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Principle result from the Southern Shetland Pony group show 25/09/2016
Miniature Junior Champion
Tussilago Natural Blonde, R Luck
Reserve Miniature Junior Champion
Snelsmore Starburst, A Goatley
Miniature Senior Champion
Hillash Bruce, G Phipps
Reserve Miniature Senior Champion
Buckholt Fieldfare, B Westall
Miniature Ring Champion
Hillash Bruce, G Phipps
Reserve Miniature Ring Champion
Tussilago Natural Blonde, R Luck
Standard Junior Champion
Sharptor About Anna, E Reed
Reserve Standard Junior Champion
Sharptor Knighthood, C Evans
Senior Standard Champion
Buxted Daniel, J & R Jones
Reserve Senior Champion
Threapwood Vela II, B Westall
Standard Ring Champion
Sharptor About Anna, E Reed
Reserve Standard Ring Champion
Buxted Daniel, J & R Jones

Ridden Champion
Serenteifi Sian Huclolus, C Randall
Reserve Ridden Champion
Blackertor Redstar, D Bellamy
Driven Champion
Greenhurst Daytime, L Sayers
Reserve Driven Champion
Hestigarth Ike & Jetson Loxton Hill, S Newell
Gelding Champion
Waterpitts Elegant Lord, T Dashwood
Reserve Gelding Champion
Blackertor Redstar, D Bellamy
Supreme Champion
Sharptor About Anna, E Reed
Reserve Supreme Champion
Greenhurst Daytime, L Sayers
Reserve, Reserve Supreme Champion
Serenteifi Sian Huclolus, C Randall


Southern group Show report results


Thanks to everyone for making the Southern Shetland group Autumn show in memory of Caroline Henry a success. For those who were unable to attend our show a memorial service for Caroline will be held at Wells Cathedral, Somerset BA5 2UF on the 11th of November at 14.15.
Our two Judges Anna Stevens, Lara Joslin, and Probationer judge Louise Wilson all travel long distances, thanks to everyone they had a lovely selection of ponies presented to them. All my worries of too few competitors a couple of days before were unnecessary, classes were generally well supported with lots of new faces. The day ran fairy smoothly thanks to Cliff keeping competitors coming. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, for some it was the beautiful memorial rosettes, others it was the cake, but for me it was great seeing the kids smiles. After a long discussion and a lot of walking up and down our final line up of well-groomed ponies our Supreme Champion sponsored by Thimberby and Shorland was chosen. It went to a very delighted Ella Reed and her Standard Ring Champion, Sharptor About Anna. For most of us watching it was a slightly tearful moment watching brave Izzy presented the supreme Trophy in memory of her mum. Lin Sayers and Greenhurst Daytime with their lovely performance and beautiful driving turnout took Reserve Supreme and finally Callum Randall riding Sereneifi Sain Huclolus who never put a foot wrong all day took the Reserve Reserve Supreme. JP


IF you subscribe to shetland-pony.com ie you have a link or website listed, AND if you are sending stock to Reading sale, you may send a photo to me, with name/age/gender and I will publish on the 'for sale' page FREE OF CHARGE.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

This received from Gill Lloyd of Cotmullion stud in Wales. On hearing that the Reading sale WILL take place.

Great news :) Well done you :) I have not sold at Reading for years and it will no doubt, cost us loads to attend. ie. kennels for our dogs left behind, animal care for animals left behind, overnight stay, day off work, diesel, bridge toll cost.... etc etc.... hey ho... what else should we do..... there are lots of sellers my way who now have no other option... so well done you..... I shall also address Brightwells because they have now pulled the plug on the shetland sale in Builth which previously gave all the Welsh breeders (of which there are many... and some really good stock are bred here too...!) as to how they think they will get big entries for a Shetland Sale when they are sold in the 3rd week of September...?? :( Put it at the end of October ( ie. after the cob sales !) and they could get a huge response... ie. there are a large amount of Welsh breeders producing good stock and nowhere to e sell them now !! ?? how many people living this way have foals to sell - all ready and weaned and 18 wks old in mid September... ???? Some of us, like myself, live 800 ft up.... we do not want a foal born in frigging March or April... :( I rest my case :) Thanks Gerry - you do a great job and perhaps we will see you at Reading.  I shall buy you a drink ..... is that pub still open ?? x

Got to say, I agree wholeheartedly with Gill’s points. In the boom times prior to the financial crash and resultant austerity, plenty of auctioneers were happy to jump on the gravy train. Thimbleby and Shorland, whilst they are a business have maintained the Society sale, more recently to maintain the historic link than pecuniary advantage. Bugger Builth and Brightwells, if everyone who had stock to go to auction went to Reading, all the buyers would go there ending up with more ponies, more buyers and better prices which would go some way to offset costs. I support Reading as a matter of reciprocation of their loyalty to us. We should all do the same. IMO. GH.PS. SADLY THE PUB HAS GONE.


