"Think not what the Shetland pony can do for you - what can you do for the Shetland Pony?"
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At the Council meeting 17th October, it was decided by unanimous decision that Fraulein Katherina Krischak be removed as a member from the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society in accordance with article 9.1 of our Constitution.

The Shetland Society Council, are not a 'body apart', they are part of and representative of the membership. They do not enjoy the luxury of commenting on social media (Thank goodness!) neither are they swayed by nor do they react to it other than if the Breed Society is brought into disrepute or the Society which is the membership are libelled by such media.
They look into and decide action or not, based on letters to the Society, coupled with evidence relevant to the point. My advice would be to those who have rather too much to say on a particular issue, "watch and learn" Rabble rousing does not bring results. Considered letters, backed by evidence does.

Next week at Reading, you will be able to purchase super sharp 14in foot trimmers and 'Nibbleze' nets from 10-30am - 1-30pm.
Stop pony bolting  hay, keeps them occupied longer, better for digestion, less waste. Ideal for travelling to shows, more difficult to get smothered in hay! See Kevin or my niece, Claire who will be on parade!        Opposite Breed society table.

Debbie Barr, aka 'Wonder Woman' The ridden ponies and their success in this country was always cyclical and the province of a few. I felt what was needed was some consistency, an enormous change and improvement in production, schooling and not least turn out of both pony and rider. Living locally to me was Debbie Barr and we had become friends. She was already massively successful in the show ridden classes, mostly with her daughters Isabel and Alice, who were competing in first ridden and lead rein  respectively.
Determined to bring this level of professionalism, consistency and success to the competitive ridden Shetland pony, I encouraged Debbie to buy Shetland ponies, not necessarily from me, but where I could find suitable animals from breeders whose stock I knew. One person in particular who was enjoying some success, entreated me not to get Debbie involved as she would ‘wipe everything up’ and no one else would get a look in. Although I had decided to expand my activities in the ridden ponies, and for those of you who know me, the possibility of ‘not getting a look in’ when you are doing something for the greater good would not faze me at all. The standard pony was pretty much on the floor at that time, and having spent years successfully promoting minis and opportunities for them, knowing without the standard pony flourishing, and I was and continue to be determined to change the perception of the breed long term. I know this has succeeded, because I rarely hear the ‘oh we had a Shetland once, terrible brute, kept dumping the kids’ because when they see good ponies winning in top competition, they know that if a pony went badly or misbehaved, it was down to their lack of schooling. A point I make whenever I need to. No one likes their equitation skills undermined and this disparaging remark rebounds very nicely. I commend its use!
Mine was a two pronged attack. Firstly through the in hand showing scheme which encouraged breeders to sell youngstock to be shown in another’s ownership but the prefix gaining points toward the breeders cup. This was a huge success and got some good ponies ‘out there’ rather than just sitting in a field doing nothing. It quickly came to be that there is nothing a breeder likes better than being beaten in the ring by something they had bred.
Debbie hit the ground running and has had Shetland ponies at HOYS and or Olympia every year since. Owners send ponies from all over the country, to be produced by her and ridden by one of her talented riders. I take nothing away from those who continue to enjoy success under their own system, we do okay without Debbie’s production, it's what we like to do, ride what wwe breed, but she sets the standard and everyone’s lot has improved because of her achievements, not least the Shetland pony. if you seek advice, she is happy to help.
Among her many Shetland achievements this year are Anna Steven’s Brinleyview Commanchee, 1st and res champ Suffolk county
1st midland county.1st royal international. Champion ridden welsh Shetland show, 1st hickstead,1st res champion new forest coloured and m/m, 1st and champion NFU mutual final NPS and Anna Stevens, Sapphire Classic, winner small breeds at HOYS, (David Hodge’s Oakleat Navigator, Dartmoor also produced by Debbie, 2nd) and we’ve still got the Heritage Finals and Olympia to go. Am I a fan? Yes, but justifiably so, she’s killed the breed detractors stone dead. I love it when a plan comes together.

Bridgwater Sale  Thursday 16th October 2014 Show to commence at 9.30am Sale to commence at 11am Catalogue

Mostly for attention of Southern Group members and friends from Daphne Pickett. 
Firstly I would to thank Delia Woodley for running the group and shows for us all this year,it is a lot for one person to do and so we
 have agreed to form a committee to run the group to keep it going,each member taking on one task.  This way every member can 
still show their ponies at all the group shows. These members have already offered to help but we are still open for offers of help
 from all,D Woodley would  take on the Treasurer and booking of sites, J Percy rosettes and web site ,P.Hopkins in charge of
 stewards for the shows, M.Sargeant would take the show entries,C.Webb appointment of judges, as Carol doesn't show she is
the best person for this envious task! The committee members will be able to deal with relative enquiries that you have on these 
subjects.   This proposal will be put  before members at the A.G.M in January ,but please contact us if you are able to help in any
way. Either to M,Sargeant,D.Pickett,or D Woodley.  Hopefully we will see you all in January. D.Pickett.

Horse of the Year Show.
1st. Sapphire Classic, owned by Anna Stevens, produced by Debbie Barr and ridden by Thomma Shepherd. 4th Champlers Viscount ridden by Abby Macey.

Oakleat Navigator the Dartmoor was 2nd owed by D Hodge/J Walters/D Barr and produced by Debbie Barr.

So from Dartmoor Exmoor and Shetlands, Shetlands took 1st and 4th.

The conquers d'elegance class at the Victoria foods carriage extravaganza . This is a two day  driving show, there were 100 stables booked, not bad for shetlands methinks. The trandem , ponies are Seva Gentleman Jim, Foula Fred, and Winston, The Gentleman whip is Paul Mander, he built the roof seat brake copied from a 1860 picture, I am passenger (Lois, Seva Stud) and groom Elle Stevens a very successful Lady
Halstock Trident at Royal Berkshire show. 1st stallion class. RES Champion Miniatures. Owned by Tina Banger.

Thimbleby & Shorland 'Reading' Sale of registered Shetland ponies here now.

Gerry,  I  look at your site daily and I would to know whether you are willing to make an announcement for our annual auction. On the 25th of October we organizes already for the 5th time the SPSS Auction ( Shetland Pony Select Sale) This sale has developed into the biggest and most important in Europe and over 110 Ponies will be offered.

The Ponies are selected on quality, sizes and colors and inspected by a vet at the entry.  Of all ponies that are expected to be in foal the owner need to give a written confirmation of their vet to the organization !

Ponies at this sale are all of Dutch breeders with beautiful bloodlines ( all go back to the  famous UK bloodlines )

I hope you will react positive to my request and place this announcement on your very interesting and active website , please have a look at our site : www.shetlandponyselectsale.nl for daily information and pictures of the ponies.

