahlia


After 12 years barren, Dancer (dam of Dryfesdale Danielle)in 2007 produced a lovely little filly for us,

hence the name! DRYFESDALE HOPE sired by Abbotsbury Tempest