48th READING AUTUMN SHOW & SALE OF SHETLAND PONIES – 19th October 2016 Just a reminder that the entries for the above sale close on Friday 16th September, so RING OR EMAIL YOUR INTENT NOW.  Entry forms available at Thimbleby & Shorland web site – www.tsauction.co.uk or from the office 0118 9508611

I get the impression T&S will NOT be phoning, emailing vendors encouraging them to enter this year. So, if you have traditionally sent stock to the sale at Reading and you do not want the sale to fold. USE IT OR LOSE IT. GH


The group performance show is on the 25th September at World Horse Welfare, Snetterton, Norfolk.  There are in-hand, ridden and driven
classes as well as fun classes. Fabulous prizes for the children and lovely rosettes, floral garlands and
sashes. Still time to get those pre entries in. Late entries taken on the day. 

The ridden classes are L/R, F/R and Open along with a ridden and supreme championship.
So far we have ONE pre-entry for the ridden, although we do know of a few more who are intending to come.  Entries are taken on the day
It's a really friendly show, the schedule is available on horsedates.co.uk and on the EASPG Facebook page. or here
If people could drop the Facebook page a message to let us know if they are able to come along  that would be great. AB

CLOSING DATE FOR RESULTS SCHEME  If you have ponies entered in Shetland-pony.com’s results scheme, all submissions must be completed by 30th September. Kindly send results in this format.

Name of pony/Age    name of show/date   judge   class entered     placed and ch/ships if any.

This scheme stops awarding points at ring level, ie, standard champion, or miniature champion. Just refresh your self of the rules if unsure. Find them on www.shetland-pony.com/2016


 SPSBS BREED SHOW, BUILTH. www.shetland-pony.com/wales

Results of the 2016 Breed Show held at Builth Wells 28th August 2016. HERE

25th Anniversary Viking Show

Sunday the 21st of August saw the Pony Breeders of Shetland Association host their 25th Anniversary Shetland Pony Show.  A change of venue to the Cunningsburgh Show Field proved successful and although the weather was not in our favour on the day this did not dampen the spirits of the many exhibitors and spectators.

 The Viking Show is a major event in the Shetland pony calendar, attracting spectators from Shetland, Mainland Britain and beyond.  It gives exhibitors the chance to not only compete against each other but also show the world what Shetland has to offer.  The show began in 1991 with one ring at Gott Farm.  It has continued to grow in popularity over the years and currently occupies three rings comprising of Miniature, Standard and Performance ponies, with this year’s entries at 189.  Thanks must go to the Cunningsburgh Show Committee for providing our new venue.

Our judges this year, Mr L Gregory, Mme Y Held and Ms I Spence, travelled from England, France and Scotland, and all three judges commented on the quality of ponies forward on the day.  We also welcomed many visiting Shetland Pony enthusiasts to our show from Finland and France who echoed the judges’ opinion of the Shetland ponies here within the Isles.

The Show committee wish to express their gratitude to everyone who helped in any way to make this year’s event possible.  Without the support and assistance of many individuals, it could not enjoy its continued success.  Thank you to all individuals, Studs and businesses for class sponsorship. CLICK for full results. R.F.

L to R Hollydell Hazard, Rebecca Fraser, Irene Spence, Hollydell royal Command, Arianna Robertson, Avie Robertson

Hollydell Hearsay Cahmpion Foal Jane Rendall Yvonne Held.jpg

Snelsmore Karisma

Snelsmore Karisma

Hollydell Hazard Rebecca Fraser And opposite

Merkiayre Dior Standard Champion

Merkisayre Dioran Standard Reserve Champion

<<<< Robin's Brae Topaz Reserve Miniature Champion


More pictures will be added as we get them.Enjoy!