Kindest regards, J Bausch, chairman of the SPSS

Aberdeen continues the trend of recovery in prices, especially for standard ponies. Report coming shortly. Aside from the comparative success of the sale in which ibidder played its part, it seems that the whole occasion was a big social success and in contrast to Mr Salmond's (who's he?) portrait of the relationship he would have us believe between the Scots and English, everyone was very pleased to get together.

Results of the 2014 League tables and results, kindly sponsored by

League of
in hand miniature ponies
League of

in hand standard ponies
Beltoy 'Halstock & Blackertor' League of
lead/rein first/ridden, open, junior, WHP ridden ponies

It's always slightly disappointing, that despite a reasonable entry, not everyone who enters declares their results. It's a shame, because all publicity is good publicity!!  It isn't necessary to have shown at 6 shows or even to had 6 first places to make it worthwhile declaring. Take the Barugh family's Birchmoor Aristocrat, a 17 year old gelding. Shown twice only, one of those at the Society Breed Show where he was Res. gelding champion and res overall at Aldborough are results worth declaring, they remain available for future years and gain him second place in our gelding section. Having said that, I have to comment on some of the other results. Lorna Jamieson's 2 year old filly, Lignite Dusky Beauty, smashed that section gaining maximum points being junior and champion at each of her 6 declared Shows. Lorna has been top of the ribbons every year since this scheme's conception, a terrific record. Similarly. Pam Tabb and her Tawna geldings, beautifully produced they win their class and show championships as well. In a strong class of 2/3 year old standard fillies, Charlotte Salter's last year's winning yearling mini filly has grown 'over height' for a mini and yet has come 2nd in the standard section. Super filly, well done them. What's to say about Sharptor Trinity.......winner and champion every time out, including a Reserve in the 'Cuddy' at New Forest. Fabulous.
N.Ireland made their mark with the Ronelle Stud with the most points with their homebred yearling, Pollyanna' and the black stallion Eynhallow Lewis. Well done Cora Ramsey winning the mini mare section. Katie McAllister on Rawside Royal Maisie and Ellie Simmonds who has also had a great season on Birchmoor Admiral. Lead rein and First ridden respectively. Personalised memento rosettes will be sent to you in due course. GH


                                                                                              STANDARD PONIES           MINIATURE PONIES


1st Darklake Montana yearling filly. owned by L.Tropman

2nd Threapwood Tarna. Owned by Mrs J Smith

1st Hasguard Pepsi  Y/ling filly.
Owned by Charlotte Salters

2nd Collytown Shimmy. filly
Owned, by A & C Blamey

2-3 years

1st Ronelle Pollyanna - 2yr old -  owned by  S & J Cumberland

2nd Timberland Emily 2 yrs
Owner Charlotte Salters

1st Lignite Dusky Beauty 2 yrs filly owned by Lorna Jamieson

2nd Collytown Suki owned by
A & C Blamey


1st Sharptor Trinity.
owned by J Walters Esq

2nd Schivas Victoria
Owned by Mr & Mrs G Snaith

1st Lonsdale Honey Crumble
owned by Cora Ramsey

2nd Gott Mabs. Miniature Mare owned by Glenn Smith


1st Eynhallow Lewis
owned by S & J Cumberland

2nd Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn
Owned by Frances Morkill

1st Top Rock Johntie. owned by Messrs Hodge & Walters

2nd Hasguard Magnate. owned by Charlotte Salters


1st Darklake Loki. 4 years 
owned by Ms J.Tropman.

2nd Birchmoor Aristocrat.
owned by Barugh family

Tawna Viceroy - 5 year old
Owned by Pam Tabb

Tawna Moonshine 3 years
Owned  by Pam Tabb

Lead rein

1st Rawside Royal Maizie, ridden by Katie McAllister

2nd Kerloch Rebel.
Owned by Judy Hawkins





1st Birchmoor Admiral
& Ellie Simmonds

2nd Cranford Crunchy Munchy
And Jack Dale


Cranford Fandabbydosey
And Jack Dale

N.P.A. Autumn Show
WOW!!....'The Boy' has done it again! At his final show of the season Pam Tabb's TAWNA VICEROY took the N.P.A. Autumn Show by storm by winning his Breed class, the Open Coloured class, and was Section Champion before being judged Supreme Champion of Show - this time, ahead of a ridden New Forest. Only a few weeks earlier he achieved the same accolade, ahead of a Highland stallion. This wonderful little gelding has certainly made a big impression in the showing world and has truly flown the flag for Miniature Shetlands against competitors of all sizes. F.H.

Southern Group Autumn Show
We had a really good friendly show and despite a cold start to the day we had brilliant sunshine. 
The venue is excellent and everyone seems pleased to come to the Priory Equestrian Centre.
Pauline Hopkins showed Buxted Excel and took the Standard Championship and Supreme and Miniature Champion Buxted Evangelist
took Reserve Supreme.
Well done to the Buxted ponies and an excellent result for their stud.    Signed PA to Mrs Delia Woodley! full results

                                             Buxted Excel

Buxted Evangelist                                    

                               Snelsmore Pinocchio

Snelsmore Orlando                                 

Helawi Capricious 4 yrs and Poppy Canton Davies 3yrs. 
Who have had a very successful season showing.
Their results include - Performance show: 1st lead rein, 1st lead rein working hunter, 
1st pairs & 1st pairs working hunter Cardigan show:

I'm like the mechanic who drives an ill serviced car! In that I'm so busy maintaining the web sites of others and the site in general, our Cranford site gets ignored! But I steeled myself and actually updated it to reflect where we are at now. You may see on the index page, that our 'button' is in 'slide' mode, (NOT A PERMANENT FEATURE) and will stay like that for two weeks as will Parlington's who at last have got me to update theirs, several months later than normal!

Shetland sale in Lerwick. I watched some of the sale by live link through i-bidder and my impression was that prices were up on last year. Some lots, rather too many, failed to attract any bids at all, but the ponies bidders wanted made reasonable prices given the location of the sale and the costs of getting them home. Having said that, Shetland buyers are imaginative and cooperate sharing transport. i-bidder is a definite plus and has probably saved the sale for future years.

Aberdeen Sale catalogue of entries here Download Thainstone Printable Catalogue GIVE IT TIME - LARGE FILE

John Hodgson.
The Hodgson family of Lotuspoint Stud
(Cumbria) are devastated at the sudden death of John Hodgson on Tuesday 30th September 2014 age 63. JOHN'S Funeral service to be held at St. John’s Church, Newton Arlosh, on Thursday 9th October at 11.15am followed by cremation at Carlisle Crematorium at 12.20pm,then refreshments to be at the White Heather Hotel, Kirkbride. Any advance notification of attendance will be greatly appreciated.


