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You may have noticed I have taken down the Shetland-pony.com page on facebook. Nothing against facebook, I'm on it on a personal level, but having tried it for the Shetland-pony site, I don’t believe it suits a pony breeders' site that is long standing with so many well respected studs represented/listed.
Having spent two days in hospital recently sans facebook, I realised quickly on returning home that a) I hadn’t missed it at all, and b) most of the postings are just inane witterings of little consequence to anyone other than the writer, and I include my own posts in that. I am constantly amazed by the stuff that gets posted. People’s sexual proclivities, personal health matters (Very personal) and people holding court as to what and how we should conduct ourselves. Amazing. I’m here for my friends, at the end of a phone, an email, or personal message, if they need help, advice, comfort or in any way. I see stuff on there by people I know and the temptation to comment, ‘For ****’* sake, SHUT UP! Is sometimes all but impossible to resist as they seek to ‘blow there own trumpet’ enhance ‘friends’ perception of them, whilst in reality, trashing a favourable perception previously held.
Shetland-pony.com has a loyal following of subscribers and visitors. It remains the ‘go to site’ for people ‘coming into the Breed’. I WANT TO CONTINUE TO PROMOTE YOUR EFFORTS. With that in mind, ponies advertised on the ‘for sale’ page will remain listed until they are sold, or for 6 months, whichever is the shorter time. News that is submitted by subscribers will have their ‘stud link button’ included by me when I am doing the posting. The show results scheme will continue, but would be enhanced by more entries. It’s an opportunity to show your successes where everyone looks without the derogatory feelings generated by such declarations on facebook. Do not labour under the illusion that ‘like’ means that. ‘Like’ is often motivated by ‘if I ‘like’ you, you will ‘like’ me when I tell you how well I’ve done. Not always, maybe, but by rather more than you’d choose to believe.
Keep your web site up to date, (or, I'm always ready if we have that arrangement) advise me when you do, and let me have your news and pictures. Good luck and best wishes for 2017.

Comment here if you wish………. https://www.facebook.com/gerry.hart.315  

I wonder what 2017 will bring? Brexit will rumble on, Trump saga will continue, ‘celebs’ will carry on dying to much wailing on social media. What is certain for those of us involved with owning/showing/breeding Shetland ponies, life, as it affects that part of our lives, will proceed as usual, certainly superficially at least. There is a concern or should be, that two places for England on the breed society council were not taken up last year. There was a time when people clamoured to get on council and were subjected to a vote by members. This usually followed a period of discreet canvassing, finding out who else was standing, and only declaring candidacy, if the prospective council member thought they’d get on.
On a personal level, I never believed that it was necessary to have council based on regional representation. (But that's me, others feel differently) We are all supposed to have the same aims, protecting and promoting the Shetland pony. And providing the stud book is maintained, the constitution is adhered to, it shouldn’t matter where a member of council is domiciled. Anyway, my point is, the society was two  members light last year because of England’s ‘no show’ and whilst I hope I’m wrong, I cant see it changing this year when I presume two more (or will it be four?) will be required.
We’ve been lucky in the Council members we have, but it could be disastrous when to be honest, anyone who wishes to get on Council, just needs to put their name forward and they are ‘on’. If they are prepared to stand the financial cost of the exercise to try to make the rules and regulations ‘in their own image’. Doesn’t follow they would succeed, consensus usually prevails but would not lead to a ‘happy council’ Just think of some of the horrors out there! So I guess my message is this, think carefully if you could help maintain the status quo, and the greater good is more important than any personal agenda, and if you can, please step forward. We’ve had enough changes to the constitution. GH

Remember that we're here to help if you need us. We have a team of experts who can answer any questions you have, offer support, or simply listen if you need a chat. Call us free on 0808 808 00 00.

Your donation reference is: 33114840

Joan O'Brien

Annwood Stud


On December 22nd, in her 91st year Joan O'Brien passed away, peacefully at home.


Joan, my mother, learnt to ride on Highland ponies and was given her first pony in 1939 by her grandfather.  She parted with him at the time of her marriage to Derek ten years later, having qualified as Doctor of Medicine the previous year.


Once she had her four children, Mum took up riding again and encouraged all of her children to ride. Many family holidays were taken in Devon and visits to Dartmoor were frequent; meeting George and Vera Shillibeer on one of these visits ignited her interest in Shetland ponies.  A visit to Arlington Court, Devon, the family home of Sir Francis Chichester, where they had a stud of standard coloured Shetlands furthered her interest in the breed.  


