Postcombe, Oxford. OX9 7DX.

Proprietrix: Mrs J. B. Evans  Telephone 01844 281248
& Mrs K. J. Thorpe Telephone 01844 281070 Mobile  07837 556454

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Our senior stallion 31"
Sire. Sonny Boy 29.5"
dam. Blenheim Panda (32" Piebald)

Sire. Blenheim Tonto 31"
Dam. Stranduff Bluebird (32" Piebald)


Our senior stallion is our homebred “Blenheim Tonto”. He was champion coloured stallion with both coloured showing societies C.H.A.P.S. & B.S.P.A. for many years, he is also graded with both societies.

We are very excited to be able to stand one of Tonto’s son’s “Blenheim Nightbird” that we retained and had licensed.