Cranford's no. 1 jockey's mum gets married. Background, Crunchy in his restored trap. Foreground l-r. Kevin. 3 bridesmaids, Sally (Jack's mum) baby, Lucie, behind is Jack, who drove his mum to the wedding, and the groom, Adrian Bevan. Lovely day. More about the vehicle's restoration in the Society magazine in due course.

To those of you entered in shetland-pony.com's league tables and results, please note, all results as per allowed in rules MUST BE submitted by 30th September latest. That includes photos missing. Each year's results stay available on line so well worth submitting even if you have done less than 6 shows. GH.

Mrs Veronica Giles who founded the Boltwood Stud in the early 1960s died on 8th September 2014. Kevin and I attended the funeral yesterday 24th September. Full obituary in the autumn edition of Society Magazine.

SWSPG youngstock show has a change of date. It is now 2/11/14 at Cholwell equestrian centre, Lewdown, Devon. G.Hannaford

Newbury on Sunday 21st Sept.
Miniature Judge, Mr I Bailey
Snelsmore Lalique,  1st place yeld mare & Miniature Champion   
Halstock Trident, Marrillion stud. Reserve Champion
Gemma Phipps, Silver dun colt? Junior Champion 
Snelsmore Roxanne, 1st place foal & Reserve Junior


The East Anglian Shetland Pony Group’s In Hand & Performance Show took place on 21st September 2014 with classes for In Hand, Ridden and Driven. The ridden classes were affiliated and judged by Mrs. S. Cozens from Somerset, who chose Mrs. L. Cave’s Hollydell Mario, ridden by Eve Cave. Reserve was Mrs. E. Nugent’s Briar Percy, ridden by Alice Nugent. The driving classes were unaffiliated and judged by Mr J. Snowdon from Suffolk. There were six driving classes this year, with the introduction of a new Novice driven pony. Driving Champion was Just William driven by Lorna Kirby and Reserve, Rocksteady Teddy, driven by Jenny Ostler. Mrs. S. Cozens and Mrs. C. Cozens-Cook both judged the seventeen affiliated In Hand classes. Miniature Champion was Buxted Evette Mr. J. Clitheroe, Reserve Buzzinghill Pedro, Mrs. L. Dilworth. Standard Champion went to Dryknowl Branshee owned by Miss J. Land and Reserve Briar Piccolo owned by Mrs. V. Hampton. The three Champions came together for the final Best in Show, which was awarded to Dryknowl Branshee. D.R.
Secretary: Mrs. Diane Randell

Buxted Evette (below)1st Miniature Mare Miniature Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion.
Pinglewood Pastor. (below below) 1st Yearling and Reserve Junior Champion. both owned by Dawn Bryce/John Clitheroe
Dryknowl Branshee owned by Jenna land
1st standard mare, Standard champion, Supreme in-hand and 'best in show'

 Mrs. L. Cave’s Hollydell Mario, ridden by Eve Cave

Can't believe Digby Shepherd, my little bro and his awesome pony, 'Zorro' have qualified for Olympia in the Shetland Pony Grand National. Thomma Shepherd.

Well done Digby and Cranford Fantastic AKA Zorro. Full brother to Cranford Fiddledydeedee, Frodo, Frizzle and half brother to Cr. Fandabbydosey. Not the prettiest we've bred, but 'andsome is as 'andsome does, and this pony does the lot, well done to 'team Shepherd' you deserve your successes. G.H.


Blazefield Topsy as Show Champion

 Buxted Jemima won the senior Miniature rosette.
Kingsacre Princess Beatrice took the Miniature Youngstock Ch

There was an especially happy atmosphere at our last show of the year on Sunday. Whoops of delight and cheers greeted the selection of the 21 year old Standard mare Blazefield Topsy as Show Champion. Topsy is owned by Chris Boyle (Toohoots Stud) and was competing at only the second show in her somewhat mature life! Originally purchased by Chris and Ian several years ago she has been pushed around a bit, but they set out to get her back and she now thrives with these two dedicated owners. She stormed through the classes taking First in the Mare, Novice, Black and Veteran Classes plus the Standard Championship -  and all this against some pretty respectable competition!
Judge Margaret Ball had a busy day, her Reserve Standard Champion was Buxted Discovery, handled by S.Greene, who also took the Standard Youngstock Championship with Buxted Darius.  Another happy pair were Mesdames Robin and Elphick whose Kingsacre Princess Beatrice took the Miniature Youngstock Championship, then their Buxted Destiny took Standard Youngstock Reserve and finally their Buxted Jemima won the senior Miniature rosette.
Miniature Youngstock Reserve was our long term supporter S.Belton’s Pinglewood Tin Tin, while Senior Miniature Reserve was Hasguard Magnate owned by a new friend C.Salters.
At the other end of our menage Emma Payne looked after the youngsters in the fun ring where there was plenty of activity in the fifteen classes. The Open Ridden Championship was won by A.West’s Alardyn Cookie with R.Lee’s Mowview George Boy as Reserve and the Open In Hand Championship was won by Snelsmore Indigo (Z. Fairhurst) chased by Longcot Jack handled by J.Belton.
Not so long ago, when we decided to focus on shows as distinct from trying to run a conventional Group we faced a very uncertain future. The fact that all has gone well is down to our excellent organisers and to our many loyal supporters. We’ll be back at Bury Farm in 2015 and intend to introduce a Fancy Dress Class – for which we already have entries! H.D

N.I.Shetland Pony Group Show 
The organising committee, exhibitors and spectators were delighted to welcome Irvine Burgess from the Robin’s Brae Stud to judge at the Group’s annual show.

Support for the Show was exceptionally good and with 35 entries forward in the ridden and young handlers classes it was testimony to the Shetland Breed as a fabulous child’s pony. With an influx of new exhibitors and members the future looks bright for the Group.

Congratulations to all our prize winners in particular the Cumberland family in taking the Supreme tricolour with Glenlough Persuasion and standing in Reserve Supreme her stable mate Ronelle Pollyanna.

Full show results & photographs www.nishetlandponygroup.co.uk    

Principal results: Supreme Champion.      Glenlough Persuasion   Sharon Cumberland
Reserve Supreme.          Ronelle Pollyanna                            Sharon Cumberland
Ridden Champion            Barns Rosanna                                  Eva McClurg
Reserve Ridden               Clothie Night Hascosay                  Chloe Stewart
Senior Champion             Glenlough Persuasion                    Sharon Cumberland
Reserve Senior                 Beltoy Rising Pride                           Michelle McDonald
Junior Champion              Ronelle Pollyanna                            Sharon Cumberland
Reserve Junior                  Beltoy Diavlo                                      Tony Bell      


Reading Shetland Sale Announcement

The Sale of Shetland Ponies to be held at Reading Auction Centre on Wednesday 22nd October will take place this year as advertised.  106 ponies were entered by the deadline of 19th September, which is enough to hold a sale. Phew! and there are some of the top studs entering stock who are supporting the sale, aware of the true adage 'use it, or lose it'.