In 1964 Mum bought her first Shetlands.  She quickly became completely enthralled in their pedigrees and started the Annwood Stud which she ran very successfully for 30 years.  Her wonderfully retentive mind meant remembering pedigrees was never difficult! Mum became a panel judge and also served on Council. 

Despite having to part with her ponies in the early 1990s Mum continued to judge and remained extremely interested in the breed.  She was so thrilled when I was able to keep some Shetlands and has been a tremendous support to me over recent years - she never lost interest in the ponies even during her last days!



Mum often talked of the wonderful friends she and Dad had made through the ponies and of the interesting places they had been to, as well as the amusing times they had spent at shows and visiting studs.


She will be greatly missed by all the family but I am comforted to know that it gave her immense pleasure that her granddaughter, Lucinda, and I are continuing with the Annwood Stud and what a fantastic legacy it is.  We are so lucky that she laid the foundations with some lovely ponies which she gave so much time, effort and thought to.  Mum often reminded me that it takes a lifetime to achieve your breeding goal and that she gave me a head start!


There will be a Service of Thanksgiving at St Thomas the Martyr Church, Winchelsea, East Sussex on Friday 13th January at 12 noon. 


No flowers, donations if desired for the Injured Jockeys' Fund c/o Ellis Bros., 3 Ferry Road, Rye TN31 7DJ


Photograph attached was taken at Chiddingly Horse Show in 1996. Gilia of Annwood with Lucinda riding aged 5, my mother and myself. Mary Davenport. nee O Brien


I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER Joan O Brien as a real stalwart of the Shetland pony Society. Living fairly close we were destined to be friends or deadly enemies, given my interest in mini Shetlands and Joan’s interest in standard, preferably black, and most certainly Annwood ponies! Apart from those fundamental differences, we became good friends over the years, and when I started the Sussex Show in the early 90s, both Joan and Derek offered their services to help. How could I resist Derek’s polished public address voice and Joan’s efficiency in the secretary’s tent? When Jane Dennis and I were proposing to the major county shows in the South to hold separate classes for minis, it was Derek, who as chief ‘horse steward’ at the South of England show, used his ‘clout’ to oil the wheels leading to a successful negotiation. Whereas most of us take pride in our breeding programs/efforts Joan really lived and conducted her Shetland doings by the banner that tops the news page, "Think not what the Shetland pony can do for you - what can you do for the Shetland Pony? GH.

The Fife Foxhounds always meet in our home village of Ceres which has been tradition for many years. 
Christie who turned 2 in September went out on lead rein aboard our gelding Oakley of Auckhorn.   
Delighted that she got her photo taken with the huntsman and even got a shot of his horn.
I have permission to share these photos with you from.nige hutchison who was the photographer today.
L Wilson. (Cassindilly)

Always HAPPY TO PUBLISH PICS OF THIS TYPE, IE, PONIES DOING STUFF and owners having fun whatever their age. GH

I have one late arriving cheque to pay in and we have a super total of exactly £1180 to go to Macmillan cancer support. I have reconciled the pay pal £535, and the Barclays £645 so please NO MORE this appeal. I will publish receipt from Macmillan in due course. Once again, thank you for your support. GH xx

To all Shetland pony owners and breeders,
I am hoping you can support the Shetland pony owners and breeders appeal for Macmillan cancer Support this year.

THE FUND IS PLEDGED over £1000 at 7pm 23rd December.! Job done!


The annual Christmas card appeal hosted by this web site on behalf of the

UK’s ‘Shetland pony owners and breeders’ has collected in excess of £1000 yet again, to the benefit of Macmillan Cancer Support. (Exact total will be announced after Christmas) Between us, and I have to say it’s largely the same people every year who have donated for well over ten years, every year, I wonder if we will hit the magic £1000.
Whilst I’ve got the physical and mental wherewithal AND YOUR SUPPORT I will continue, although what we collect is a small part of the charity’s income, when I hear some of the gruelling experiences so many you have suffered personally, or your loved ones, I feel that in the words of the mighty Tescos, ‘every little helps’ are so true.
You aren’t blethering all over facebook, with medical details in some cases, (what drives some people to do that?) you are carrying on, stoically and putting on a brave front. It’s hard, and some of the disclosures you confide in me, bring a tear to my eyes, often people I hardly know and only have contact with because of this web site and its attendant annual appeal. So as I age, the natural desire to do less of anything that taxes me, is dismissed confronted by the realities of people’s unrelenting battles, some will be won, others sadly lost.
Thank you for your kind words, as I act to coordinate your generosity. Far better we do something in the name of our beloved Shetland pony for others, than bitch and moan on social media, trivialities of no importance to anyone but the ill informed and mis-guided, casting an unsavoury shadow over a pony Society that deserves to be represented in the best  light. Thank you once again. Happy Christmas. Gerry Hart. xx

Catchpool stud's Brinleyview Commanchee, struts his stuff at Olympia. Sadly, 'Chee' was the only Shetland pony to qualify this year, so credit for achieving that. Well done Anna, Lara, jockey Georgia James, Debbie Barr and all connections.