There is also a Lerwick Pony Sale Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/580607912010253/

History repeated itself yesterday at Kington Agricultural Show, judge Mr R Griffiths, when Lathom Joyful took the Standard and Overall Shetland Championship with Snelsmore Nevada standing Reserve repeating the line up of 2014 and best of all Joyful won our own Native Pony Bridles trophy that we donated last year. 
Lathom Joyful went forward to represent the breed in a strong Supreme Show Championship, judged by Mr. Terry Court, where she was pulled into the final 6 line up.
Reserve Miniature Champion was awarded to Glen Smith's mare Gott Mabs after winning a strong miniature class with over 14 ponies forward.

Spinneybank Jasmine. 


Competed  for the first time in Dressage. Won  the lead rein section at The Dressage Festival  held at Nineacres, Stapleton Leicester.

Ridden  by little Rose Cassapi, led by  her mother Tracey Cassapi. C.S.


Results for Mini Mania, 3rd September 2016
Standard Youngstock

Champion – Hannah Britland with Melland Nula Rose
Reserve Champion – Nina Smith with Embers Black Knight
Standard Senior Champion –Kate Hampton with Latham Joyful
Reserve Champion – Shirley Nadin with Clayland Stirling
Standard Shetland Overall Championship
Champion – Kate Hampton with Latham Joyful
Reserve Champion – Hannah Britland with Melland Nula Rose 

Champion – Joanna Soloman with Buxted Juliexe
Reserve Champion – Laura O’Nions with Hermits Elissai
Youngstock Champs
Champion – Shoreside with Buxted Juliexe
Reserve Champion – Lucy Pope with Lornath Jigsaw
Senior Champs
Champion – Glen Smith with Gott Mabs
Reserve Champion – Laura O’Nions with Hermits Elissa
Overall Mini Shetland Champion
Champion – Glen Smith with Gott Mabs
Reserve Champion – Shoreside with Buxted Juliexe
Overall Gelding Championship
Champion – Shirley Nadin with Claylands Stirling
Reserve Champion – Ebony with Blackstone Folly Love Bug




RESERVE BEST IN SHOW CHAMPION (& Highest Placed Shetland)
(photograph of Lathom Joyful - Reserve Best in Show (highest placed Shetland) )

Results for Usk Show. report S.J.
Judge Mr N Vale
Standard Youngstock 1,2 & 3 year old
1st - Harwell Eliza - Mrs Newton
2nd - Stepley Tethys - Angela Hawkins
3rd - Stepley Taurus - Mrs Newton
Standard over 4
1st - Degai Beauty - Mrs Sophie Jones (pictured)
2nd - Sharptor Dego - Mrs Newton
3rd and best gelding - Lloegr Dumbledor - Mrs Sarah Lloyd
Miniature Youngstock 1,2 & 3
1st - Kenvig Lottie - Mrs Julie Nicholas 
2nd - Whitcombe Humprey - Mrs Trudi Waterhouse
3rd - Birchwood Panda - Mrs Julie Nicholas
Miniature over 4
1st - Pansis Bounty - Mrs Trudi Waterhouse
2nd - Tawny Shimmy - Helen Rowells
3rd - ?
Overall Champion  - Kenvig Lottie - Mrs Julie Nicholas
Reserve overall Champion - Pansis Bounty - Mrs Trudi Waterhouse

Judge Mr L. Gregory braved a Lake District monsoon and from a good turn out of quality ponies chose 2 year old Maybelline of Mawbray as junior and overall champion, a repeat of her performance at the Cumberland County Show. Mr & Mrs Atkinson’s Horninglow stallion was reserve and a Wenlockedge pony shown by Mr & Mrs A Winton was miniature champion.Report by Geoff. Watson.

Cerrigydrudion Show 3rd September 2016 Judge  Mr Rees
Champion Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn – Miss F Morkill
Reserve Champion Isle of Mona Shandie – Jones and Young
Junior Champion Isle of Mona Sheena – Jones and Young
Reserve Junior Fernhalls Sarah Jayne – Mrs Salters
Best Miniature Fernhalls Sarah Jayne – Mrs Salters
Best Gelding Wildways Astonish – Miss F Morkill
Best Foal Camlan Quentin – Arthur Jones

SHETLAND Breed show Wales. JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU, to Audrey and Tony Jones, Bob and Audrey Griffiths and everyone else involved for their efforts hosting the show at Builth. We had a fun weekend, saw people we havent seen for years, funny how I haven't aged, and everyone else has. Even our stay at 'Fawlty towers' was a laugh. I'm still singing 'we'll keep a welcome in the hillsides' Thank you. x

By Monday 5th Sept LATEST. SEND GH Your photo of your breed show success. you don't have to have come first place tho' like those pics please, but perhaps it was your first time at a breed show and you were pleased to get a place/rosette. a dedicated page on main web site under 'news' will be compiled. MUST BE BY 5th SEPT.