Please Note:  Due to issues surrounding so-called lodgers over a number of years, only ponies entered in the sale will be allowed on the auction premises.  There will be no exceptions.  

Mini Mania 2014

After 18 months of planning, our very first Mini Mania Show was finally here!! (6th September to be exact) held at Alsager EC.With brows mopped, T’s crossed (and fingers, toes and eyes too) our first classes were under way, which included all small equines from SPSBS affiliated, non registered SPSBS,  UKAMAHA  and a Miniature Horse ring.

Success followed, and soon enough, competitors were walking past with huge grins on their faces, clutching rosettes, and (for the lucky ones) trophies stuffed under arms as they proudly led their charges back out into the sunshine for a quick look at their booty and a polish ready for the next class.  We were delighted to see a huge response to our Long Rein Classes. One was a novice dressage test, won by S Stirling and Ladyshore Oh Nana Whats My Name and the other an obstacle course won by M. Arden and Claylands Stirling. It was truly a wonderful sight to see so many ponies thoroughly enjoying something a little different from the normal showing routine and displaying their skills.

Our 5 wonderful judges Mrs D Tindale (standard shetlands and long rien), Miss D Johnston (miniature shetlands), Laura Wilson (non SPSBS reistered shetlands), Mr J Wilson (miniature Horses) and Mrs E Livesey (UKAMHA Miniature Horses) and stewards were greatly appreciated by everyone, not only made excellent choices, but also had some very constructive advice and had the task of deciding our Supreme Champion of the Show. With so many beautiful shetlands and miniature horses to choose from, each being carefully considered, a unanimous decision was made by all and Jill Needhams miniature Shetland mare Seva Isabella was crowned “Best in Show” with Sally Anne Skellerns miniature horse Golden Oak Mochachino Reserve Champion and Hannah Bradleys miniature horse Ujenik Extasys Destiny was made Reserve, Reserve Champion.

Mini Mayhem followed after lunch with fun classes, jumping, chase-me-charlie (exciting stuff from the mini Maniacs amongst us) and a fantabulous obstacle course. Competitors pulled out all the stops when if came to fancy dress and the entries were…. Well …ruddy brilliant!! Tracy Wilson, our judge, had a hard job (and keeping a straight face while doing so) Tara Birch and Tussilago Louis, dressed as little Bo Peep (oh the sheer indignity for the little man) was our Champion!

A great day was had by all, 2 legged, 4 legged and even 5 legged (yes there was a little trophy for that one too!) and plans for next years show are now under way, to be held on 5th September 2015 at Rodbaston Equestrian Centre. Please look on our facebook page, Mini Mania Show, for all show news. S.W.                

Jo O’Nions with Junior Champion Hermits Elissa

Miss D Johnston (left) with Steward Caroline Smith (right) photograph by Trafford Photography

Jill Needham's miniature Shetland mare Seva Isabella (TOP) was crowned “Best in Show”

Tara Birch and Tussilago Louis, dressed as little Bo Peep
Surely one of the best ever? Ed

Stop your pony bolting its hay and then standing bored and bloated for hours!
Benefits include, better digestion, reduces risk of colic, more natural intake of food, less waste, less mess, may be fed on the floor or hung up. Read the info on the website http://www.nibbleze.co.uk size recommended for Shetlands 'Crunchy' (small). Quality product. GH recommends.

Kington Show. Thank you so much to everyone that came and supported the Shetland classes for the first time at Kington Show. It was a fabulous turnout for the first time and the show organisers and I were really pleased with how everything went. After further discussion we are now looking forward to next year's show and will run the same classes. We were especially thrilled that the Snelsmore stud had made the journey up to the show as well and went home with their lovely stallion Nevada gaining miniature champion. The principal results are as follows;
Judge. M Davenport
Standard Champion
- Lanthom Joyful   P. Hampton
Reserve Standard Champion - Rugpit Dark Secret    D. Lanman
Miniature Champion - Snelsmore Nevada  Mr & Mrs CT Percy
Reserve Miniature Champion - Halstock Amaretto Rose  Miss L. Harris
Once again thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you next year. Report By L. K Mellor

Bowes show.
Kentstone Tilly winning her last show of the season at Bowes today, 13-09. Best mare/gelding 4yr old and over, champion mini and res. overall Shetland. Judge Mrs DP Wright.

Usk show where for the first year they have held affiliated Shetland classes.
Here are the results.
Judge Mr R Miller

Class 1 standard youngstock.1st Mrs J Smith - Annwood Verohnicca. Class 2 Broodmare with foal at foot or covering certificate~
1st Mrs M Newton - Harwell Emilee. Class 3 standard adult over 4, 1st Mrs M Newton - Sharptor Diego, 2nd Mrs S Jones - Degai Beauty. 3rd Mrs R Richards - Gwyddil Nightjar. Class 4 miniature youngstock. 1st Ms J Leek - Bwlchclawdd Catrin Haf, 2nd Mrs S Jones - Halstock Spirit. Class 6 miniature adult over 4, 1st Miss H Rowell - Halstock Lottie, 2nd Miss E Mellen - Buxted Chit Chat 3rd ??. Champion - Mrs M Newton - Harwell Emilee. Reserve Champion - Mrs M Newton - Sharptor Diego. Best Miniature - Miss H Rowell - Halstock Lottie.

Southern Shetland Show on the 5th Oct, Remember entries close (postmark ) Monday 22nd September,  NO LATE ENTRIES, you may swap entries on the day if you have previously entered. Delia Woodley

Entries for Builth Wells sale.  I understand that Brightwells have transferred the ponies entered for the Shetland Sale at Builth on 26th September to their general Horse Sale at Leominster next Friday 19th September. M.D.

Details on their website www.brightwells.com

I'm not surprised. As 'webmaster' for shetland-pony.com, amongst the spam emails I receive are offers to put this website towards the top of the 'google' rankings. This morning by coincidence I had a bit of an I.T. buff here and was showing him the site. I googled Shetland Pony, and at the very top behind wikipedia came shetland-pony.com. Hasn't cost me a penny! The ranking result driven entirely by the volume of traffic the site generates. Result. Whilst I was at it, I showed him a 'snapshot' of those viewing the site. At that time, an hour ago, there was someone in Brazil and someone in Finland as well as 11 people in the UK viewing. Truly a worldwide following.  (That does not include those looking at the 'for sale' page which is hosted by showpony.com)

Hartside stud have a champion day at Loweswater show.
At 3 weeks 1 day old Hartside Merick laped up the sun and took champion foal on his first outing while Hartside Beauty took both Junior champion and Overall champion. Lannie Jackson the most senior team member of the Hartside stud carried on the showing tradition and took champion bird on the day with his magnificent Buff Orpington Cockerel - well done dad/Granda. J.L.