Alan Davies with Valegro, at Olympia this week. This is Alan's Macmillan appeal card


Just had to draw attention to Shetland pony owner and enthusiast Alan Davies who is the travelling Groom to Carl Hester's dressage team. So much more to that job than the title implies. On hand for example, escorting Carl Hester's quirky, talented horse into the arena. Close enough to give both horse and rider confidence, but not so close to stifle the pairing. Knowledgeable, friendly and a consummate horseman, he shows his mini Shetland ponies in hand when he gets the chance. His good friends, Cliff and Jacquie Percy at Snelsmore, look after his ponies in his absence. Certainly those of us in the South who know him, have engaged with Carl Hester's dressage success than we would likely have done, because of Alan's association. GH

Ali Lynch and son Connor & Cranford Juggernaut ( Santa and Rudolph) delivering the prizes to the competitors at Coleshill Heath Riding Club. As 'Jugs' said, 'street cred, what's that'?

Daniel Robins likes the Downs group lunch. No dress code, and you can get a new pony in the raffle.

Daniel's Mum is Georgina from the Kingsacre stud in East Sussex.



Southern Shetland Pony Group Christmas

lunch on the 22nd January at

Hamptworth Golf course & country club,

Hamptworth road



Everybody welcome, invites will be sent out to all members and posted on our website soon.


Gabby Charlesworth breaks her leg out hunting after her horse drops dead with a heart attack. Number one jockey for Cranford for several years on the Shetlands, pics top left fandabbydosey, recently schooling a coloured cob for me and top right on the ill fated horse at a x-country event. Gabby will be in plaster for 3 months so it's a 'rain check' for our cob programme for time being. Horses? Dangerous things for sure, but I guess that's why they are fun.

Downs Shetland group lunch was held at the Berwick Inn, Berwick, Sunday 11th December, for the first time, nice one Jill, just quarter mile up the road from Cranford!! Venue was a little on the 'snug' side, but that helped towards a good atmosphere, and the food was good and the service superb. Well done Jill and Roger, and Daphne Elphick for organising the chaos AKA 'the raffle' beautifully. Several who had booked gave their apologies, various winter 'bugs', their attendance, whilst they would have been accommodated, would certainly have added to the 'intimate' atmosphere. Good to see people not seen for ages, and all on good form.
I've gotta get some weight off, don't know how, blooming cat eats more than me.

WELL WORTH A LOOK , trotting race in New Zealand. See facebook, search TAB Trackside.

National Museum of Rural life Christmas Fair and foal show, East Kilbride, Glasgow on Sunday 4th December
Fayrefield Shetlands lead by 8yr old Sarah Leach were used to advertise the annual Christmas fair which welcomed families to see the shetland ponies, donkeys and alpacas, meet Santa and attend the Christmas panto amongst the many activities and craft stalls.
The shetlands on display were from several studs including Fayrefield, Dryfesdale and Glenmyvot made a good selection to represent  the shetland breed. The weather was kind and a great day was had by all.

Another Christmas looms and happily most of us will approach it in good health. I Doubt any of us will have gone through the last 12 months without  knowledge of a relative, friend or acquaintance that isn't either  'living with Cancer' or worse, succumbed to it. We 'the Shetland pony owners and breeders' have raised funds via this web site, for the nurses of MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT) where you may 'send Christmas greetings' by emailing me an image of  your choice and a greeting and I publish it on a dedicated page. You then work  out how much money you have saved on cards and postage, not sending cards to Shetland friends and send it to me instead, minimum £5 and of course no upper limit, just as much as you like. I keep a dedicated basic account at Barclays with £5 in it for the Macmillan appeal so having sent me image and wording, kindly make a donation (and advise by email you have donated) to the fund by :-

BANK TRANSFER sort code 20-27-94   Account 23256979

PAY PAL to gerry@showpony.com 'send money to friend or family' this avoids pay pal fee.

OR (Least preferred option), cheque payable to G Hart. Cranford, Berwick, E.Sussex. BN266TF (NOT MACMILLAN) as I have no facility to pay this in.