Crosby Ravensworth is a Cumbrian village show that attracts entries from all over northern England and southern Scotland.

Miss D. Johnston had a long day judging well supported classes. She chose Mariella of Mawbray as her Champion. J.&K. Lowthian had the best miniature and best opposite sex . Myrtle, a Mawbray yearling was junior ch.


While a lot of people were at the Breed Show, those that didn't go from SOUTH EAST, supported the Edenbridge & Oxted Show. Judge - Mr. Ian Bailey.
The champion mini was Mrs G Mather’s Shawdene Bouloux Bonbon PIC LEFT Anne De la Warr's Fairy Fieldmouse as reserve,below left,  Junior champion was Anne De la Warr's Fairy Constance, below right, with I think a yearling owned by Mrs Mather reserve junior.  Bit wet as England is but a good show with a far better pony walk arrangement than in previous years, less pensioners and babies killed by hackneys and welsh charging through them all!!  Not a bad attendance given it was the breed show but obviously not overly well attended to be honest! A.DLW.
Those few who normally attend E&Oxted but went to the breed show will be pleased that some attended Edenbridge. Its a good old fashioned County show and we would not want to lose in the South East.
Shawdene Inke - 3rd Yearling Colt/Filly/Gelding Class. Shawdene Ice Cream - 1st Yearling Colt/Filly/Gelding Class. & Res. Junior Champion. Jambarrie Tinkerbell – 2nd 2/3 Year Old Filly Class. Shawdene Hermes - 2nd 2/3 Year Old C/G Class. Shawdene Duchess - 3rd Mare Class. Shawdene Claret - 2nd Mare Class. G.M.

THAME HORSE & COUNTRY SHOW on Thursday 15th September
Affiliated Shetland Classes and entries are very low, much lower than last year, don't forget we have fantastic prize money in ALL classes of 40, 30, 20 & 10 plus a fantastic Championship of 175 & 75 very kindly sponsored by Mrs G. Mather of the Shawdene Shetland Stud, closing date extended till Friday 2nd September. k.t.

Would you please mark our skewbald colt as sold - Brackenfields firefly  apache warrior
hes going to a lovely new home. Its reassuring to know that even in this quiet market people still appreciate shetlands as a breed and they continue to look for them and search for just the “right” one. thanks for such a great site to advertise all things shettie! lisa

BREED SHOW 29 August 2016 – Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells
Hi all, in response to a couple of enquiries re catering we can confirm that the Carvery will be available in Neuadd Henllan on the Saturday evening 28th between 5pm & 8pm.
Additionally, someone has today contacted the Society office and informed them that there is an outbreak of strangles in the vicinty of the show ground. We would like to confirm that the Show Secretary has today contacted the local vet in Builth Wells and they have no record of nor are they aware of any cases of strangles in the area. Lets hope for good weather and an enjoyable weekend!! Look forward to seeing you!

Oh dear, what a thoroughly vindictive nasty piece of work, I caught wind of this malicious rumour a week ago and got it scotched from facebook in short order. looking forward to seeing everyone at Builth. x Ed


Merioneth County Show Aug 24th Judge -Mrs G.Cowell

Champion-               Ember's Black Knight   Nina Anderson Smith.

Reserve Champion-  Lathom Jocelyn    Frances Morkill. pic left

Junior Champion-     Ember's Black Knight  Nina Anderson Smith

Reserve Junior Champion -Enigma Sirocco - Christine Gray pic right

Best Miniature-        Enigma Xquisite-   Elaine Fitzhugh

This month I am so very proud of my home bred mare Pansi's Bounty we have had an unbelievable August after a very sad July when I lost her mother Edern Pansi to Lymphoma, a very special Pony to me, successfully shown and a fantastic mother.