I have been speaking to Thimbleby & Shorland, Auctioneers at Reading Market today. Clients who  are on their mailing list will be receiving a mailshot in the next few days, in effect stating albeit reluctantly, that unless there is a surge in entries fairly shortly, then this year's sale will be cancelled. It is not something they wish to do as they approach the anniversary of the 50th sale, having always been great supporters of the Shetland Society. Although far from profitable for them in recent years, they have juggled their sales fixture list to accommodate the pony sale. They have taken on board requests by vendors after  last year. Quite when they would ever know when 'the market' in ponies would warrant restarting the sale is a big unknown and they are aware that the sale has always been a shop window for the breed and an opportunity for breeders of better stock to command good prices. However, they are in business and not there to run at a loss. (That's our job!) I hope they get sufficient 'well known' studs and some good ponies' that will attract buyers allowing the sale to continue, and for Breeders to continue to reacquaint and renew friendships.     

TAWNA VICEROY . . . "You're Simply the Best". How true the words of that song are for my very special boy who has just topped his year by taking the M & M Supreme Champion (in hand & ridden) at the S.W. Welsh Pony & Cob Society's Late Summer M & M Show. What an amazing achievement for a MINIATURE GELDING - winning a 50 cash prize as well!
Viceroy has had another fantastic year, bringing home 16 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 9 x Championships, 6 x Reserve Championships, 1 x Supreme and 2 x Reserve Supremes. Not only is he a wonderful show pony - but is full of character, with a temperament second to none. P.T.

Isle of Wight M &  M Pony Society Show. 07-09-2014, under Mrs Jill Jones. Pauline Smith's, Blacketor Angel won the M & M youngstock small breeds class. From the the youngstock 1st prize winners she took the Taybar Trophy and then went on to be Youngstock Champion.

Another all rounder, out there doing it. Degai Beauty showing just what a family pony she is. Last week I took
her to Monmouthshire County show where she was second in the inhand small breeds M&M class, today she went to a show with 
my 7 year old twin boys and did two dressage tests where she was 2nd and 4th. She was then 2nd in the family pony class with 
Harry who competed for the first time off the lead rein. She then competed with Edward in the young handlers where they were also
second. Sophie Jones

Coedpoeth Jennifer, has had a busy summer, with her little rider Rosie Moore, she has competed in the Shetland Grand National,  was a firm favourite at the Countryside Show at Ardingly representing the Pony Club,  did very well at the Shetland Performance Show,  put up with being an elephant yet again in the Fancy Dress at the Oxted and Edenbridge Show,  attended pony club camp and fun days and then won four cups at the Dormansland Show.  She has also been teaching other little children to ride and start their equestrian careers.  Faith Bedford

PONY TRANSPORT AVAILABLE. From Aberdeen Shetland Sale to Reading Shetland Sale, All Routes considered.
Contact D J HOWARD 07790977751

          Pontardulais Show 25 August
                                                                           Judge : Mr Nigel Vale
Champion :                 Buckland Giorgio II and also Veteran reserve champion - Mesdames Powell and Jarman
Reserve:                    Windwillow Marnie - Mrs Julie Nichols
Jnr. Champion:            Windwillow Marnie - Mrs Julie Nichols
Res. Jnr Champion:     Kenvig Lottie - Mrs Julie Nichols

Shetland sale at Builth Wells cancelled. LACK OF ENTRIES.

No apology for taking advantage of my access to this site to make a point.
‘Independence’ for Scotland. Beware, act in haste, repent at leisure.
And if you think, what’s it got to do with you Gerry, I’ll tell you. I am more of a Scot than I am English. My mother was a Scot, and I have more Scottish relations than English. My eldest sister was born in Scotland and had it not been for my mother’s ATS war time posting to South East England she never would have met my father.
‘Independence’ is a leap into the unknown. Alex Salmond is a slippery snake oil salesman, a one trick pony leading the gullible into a potential disaster on a wave of pseudo but misplaced nationalism. Do not labour under the illusion that we want you to stay for the oil. Along with the rest of the UK, Scotland has benefitted hugely from its extraction, but it is a finite resource. It is not a sustainable or self renewing commodity. Your security and that of the UK has been because of the UK’s independent Nuclear deterrent, something we’d all like to live without, but even Labour when in power change their tune in the knowledge it’s a necessary evil.
This is not a reason to vote ‘no’, but the Breed Society status belongs to the UK, not Scotland and ’independence’ would almost certainly see the loss of that to England. It isn’t something I would welcome, but enterprising bodies would grab it with both hands.
I have just been watching a DVD of my last living uncle, Robert McAllister, at the time 4 years ago, he was 91, and has lived on the Isle of Wight since the war. Such self effacing bravery, one of the forward party 'special forces' raid on Dieppe, prior to the D Day landings. He didn’t fight for Scotland, he fought proudly and bravely for Britain, that was his country, and still is.
We don't have to like each other to love each other. If you vote ‘yes’ for independence it won’t be undone, you will survive I’m sure of that. But will you prosper?

Two beautiful foals from Breckenlea in Shetland, unbeaten to date and clear to see why.
On the left is Breckenlea Scenario unbeaten colt foal this year and on the right Breckenlea Giocoso unbeaten filly foal this year with handler Amanda Slater. These two enjoyed success at Unst recently, booth coming first in their section, with the filly coming 'best overall foal' including the standards.
Overall champion at and Junior champion was a 3yr old filly from Clivocast stud Clivocast Vanda. Reserve Overall champion and Senior Champion was Roseanna of Berry owned by Bergli stud. Reserve Junior champion Gue Olivia. Reserve Senior champion was Clivocast Viking from Clivocast stud

Here's Jenny Preece, foreground, with one of her homebred Wenlockedge yearling fillies, taking the Supreme championship over a hunter recently in Shropshire. Judge commented that the pony had won it on movement. Particularly pleasing from a ridden judge, Jenny thought, as it mirrored her own 'good movement' breeding policy.

If they are good enough, they are big enough. Ed.