PLEASE SEND YOUR CARDS etc AS SOON AS YOU CAN. I'M READY. X  see www.shetland-pony.com/mac16

Just sent via Paypal donation to the very worthy cause above.  I have just lost a dear cousin to this awful disease and I know what a really brilliant job Macmillan nurses do.
Hope you raise loads for them. BJ
FABULOUS. THE FUND IS ALREADY PLEDGED £275 in less than 24hours !!

With Fandabbydosey off to her new home, her 'lovechild' Fabracadabra goes to the Southdown Hunt's children's meet with Daisy Wells aboard.

'Fab' is well broken and as not yet 4 we mean to turn her away, but an opportunity to meet hounds, albeit only for an hour being led, is all good experience gained. She needs to be bombproof for her 2017 intended l/rein jockey, Lucie.


Have you got any similar news?  ghkw@showpony.com

Christmas arrives early in Cornwall

Miniature Shetlands stole the limelight in the fancy dress class at the Cornish Association of Welsh Pony and Cob Society’s Christmas show. Friends, Sue Buckley and Pam Tabb – with respective grand-children – took first and second prizes with their topical themes. Here, sporting a very impressive beard, and a lamb on her shoulder is shepherd Pam with Elissa and Naomi. Tawna Boy George took the part of ‘Christmas Present’ with tinsel, Christmas stockings and flashing antlers, before being disrobed for the serious stuff – winning the small breeds class and being judged overall Reserve Champion gelding.


The fabulous Fandabbydosey, leaves Cranford for her new life with ten year old Olive Nicholls in Lambourne. Ive had some memorable horses and ponies in my life, and for obvious reasons I never rode her, a few may have equalled her, but I don’t think any of the others brought me  more enjoyment than this grey mare. I’m sad to part with her, but she’s too good a pony to be ‘kicking her heels’ doing nothing, but I couldn’t be more delighted with her new home. Young Olive just got on, and rode her as though she’d ridden her loads. https://youtu.be/WHBLqUupV0k Oh the difference between a child that can ‘actually ride’ a schooled pony and one whose mum just thinks they can! Jack Dale rode her latterly for 4 years and enjoyed huge success and much fun, but Gabby Charlesworth  rode her,  as did Becka McCann, and even Sam Constantine, but it was Jack with his light  hands and his ‘sit quietly and leave it alone’ style that fared best. In fact he could gallop it around a course of jumps with nothing more than a headcollar. Fabracadabra, Fanny’s filly, is off hunting this weekend on and off the lead rein and we hope Jack’s sister, Lucie, will do lead rein next year. Following my PA Sarah into the hay barn yesterday, Sarah turned and took this photo. I’ll never forget her, but this picture just sums her up. Nosey !

National foal show, and an Island bred foal bought through the Lerwick Sale is Champion Shetland. Well done to breeder Carole Laignel and new owners Tussilago stud.

Mini Filly foals 1st Mardlebrook Victoria 2nd Bwlchclawdd Glorious Girl 3rd Chasend Rosella
Mini colt foals 1st Gue Rioja. 2nd Hermits Moonstone. 3rd Mardlebrook Valient Soldier. 4th Robins Brae Ultimate.

Claire Wright bought Gue Rioja through Lerwick sales and brought him down. A very long journey for him but he coped admirably and has taken it all in his stride. He is a credit to his breeder Carole.

Standard colts 1st Coppice Musketeer 2nd ?? 3rd Kalipso Galaxy.
Standard filly 1st Somahouse Ruby 2nd Threapwood Miranda 3rd Hollydale Hearsay

Overall Shetland champion Gue Rioja Reserve Somahouse Ruby



Is proud to present a Second  Driving Clinic with Elinor Bosanquet of the Clothie Shetland Pony Stud from Aberdeen due to massive demand after her Clinic in 2015.

Anyone who is already driving or interested in driving their Shetland Pony in the future is invited to attend – wonderful opportunity for all!

Elinor is a partner in the renowned Clothie Shetland Pony Stud and competes at the top level in all aspects of carriage driving.  She drives single, pairs, and six in hand and is now competing very successfully with the home-bred Clothie  Team of Shetland Ponies.  She also drives Welsh Cobs.

Elinor is going to take us through the process of breaking a single up to driving multiples.  There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and “hands on” experience. SPS-SB Driven Performance Awards members are strongly encouraged to bring their own turnouts. 

Where:  Watt Meadow Equestrian Centre – 2 minutes drive off Junction 11 (Cannock) of M6.

When:  On Saturday 14 January 2017.

