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East Yorkshire,

HU11 4QN


Birchmoor Amadeus - 16 years

Birchmoor Icon · Eastland Admiration

North-Wells Perseus - 12 years

Harviestoun Riach · Pieah of Burnside

Birchmoor Amelia - years

Birchmoor Amadeus · Birchmoor Silver Anniversary

Riccalton Lobelia - 19 years

Southley Tern · Riccalton Lotus

Birchmoor Velour

Wells Baron · Birchmoor Velvet

Birchmoor Drover - years

North Wells Perseus · Eastland Day-Light (Lakeland Lightning)

Birchmoor Mimosa & Birchmoor Pandora

Kerryston Kelly · Eastland Mistletoe

N.W. Perseus · Birchmoor Silver Anniversary

Yateholme May Rosie - years

Birchmoor Amadeus · Fendale Roseleaf

Birchmoor Sunrise - 17 years

Eastlands Midnight Again · Eastlands Sunlight

Birchmoor Georgia - years 

North Wells Perseus · Waterside Good Luck (Southley Bluebird)

Birchmoor Viceroy - 7 years

Birchmoor Gauntlet · Fendale Victoria

Birchmoor Saracen - years 

Birchmoor Amadeus · Birchmoor Sunrise

Fendale Mist - 20 years

Towerwood Crestat · Towerwood Estelle

Birchmoor Velvet - 5 years

Birchmoor Amadeus · Fendale Victoria

Birchmoor Drover & Birchmoor Viceroy

Fendale Mist
Sire Towerwood Cresta 3442
Dam Towerwood Estelle 12051

One of our four Fendale Mares has been a big winner for us over the last 14 years. Shown lightly this year with her June born filly foal, 1st Great Yorkshire, lst & Res Ch Shetland. Overall Durham County, 1st & Best Shetland overall Ryedale, 1st NPS Malvem, 1st Moorgreen, Ist &Ch Burniston, 1st Bowes. Mist has combined being a brood mare as well as winning in the ring and her total awards to date stand at
66 firsts, 33 Championships,15 Reserve Ch,
4 Supreme Overall of Show.
8 Res.SupremeOverall of Show.

Her foal has had Six 1sts two Res Junior Championships.

North-Wells Perseus S02-018 AG1032 38"
Newly licensed and standing at stud in 2003

Shown for the first time this year since he arrived here at the stud as a foal,
1st & Commanchee Qualifier P.U.K Burton Constable Summer Show.

1st Standard Broken Coloured and Res Supreme Standard All Miniature Breeds Show.

Birchmoor Apollo
(half brother to Amadeus)
Sire Towerwood Cresta 3442
Dam Eastlands Admiration 12312
Prolific winner in- hand
Twice winner of the Black gelding class at the breed show. Now a successful member of the Woods Family Show team in Northants