Merioneth County Show 27th August 2014

Judge Mrs Davenport

Champion Lathom Jolene – Miss J Woods

Reserve Champion Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn – Miss F Morkill

Junior Champion Lathom Joelle – Miss J Woods

Reserve Junior Champion Isle of Mona Shandie – Messrs Jones and Young

Best Miniature Enigma Sorcerer – Christine Gray

Best Foal Lydees Foxies Easter Latte – Miss L Millichap

Aberdeen Northern Marts
Shetland Rural Centre, Staneyhill, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, ZE1 0NA, United Kingdom
Phone: (01467) 623710
Currency: GBP
View Terms and ConditionsPrint Catalogue
Pony Breeders of Shetland Association & Shetland Livestock Marketing Group

In Association with Aberdeen & Northern Marts



 To be held at, Shetland Rural Centre, Staneyhill, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0NA                    SHOW: Friday 3rd  October 2014 at 9am

Just looked at a snapshot of who geographically is 'on' shetland-pony.com. At 18.52 28th AUGUST, there are, 15 in UK, 1 in California, 1 in Dubai, 2 in Holland and one in Germany I think you can say, that's a global following!!

Aylsham Agricultural Show held at Brickling Park on Bank holiday Monday with Mrs Barugh judging. Our mare Hareghyll Memory back in the ring after her ridden and broodmare duties won the mare class and then took the championship. Then onto the m and m interbreed championship with Mrs Palmer judging and was champion. It was a pleasure to show this little mare and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. M.P.

While spending a few days in Wales I saw the future, right there before my very eyes, in the form of my friends 2 year old, yes 2 year old granddaughter, Alice Watkins. Alice loves her pony Star (Lloegr Amelia bred by her  Granny, Angie Reed) and spends as much time as possible with her, she sits in the saddle as if she was born there and at her very tender age can rise to the trot!  With Mum, Kitty in tow Alice trot around the show ring to dazzle the judges and collect her red rosettes.
With youngsters like this coming on surely the future of the Shetland Pony is secure. R.B.

31 Great Knollys Street, Reading, Berkshire RG1 7HU
Tel: 0118 950 8611 Fax: 0118 950 5896
www.tsauction.co.uk Email: info@tsauction.co.uk
(under the Auspices of The Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society)
at READING on WEDNESDAY 22nd October 2014
Entry Form


Cadnam Show Society affiliated Shetland Show under Mr D Sykes, Blackertor Angel took 1st place  in the Miniature Shetland 2 and 3 year old and 2nd place in the Miniature Shetland Filly 1, 2 and 3 year old. Angel went on to take the Junior Championship. Stroudwood Galaxy took 1st place in the Miniature Stallion class then went on to take the Senior Championship. Unfortunately we had to catch our ferry to the Isle of Wight and missed the Overall Championship. Pauline Smith

Only Su Woodcock knows the name of the beast!

Or come to that, the name of the show, when and where it was or

who the judge was, but it shows the lighter side of showing, when

the pleasure of winning unexpectedly and the subsequent loss of

the ability to remember anything tangible, is a delight. Well done Su

and the 'Beast' whoever you are!

OMG!! Just got in grinning from ear to ear. Beast did good... Beast did ruddy good. We got junior champion! Was utterly, utterly thrilled.... He only then went on to become reserve supreme inhand ruddy champion! Apparently we looked rather tiny sandwiched between two huge hunters! We've come home with stupid grins on our faces,a trophy which weighs more than beast and 100 prize money! Just been to get fish n chips and got some rather strange looks in the queue, thought it was me cor-blimey trousers they were looking at, only to realise that in my dazed state I had failed to notice me pop socks had rolled down and were hanging Nora Batty style round me ankles

Edenbridge & Oxted. Judged by Ms Fiona Hammond, Cornwall. Minis Judged by Abigail Hampton, Herts.
Mini ch Chris & Jean's mare - Balmedie Frisby. Res ch & jun ch Snelsmore Oasis. Res jun ch Snelsmore Querl. Standard Ch Buxted Discovery A page ,Res ch Mandy Sergeant Champlers Verity, Jun ch Buxted Darius A Page Exh. S Greene. res Jun D Woodley Kingswood Royal Sapphire Yearling, Winning owners, results and most ponies, kindly by JJ. Ponies names  by educated guess from catalogue by GH. Any errors please advise.

One glamorous granny and one of her grandchildren winning first's at Edenbridge. Left is Judy Hawkins with Stallion Buxted Evangeliste, and right, grandaughter Holly Hawkins Smith with Sharptor Truffle, who has had a very successful season. So important kids are given good ponies to show. Well done Judy.

Snelsmore stud's two fillies from Edenbrigde show. Full sisters Snelsmore Oasis and Snelsmore Querl. Junior, Reserve Junior and Reserve Senior Champions

Kentstone Tilly
who won 4yr old and over miniature class and res.ch at Wensleydale show. Judge Mr.P.Dawson. C.H.


As we know, owning breeding and showing Shetland ponies is not all hoorays. Sometimes, and happily rarely, ponies suffer trauma and their recovery and the elation we feel is more thrilling than winning at a top show as Brenda Twining of the Pinglewood stud relates here.~
"I really wanted to share our good news about our “Precious” pony who we thought we were going to lose but after much patience and attention she has turned the corner and is fighting her way to fitness with her foal “Jools”. All of the wins were totally surpassed when our pony Pinglewood Precious, after much care, attention and hard work of hand feeding of gruel every four hours for the first 10 days, is recovering nicely from Hyperlipemia and is well on the way to making a full recovery.   It’s wonderful to see her munching on grass and mooching about with her foal".

Cunningsburgh Show.
Judges – Douglas MacArthur (Miniatures) and Kenneth Adams (Standards)  Results

This year’s Viking Shetland Pony Show (Results) took place on Sunday with spectators enjoying a good turnout of ponies. The weather was kinder than predicted, with more sunshine than was forecast allowing the majority of the classes to be judged in dry conditions.  The show has three sections, one for miniature ponies shown in-hand (under 34 inches), one for standard (34-42 inches) ponies shown in-hand and one ring for performance ponies. This year’s overall Supreme Champion went to the home bred standard stallion Merkisayre Kelvin exhibited by Elaine Tait of the Merkisayre Stud in Burra. Reserve Supreme went to the Miniature Ring Champion Snelsmore Karisma owned and exhibited by the Bergli Stud from Finnigarth, Walls. The winner of the Performance Ring was the Gelding Hollydell Royal Command ridden by Keiva Robertson and owned by the Solhiem Stud.
Other notable winners on the day were Laaward Incognita owned by the Laaward Stud who was Reserve Champion in the Standard Ring. Junior Champion in the same ring went to Robin’s Brae Stud’s 3 year old filly Clivocast Vanna with the Reserve Junior going to Hollydell Stud’s Hollydell Hesitation a 2 year old filly.  In the miniature ring Reserve Champion & Junior champion went to Gue Olivia a 1 year old filly from the Gue Stud and Reserve Junior and champion Foal went to Breckenlea Giocoso of the Breckenlea Stud.
The three judges who had all travelled up from England commented on both the high quality and good presentation of the ponies forward at the show.  It was also noted that the handlers were all very well dressed until the oilskins had to make an appearance! Show Secretary Ingrid Dickie on behalf of the Viking Show committee said “I would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in the preparations for this year’s show, your continued support is greatly appreciated.  There was a fantastic showcase of ponies across all three rings and encouraging to welcome some new exhibitors along with our stalwart entrants!  We would like to thank you all for attending and extend our congratulations to all ribbon winners and Champions.”
Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (P.B.S.A) Chairman Irvine Burgess said “the quality of ponies on show was terrific and the ponies without ribbons could easily have won first prize at many other shows”.  He wished to thank our three Ring Sponsors, Dean Gilfillan Agricultural Supplies, Anderson & Company, Millgaet Media, all the class sponsors and everyone for contributing to making the show a success and for the friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. 