Please contact Willowe Keeley if you are interested to attend or require further details.

Mobile 07980 635292 01902 372238 willowe.keeley@virgin.net

 N.I. Shetland Pony Group Show

The organising committee welcomed Douglas Macarthur and Tony Bell to judge at the Group’s end of season show.

Douglas judged the SPSBS affiliated classes and Tony took care of the unaffiliated fun classes.

Thank you to all the exhibitors for supporting the show and congratulations to the prize winners.  

Full show results and photographs www.nishetlandponygroup.co.uk

Principal Results

Novice Champion                                            Westpark Elderberry                      Sharon Cumberland

Reserve Novice                                                Sugen Puff’s Honey                        Celeste Walkden

Junior Champion                                              Ronelle Indigo Rose                        Sharon Cumberland

Reserve Junior                                                  Ronelle Ebony                                   Sharon Cumberland 

Ridden Champion                                            Kilshane Galaxy                                Charlotte Glenn

Reserve Ridden                                                                Beltoy Kizzara                                    Amelia Wheeler

Supreme & Senior Champion                     Burnside Lennon                              Sharon Cumberland

Reserve Supreme & Senior                         Glenlough Persuasion                    Sharon Cumberland

2016/NISPG Show. Supreme Champion & Reserve

2016/NISPG Show - Best Miniature

2016/NISPG Show - Best First Ridden


                                                                                                                        2016/NISPG Show - Best Lead Rein

South West Shetland Pony Group Autumn Show 2016
Here are the results. We had a lovely sunny, but cold day, for our show today but members came out in good numbers with their lovely well turned out ponies. The committee would like to thank all members who came and supported the show today and a big thank you goes to I.Bailey for judging the classes today. 

Foal Champion- Collytown Mardi Gras/ A & C Blamey

Reserve Foal Champion- Robins Brae Ultra/ S.Cozens

Miniature Junior Champion- Collytown Riviera/ A & C Blamey

Reserve Junior Champion- Tawna Poldark/ A.Runnalls & F.Hammond 

Standard Champion- Kerlock Verity/ C.Chapple

Reserve Standard Champion- Darklake Mr Moon/ Miss C.Seipp

Miniature Senior Champion- Collytown Fabian/ C.Rundle

Reserve Miniature Senior Champion- Tawna Star/ A.Runnalls & F.Hammond

Overall Champion- All About Anna/ E.Reid

Reserve Overall champion- Collytown Fabian/ C.Rundle

Sheila Gibson. R.I.P. It is with unbearable sadness that I have to tell you of the death on Friday, 4th November, of my lovely mum Sheila Gibson of the Coppice Stud.  She was 89. Mom founded the stud in 1981 with a filly foal, Glenfall Contessa, and the foundation mare Chatsworth Dolly Vera, adding a black colt foal, the Wetherden bred Glenfall Excelsior in 1983 and later adding coloured stock such as Firebird of Spring Cottage and Newtown Peppermint.  The lovely ponies that came from those early beginnings over the past 35 years are too numerous to mention here and one day I would like to write a definitive history of the stud, together with more about the life of this wonderful lady.  She was quietly strong and fearless, kind and gentle, having survived diphtheria before she was ten, a disease which was a killer in those days.  She married her childhood sweetheart, Bob Gibson, and had four children, Martin, Julia Ann, Stephen and Louisa Jane.  Her family was her life, together with her dogs and ponies and the countryside.  She was never happier than when she was showing her ponies in hand, which she continued to do well into her seventies, winning her last championship with her beloved Coppice Dolly Diana at the age of 79.  I know it’s a cliché, but they really did throw away the mould when they made my mum.  She will be dreadfully missed.         Julia

Coppice Dolly Diana and Sheila winning the Shetland Pony Championship at the
National Midlands in Hand Show 2001, for the second year running.


     52nd Anniversary Show and Sale of Registered Shetland Ponies

 Aberdeen and Northern Marts welcomed an entry of 77 for its 52nd-anniversary show and sale of registered pedigree Shetland ponies at Thainstone today.

Champion of the standard section – judged by Mrs R A Provan Summerfield Glenfarg Perthshire – was a 2009 born bay mare from I G Burgess, 13 Clickimin Road, Lerwick, which was unsold. Reserve champion was a 2010 born bay and white stallion from Mrs J Syme Schiehallion, Netherdale Walls, which sold for 500gn to D Barr, Belmont Cottage, Lewes, Sussex.

Mr D Robertson’s, Little Balmae, Ash Road, Terregles, Dumfries, 2007 chestnut mare was selected miniature champion by judge R S Pitcairns, 172 Alloway Drive, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, and sold for 650gn to N S Wilson, Mingulay, Alford. The reserve champion was a 2013 born skewbald stallion from D Findlayson, Hillcrest, Duncanstone, Dingwall, and sold for 200gn to J Mitchell, Mid Craigton, Newton Mearns.

The top price of the sale was 2,000gn paid by D Elphick, New Barn Farm, Stunts Green, Herstmonceux, East Sussex, for a black mare lot 41 from James D Swan, Teanahaun Croft, Connon Bridge.

 Prize List

Standard Section – Colt Foal


Champion and 1st


No 21 Kevin Hay Marelestoon Aith Bixter


No 11 D S McArthur 17 John Street Queenspark Nairn

No 20 Kevin Hay Marelestoon Aith Bixter

No 38 Miss E Smith Berry Farm Scalloway



Standard Section – Filly – 1, 2 or 3 year old



No 69 Mrs J Syme Schiehallion Netherdale Walls

No 12 Mr W & Miss P Robertson 32 Newhame Road Montrose

No 5 Mrs J L Lowthian Zetland Gamblesby Penrith




Standard Section - Mare


Champion and 1st




No 46 I G Burgess 13 Clickimin Road Lerwick


No 7 Ms N Maternaghan Hartrigge Gardens Coggate Hartrigge Jedburgh

No 76 D Robertson Little Balmae Ash Road Terregles Dumfries

No 42 J SwanTeanahaun Croft Connon Bridge








Standard Section – Entire Male



No 13 W & Miss P Robertson 32 Newhame Road Montrose Angus


Standard Section – Licenced Stallion


Reserve champion and 1st

No 68 Mrs J Syme Schiehallion Netherdale Walls


Miniature Section – Colt Foal


Champion and 1st


No 49 Robin’s Brae Stud, Dunrossness

 No 64 Stranduff Shetland Ponies Stranduff Aboyne

No 24 Mrs G Alston 12 Yule Square Huntly

No 48 Robin’s Brae Stud, Dunrossness






Miniature Section – Filly Foal




No 23 Mrs G Alston 12 Yule Square Huntly

No 60 Stranduff Shetland Ponies Stranduff Aboyne

No 61 Stranduff Shetland Ponies Stranduff Aboyne

No 63 Stranduff Shetland Ponies Stranduff Aboyne





Miniature Section – Mare


Champion and 1st

No 73 D Robertson Little Balmae Ash Road Terregles Dumfries


No 77 D Robertson Little Balmae Ash Road Terregles Dumfries

No 1 Mrs S Henderson Weston Deskford





Miniature Section – Entire Male



No 44 D Findlayson Hillcrest Duncanstone Dingwall


Miniature Section – Stallion


Reserve Champion and 1st


No 43 D Findlayson Hillcrest Duncanstone Dingwall



No 37 Miss A I Irvine Kininvie Blackford Rothienorman






Other Leading prices:


Chestnut Filly Foal from Mrs H Emslie Holmhead, Logie Coldstone 500gn; piebald stallion from Mrs L J Burgess Robins Brae Dunrossness 500gn; palomino mare from Mrs S Henderson Weston Deskford 500gn


Sale of harnesses, models, stud books etc


Stud book volume 67, £50; inhand brown leather show bridle £45; webbing head collars £35; 1950s Shetland pony stub book society car badge £35; English standard in hand bridle £30

                Robin’s Brae Stud, Dunrossness     lot 49                                                                       2016 Standard Champion - lot 46                                                                        Miniature Champion - lot 73

The Wessex Shetland Pony Group had its last show of the 2016 season on Sunday 30th October. Here are the results. Our judges were Mrs G Wright and Mrs M Matthews. C.H.
Supreme Champion: Kingswood Arwen - Mrs D Woodley
Reserve Supreme Champion: Buxted Evangalist - J Hawkins family shown by Mrs J Jones. 

Miniature Junior Champion – Snelsmore Quizmaster   

Reserve Miniature Junior Champion – Buxted Principle Boy  


Miniature Senior Champion – Buxted Evangelist                           

Miniature Reserve Senior Champion – Shawdene Claret     


Miniature overall Champion – Buxted Evangelist                           

Reserve overall Champion – Snelsmore Quizmaster   


Standard Junior Champion – Kingswood Arwen                        

Reserve Standard Junior Champion – Westbridgepark Bombay Sapphire                  


Standard Senior Champion – Bellever Eternal Flame     

Standard Reserve Senior Champion – Buxted Daniel                          


Standard overall Champion – Kingswood Arwen                        

Reserve overall Champion – Bellever Eternal Flame     


Ridden Champion – Ulverscroft Select

Reserve Ridden – Abb Fab


Supreme Champion – Kingswood Arwen                        

Reserve Supreme Champion – Buxted Evangelist                 


Halloween Horrors!