                     Merkisayre Kelvin

Clivocast Vanna

Gue Olivia                        

                  Laaward Incognita

Snelsmore Karisma

Hollydell Royal Command

Here's some memories of the Shetland pony international show at Hickstead 2010

A week later than that which used to be the date of the Sussex show, We hosted, whilst Chrissy Wells organised, the Southdown East branch of the pony club. They had their first go at cross country at Ludlay and then a gymkhana and food to finish off the day on Berwick playing fields. Video of Jack, firstly on Fandabbydosey and then our Dartmoor Dauntless, giving a lead to a less experienced boy.  Much fun for all.
Also in attendance and competing yesterday, was 3 year old Daisy Wells and her gelding, Cr. Beckam pictured here the week previously having done a 3 day pony club 'mini camp'

Daisy won't let her mother groom the pony, or do anything else to help either, unless it's genuinely beyond her. Very little is I'm told. From fancy dress to cross country is no leap at all to these two who are inseparable.

PS No winners places yesterday, but rosettes and sweets for, least tears after falling off. Best out of control pony. child who tried hardest etc. Lovely, everyone learnt something and were better for the experience.

Southern Group Autumn Show
schedule/entry form

To be held on  Sunday 5th Oct 2014 at

Priory Equestrian Centre, Frensham Farnham, Surrey, GU10 3DP  
Affiliated to - The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, G.E.M.S.

Show Secretary: Mrs Delia Woodley Tel: 01962 772131 or 07824393559  delia.woodley1@btinternet.com 

Entries close: Monday 22nd Sept  (postmark)   Please note....NO late entries

  Central Scotland group Summer.

L-r Show supreme and res Supreme of show

click here for FULL results

This pleasant exchange took place this morning on Facebook. GH in blue
Hi Gerry, I notice on your wonderful page you had mentioned an annual subscription. If it supports your page then I'm most definitely in- is there any information ( I'm so bad at finding stuff on these pages) and how to pay x

The site is paid for by those having links to their web pages on the homepage. it is 50 per annum aug-july. if you would like your stud added, it would be a pleasure, tho I think a link to a blog of yours would give us all a laugh! Thanks for your appreciative words. g

I always find your comments and articles ruddy funny- perhaps I read things with my tongue on cheek, but I'm sure that's the way you've intended them to be! Hahaha it kills me- even if I have to go away and look up the odd flamboyant word!!

at least you 'get it' ;) some don't!

Hahahaha .... Can almost hear the silence as some read it hahahaha keep up the wonderful work- I love it. Now where do I send the pennies?

do you want a stud link? if you tell me name of stud/county i'll fix it and send papal inv?

Yes that would be fab-
Just got to say, that whilst EVERYONE follows this site it is nice to know that there are people prepared to chip in apart from loyal subscribers who of course are my priority, nonetheless, if deemed worthy, I'll give anyone a go when it comes to reportage.


        Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd                                  Treen of Hutton Gelding below                                and a follow up improved picture.

Equifest news

Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd,winning  1st Amateur ridden shetland, and 2nd open ridden m&m, Ridden by Verity Checkley


Equifest and a delighted Judy Norton who in her own words had this to say"Just wanted to show you, needs to be a better photo of him for shetland-pony, but he was fed up by the time the husband took this, nevertheless very proud moment for a middle aged, overweight, granny with 2 artificial knees!  He ran out like a flipping Gazelle,I ached like whatsit on Saturday night! x"

I agree, I've seen better photos, but he must be a good pony to win the gelding class at Equifest, so well done you. Ed.


Magreed Charlie Boy here's a mini that does the lot! Hs speciality is driving, both 'cones' and private drive. He does lead rein, hunts and here he is springing over 50cm with his jockey.

Owned by Alice Browning and sold by me to her as a 3 year old entire, i wondered whether her enthusiasm for him was to be a 'flash in the pan'. Certainly not, he does all his work regularly and clearly enjoys it, a credit to the mini Shetland pony.

Minsterley. Judge Mrs R. Rees

1st , Overall  Shetland  Champion  & Reserve Supreme  Inhand  Champion  of  Show, Champlers Mimosa. Mr & Mrs G Smith.



Fernhalls Sarah Jayne. Born 21st April 2014. Won her miniature foal class, and eligible to go into the overall foal championship of the show. There were all breeds forward in the foal championship, but to our amazement she was pulled out champion beating all the welsh breeds and shires etc. we were over the moon.

Enigma Pegasus. Above....... Reserve Overall Shetland Champion 
Best Miniature  1st Stallion Exhibitor Lisa Slinn

The Wessex Shetland Pony Group held their summer show on Sunday 17th August. Although a little windy at the start and a couple of heavy storms in the morning the weather held for us and the sun came out in the afternoon. With plenty of ponies forward our judges, Mr J McMaster and Mrs C Collinssplatt chose the following Champions to end the day.

Supreme Champion - Eiger Jupiter, Mr & Mrs P Gerring (picture attached) Reserve Supreme Champion - Kingswood Royal Saffire, Mrs Delia Woodley

Other results:

Overall Miniature Ring Champion - Eiger Jupiter. Reserve Overall Miniature Ring Champion - Whitchurch Willow, Mrs V Lang

Overall Standard Ring Champion - Kingswood Royal Saffire Reserve Overall Standard Ring Champion - Boxleaze Champlers - Mr B Gamblin

Miniature Junior Champion - Wotknotts Jethro, Mr & Mrs C Ridgers Reserve Miniature Junior Champion - Snelsmore Oceana, Mr & Mrs C Percy

Standard Junior Champion - Kingswood Royal Saffire Reserve Standard Junior Champion - Oakgrove Honey Brunch, Mrs B Wills

 Ridden Champion - Gammon Bluebell, George Gregory  Reserve Ridden Champion - Riccalton Talisman - Izzy Henry

 We were again happy to see good entries in the Young Handler classes, these  pictures (below) show some of them in their classes.