Pam Tabb...as you have never seen her, with her eight year old twin grand-children Elissa and Naomi, and Tawna Boy George. This gruesome group won a huge fancy dress class at the St Austell Bay Equestrian Club’s Halloween horse show.



Settled and much loved in Ireland by Carol O'dea. Sold by Cranford stud as an 11 year old to Bantac stud on a promise of 'home for life'. (Well 4 years anyway. Circumstances change) had a few good years with the Edern stud and then various.

I am so pleased to see him settled where he is much loved and valued. I think if I had my time again I wouldn't have raised and licensed as many stallions. Problem being, if it was good, sound straight  moving and good pedigree, it reflected well on the stud. We all did it and it was a mistake, hence far too many stallions and a fall in prices.

Stallions are special, half of any breeding programme, but the hard facts, especially in minis, once a breeder has used a bought in stallion for two or three years, he'll be off as they license his progeny.

I don't mind colts in standard ponies, geldings are sought for riding and some, not enough sadly, for driving. Enjoy your life Nureyev, you deserve it. GH

Wessex Shetland Pony Group Open Autumn show.
Kingston Maurward college. Dorchester

1st place filly foal Shandwick Betsy-Mae.

NEW for the ponies for sale page.........For breeders who have castrated colts they have bred, may now advertise such ponies on a dedicated page via a link on the normal ponies for sale page. advertising will be at the same rate, ie from £10. THE DIFFERENCE BEING, ADVERTS WILL STAY 'LIVE' FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS. PLEASE ADVISE WHEN YOUR ADVERTISED PONY IS SOLD. PLEASE SPREAD THIS NEWS AMONGST ALL BREEDERS SO THAT IT BECOMES FIRST CALL FOR THOSE LOOKING TO BUY A GELDING.

Lerwick Shetland Pony Show & Sale 2016

The 57th Annual Lerwick Shetland Pony show and Sale were held on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October 2016 at the Shetland Rural Centre.  The Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) in conjunction with Shetland Livestock Marketing Group (SLMG) and Aberdeen and Northern Marts (ANM) once again hosted the sale of registered pedigree ponies.   There were 67 ponies entered for the sale with 66 forward, almost the same number entered last year and once again all very good quality ponies.   The ponies began arriving at the Mart on the Thursday afternoon prior to the sale and exhibitors and potential buyers were invited to socialise together and enjoyed a fantastic spread of soup, sandwiches and home bakes laid on by the PBSA.  Due to the Mart being busy the show returned to its historical slot on the Thursday evening preceding the show.  The show of ponies to be sold commenced at 6pm with good entries in all classes. 


The Judge for this year’s show was Mrs Marion Matthews who travelled from Cornwall to officiate.  She remarked on the good quality stock which came in front of her and praised the efforts of the Pony Breeders of Shetland.  The best Colt Foal and Champion Foal at the Show was the miniature skewbald Robin’s Brae Ultimate from the Burgess Family, Dunrossness and Best Filly Foal was the standard Bay Laaward Tess from S. Flaws, Virkie.  Overall Show Champion was the 39.5” Bay 3 year old Licensed Colt Hollydell Harken and Reserve Champion was the 8 year old 40.25” Black Licensed Stallion both from S & J Rendall, Nesting.  For the full show results see below. 


The Friday morning commenced at 9am with a parade of the show prize winners which was also broadcast live via i-bidder as it had not been possible to stream the actual show.  After the success of the I-bidder Online Auction system the last 2 years those involved were hopeful of another good response from buyers unable to attend the sale.  Photographs and details of the lots for sale were available to be viewed online for several weeks prior to the sale to generate interest and give buyers a chance to make enquiries and choose their purchase.  On the day a live audio and video feed of the show and sale was streamed online enabling the whole world to watch with many ponies being sold through i-bidder.  This year saw what appeared to be an increase in buyers travelling to Shetland to purchase ponies.  One particular buyer, Mr Bloemers, had driven all the way from Holland to buy a particular pony and was very grateful to have been able to make use of the generous Northlink sponsorship deal which the PBSA had secured.


The sale was a very mixed affair with some ponies achieving good prices and some failing to attract bids.  Average prices for ponies sold were: Stallions 600gns, Geldings 139gns, 1, 2 & 3 year old Entire Males 433gns, Colt Foals 258gns, Filly Foals 109gns, Mares 237gns and Fillies 95gns.  The leading prices were;  Filly foals: Gardie Jorgie 600gns Not Sold, Gardie Jess 260gns Not Sold.  Colt foals: Robin’s Brae Ultimate 950gns G Cross, Milton Keynes.  Benston Valentino 180gns Not Sold.  Fillies: Robin’s Brae Serena 180gns Not Sold, Musselbrough Annika 130gns Not Sold.  Mares: Tawna Melody 630gns N Taylor, Edinburgh. Breckenlea Geneva 5oogns G Cross Milton Keynes.  Entire Males:  Hollydell Harken 1000gns S Belton, Milton Keynes.  Gandalf Fra Oya 900gns Not Sold.  Geldings: Sir James of Berry 280gns J lamb, Essex. Merkisayre Sea Duble 180gns J lamb, Essex.


Lerwick Shetland pony Sale Show Results 2016

Miniature Filly Foal

1.     Tupton Sula – J W Laurenson – Not Sold

2.     Gerratoun Minnie – Alan Clark – Not Sold

3.     Westergarth Delight – Valerie Johnson – 160gns to Norman Taylor, Edinburgh

Miniature Colt Foal

1.     Robin’s Brae Ultimate – Burgess Family – 950gns to G Cross, Milton Keynes

2.     Gue Royale – Carole Laignel – Not Sold

3.     Benston Valentino – Mari Williamson – Not Sold

Standard Filly Foal

1.     Laaward Tess – Sonja Flaws – 175gns to C Smith, Scalloway

2.     Silva of Kirkatown – D A Laurenson – 50gns to D Zblewski, Muir of Ord

3.     Seagrind Olivia – Morgan Goodlad – Not Sold

Standard Colt Foals

1.     Berglie Julian – Bergli Stud – Not Sold

2.     Northharrier Victory – Penny Gear – Not Sold

3.     Northharrier Valiant – Penny Gear – Not Sold

1, 2 & 3 Fillies

1.     Musselbrough Annika – Janice Priest – Not Sold

2.     Robin’s Brae Serena – Burgess Family – Not Sold

3.     Grutness Sugar – Myrna Flaws – 95gns to J Macdonald, New Pitsligo

1, 2 & 3 Colts

1.     Hollydell Harken – S & J Rendall – 1000gns to S Belton, Milton Keynes

2.     Merkisayre Calvados – Merkisayre Stud – 260gns to J Lamb, Essex

3.     Gardie Icon – Amanda Slater – 40gns to L Cochrane, Kilwinning

Mares 4+

1.     Griesta Brea – Myrna Flaws – 275gns to A & M Manson, Skeld

2.     Breckenlea Geneva – Amanda Slater – 500gns to g Cross, Milton Keynes

3.     Laaward Gael – Sonja Flaws – 160gns to C Smith, Scalloway

Stallion/Gelding 4+

1.     Eynhallow Black Majestic – S & J Rendall – 600gns to Mr Bloemers, Holland

2.     Gandalf Fra Oya – Bergli Stud – Not Sold

3.     Sir James of Berry – Merkisayre Stud – 280gns to J Lamb, Essex


Best Filly Foal at Sale (Kiora Shield): Laaward Tess

Best Colt Foal at Sale (Kiora Shield): Robin’s Brae Ultimate

Champion Foal: Robin’s Brae Ultimate

Show Champion (D B Robertson Memorial Trophy): Hollydell Harken

Reserve Champion: Eynhallow Black Majestic

Milne Cup - Best Foal from Unst: Silva of Kirkatown

Stranduff Rosebowl – Best filly foal from all Shetland Shows: Bergli Gloria

Irvine Cup - Best colt foal from all the Shetland Shows: Merkisayre Julian


Of the 24 show prize winners 15 were either evaluated ponies or from evaluated parent/s.  Champion and reserve ponies are both evaluated Stallions.  The best filly foal and best colt foal are by evaluated stallions and all trophy winners are either evaluated or from evaluated stock.  Huge thanks to everyone for their continued support. R.F

                            Hollydell Harken. champion.                                                                          Eynhallow Black Majestic res.

Harry and Edward Jones took their Shetlands Coppice Prudence and Degai Beauty to a local cross country course.  This was a first for Degai Beauty as she has only recently started jumping so her first ever course of jumps let alone cross country! She produced a great clear and came 5th, Edward and Prudence were just out of the placings but had a great round. Sophie Jones.