                                   Eiger Jupiter

Kingswood Royal Saffire

Some fantastic results at Saturdays show in Coalsnaughton well organised and what a super day out thanks to Louise Wilson and the Committee

Milday Darashan took champion miniature and overall champion miniature and reserve supreme overall 
Milday Oreo was 1st in the stallion class and reserve miniature champion  and reserve overall miniature to Milday Darashan 
Under the judge David Hodge 

LLANRWST Agricultural Show, North Wales.
 pictures below in order - left to right
Overall Champion & Best Miniature: Arthur Jones’ 9yo brood mare Camlan Ffion
Junior Champion & Reserve Overall Champion: Jones & Young’s 2yo filly Isle of Mona Arian
Best Foal: Jones & Young’s filly Isle of Mona Skye

Annual Renewals and subscriptions to shetland-pony.com. I am pleased with the annual renewal level, it shows your support and the site's ability to stay no.1 as the most used resource for enthusiasts. Every year, there is a natural 'wastage' (hate that term) of subscribers as breeders retire, or give up for various reasons. It's common knowledge that there is huge over production of equines in this country so the unfortunate process we are going through is market led. The vast majority of those who are continuing are reducing their numbers of breeding stock to match demand. Naturally prices have suffered as a result, in stallions in particular, for years studs have been 'overdone' with stallions and the lack of demand has GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH A LACK OF INSPECTION. (The demand for mares is equally as weak) There are plenty of stallions that were assessed under the Society scheme and they are not required either. I, amongst many others will have plenty more to say on the subject should it prove necessary, but for the purpose of the exercise I will say this.
Putting aside the EU laws on the matter which prohibits discrimination against any breeding animal. If foreign countries allowed our 'voluntary' assessment/evaluated stallions straight into their stud books without condition or undergoing their 'evaluation' there might be some merit in it, but they don't. I've listened to and been involved in this recurring argument over the last 30 years and come to the conclusion that no matter how well intended, inspection/evaluation whatever, some people will always breed poor stock. It is not intentional, nor exclusive to ponies, it's every breed and species of animal that is domesticated. Most of the European countries no longer need to buy UK bloodlines, they've already got them and if not they can get them from a nearer location than ours. So if your 'business plan' is to sell your production abroad, before you get carried away, look in the stud book appendix for exports and see how few have actually been exported. Having done so, may I suggest you get a new business plan. We all like punt' on a pony we fancy, it is part of the enjoyment, a new face, and that's where the foreign trade comes from, certainly not necessity. One thing I know is that sales abroad are a tiny part of UK trade under any regime, and there is no point ripping a united membership asunder over the issue. Ed. 

The schedule for the Southern Group Autumn Show will be out next week. Group secretary and show organiser Delia Woodley is keen to have a  foal class, both for minis and standards. The show is in early October and most foals will be weaned by then. However, if you have not weaned a later born foal and wish to show it, it may be shown with its mother, but the mother will not be judged as it is thought there will be few if any in this situation. Delia would like to remind everyone that entries WILL CLOSE two weeks before show date and there will be NO LATE AND NO ON THE DAY ENTRIES ALLOWED.

ANGLESEY COUNTY SHOW (Wednesday13 August) with Judge Mrs L. Sellars deciding as follows:
Overall Champion: Jones & Young’s 8 yo barren mare Isle of Mona Sheila below left
Reserve Champion: Mr & Mrs L. Gregory’s barren mare Brewards Penny
Junior Champion & Best Miniature: Mr A. M. Hughes’ Yearling filly Bodorgan Tess  - pic bottom right  (note of interest for you Gerry – sire is Cranford Nureyev) *
Reserve Junior Champion: Miss Hughes’ 2 yo filly Edern Peaches N Cream
Best Coloured: Brenda Critchlow’s Butterby Pazaz
The Shetland Pony Grand National was a feature in the main ring on both days!
Strange how  one's 'legacy' only shows once you stop! Both the mare classes at DOWNS Show last sunday, were out of Cranford Estee. Well done Jill of Buxted for getting the right sires to produce, Buxted Elsa and Buxted Esme.

Please put this on shetland-pony.com in the hope the lady may see it.  would be very grateful as my dad is devastated.............Ok this is a long shot but here goes at the breed show the other week a Scottish lady took a photo of my dad's black guide dog (she wasn't in harness) sadly the dog passed suddenly today and that would have been the last photo of her can we share and see if we can track down so I can get a copy for him – thanks  hamishshetlands@hotmail.co.uk

The power and reach of shetland-pony.com!! Within the hour of the above got this. Ed.........."Thanks Gerry it worked I have been in touch with David the official photographer.  It was Claire from the society who saw the post and sent me the photo once again many many thanks it means a lot"

Some of the breed's top ponies enjoying success at the National Pony Society's summer championships at Malvern.
All had to qualify in their classes at County or NPS Area shows to be able to compete, mostly against other small breeds, Welsh A's, Dartmoor and Exmoor. If you enjoyed success at the championships and you don't figure here, it is because these are all I know. I will add you if you advise me by sending pictures and details.
Well done
all involved, it's competing and winning at this level that dispels the myths of 'naughty' Shetlands. It's a battle, but one we are clearly winning.  It was the Shetlands competing that drew the most enthusiastic support from spectators and I was amazed to hear of the number of people, non Shetland owners that follow this site! I think every child there wanted a Shetland.
Barns Roseanna (Owners, Beltoy stud N. Ireland) winning the RHR Demolition Small junior ridden final and Overall Champion at NPS Champs.

Days later, also 2nd in the HOYS M&M FR at PUK with equal marks with first in a very strong class.

Brinleyview Camanchee (Owned by Anna Stevens) Winning the NFU championship, adding to his many top flight wins this year.
Cranford Vision
winning the HOYS qualifier at Nps Summer champs
Jade Ripper rides him, it's only his second Hoys qualifier 
of the season. He is 9 years of age, we have owned 
him for nearly 5years but this is 
Jade's first season on him in the ridden due to being to young to 
ride a stallion.
Vision was previously owned by the Woods family and
enjoyed much success under saddle and in hand.
Birchmoor Admiral (front Drover other side)

Birchmoor Admiral and Birchmoor Drover had their best ever NPS Championship show at Malvern last week.

Admiral ridden by Ellie Simmonds
2nd HOYS First Ridden 
2nd HOYS Ridden Shetland (Alice)
1st Micro Demolition,non Welsh First ridden,Champion First Ridden and Overall Micro Demolition Lead Rein and First ridden Supreme Champion.
Birchmoor Drover   ridden by Alice Tomlinson  
1st Intermediate Ridden class
1st Novice working Hunter,NPS Area 25 final class,
1st Ridden  pairs with Admiral 
2nd  NFU M/M ridden shetland
5th NPS prelim dressage 
Cranford Fandabbydosey (owned by Cranford stud) Reserve f/r WHP ridden by 10 year old Jack Dale. At their first championships, also got 4th and 5th in two other worker classes.