Bounty is so similar to Pansi in her ways and this month has meant so much to me. T.W.


Royal London, Champion of Britain Miniature , Judge Mr F Mc Allan

Royal London, Champion of Britain Shetland, Judge Mrs Cowell

Chagford Show,  Champion Miniature , Judge Mrs C Seipp

Wessex Shetland pony group , Supreme Champion, Judge Mrs J Elliot, Mrs F Hammond.
Very well done. Ed.

Full results of The Downs Group Show

More Shetland success at EQUIFEST


Keeping it in the family, mother and daughter combo, Sian Greene's Buxted Discovery Shetland champion and Belinda Jacques' Ceann Charm reserve champion

So delighted with the subscription renewals. In a time when people are retiring, cutting down on breeding, we have realised a 98% renewal rate. Only crossing the rainbow bridge has stopped one subscriber. The appreciative messages gladden my heart, again in times where so much is taken for granted, your loyalty and generosity of compliments will assure my continuance of the site, promoting all, whenever I can . JUST REMEMBER, I CAN ONLY PUBLISH  things I am aware of, so don't be shy, it hasn't got to be show winners, although they are important, anything worthy of the breed. Send it, and I'll publish if I can, or tell you why not. kind regards, Gerry.

Dougie Robertson and his smart tri colour pony, Terregles Denzel, competing at his first Driving show 2nd 3rd and a 4th

Tony Bell's, Wikners Gryffindor

Clogher Valley Show. Judge Mr N Vale. 1st Shetland Stallion, Shetland Champion & Overall Reserve Supreme Champion

* Supreme judges, Mr J Grace, Mrs S Jacob, Mrs S Palmer & Mr N Vale


Tydavnet Show. Judge Mrs P Hoey. 1st M&M Small Breeds, In Hand Pony Champion & Overall Reserve Supreme Champion

* Supreme judges, Mrs D Colebroke & Mrs P Hoey

The Wessex Shetland Pony Group held its Summer show on Sunday 21st August at Kingfisher Equestrian Centre, the weather was sympathetic to us and brought the sunshine out which was great as the previous evening we experienced some storms.It was pleasing to have a large standard mare class and also five with their foals, especially pleasing as foals have been diminishing from the ring over the last few years. The young handlers were excellent again, it is nice to see the ponies future being carried forward with such enthusiasm, joy and fun. I wish to add that due to unforeseen circumstances we were short of a steward, we would like to thank various people, they know who they are, who agreed to assist if we needed them, but our hero of the day was a young lad called Toby. Toby is just 12 years old, it was his first experince of stewarding and he was absolutely excellent. After some quick instruction he was acting like a 'pro' and indeed much better than some we have come across. He was clear about his role, he kept clear of the judges area of vision so that she could see the ponies, gave clear direction to the exhibitors and gained praise from ourselves and competitors for the way in which he conducted himself, we are very pleased that we were able to give him the opportunity. He was especially lovely towards the younger children as well. So our message is simply a message to Toby - thank you very much it was greatly appreciated.

it was so good to see a young lad who wants to do something other than computer games and so willing. He is just so enthusiastic and wants to do more, hope other people will ask him.CH

The main show results were:

Standard Junior Champion: Sharptor Knighthood, Miss C Evans 

Reserve Standard Junior Champion: Champlers Rose Blossom - Miss L Rowland

Miniature Junior Champion: Witcombe Humphrey, Mrs T Waterhouse

Reserve Miniature Junior Champion: Wotknotts Jilly, Mr & Mrs C Ridgers

Standard Senior Champion: Buxted Enchanting, Mr & Mrs R Jones

Reserve Standard Senior Champion: Stepley Teegan, Mrs Stuchfield

Miniature Senior Champion: Pansi's Bounty, Mrs T Waterhouse

Reserve Miniature Senior Champion: Eiger Jupiter, Mrs D Gerring

Overall Standard Ring Champion: Buxted Enchanting

Reserve Overall Standard Ring Champion: Sharptor Knighthood

Overall Miniature Ring Champion: Pansi's Bounty

Reserve Overall Miniature Ring Champion: Eiger Jupiter

Ridden Champion: Stepley Teegan with Lucy Stuchfield

Reserve Ridden Champion: Kilshane Almond with Molly Marston

Supreme Champion: Pansi's Bounty

Reserve Supreme Champion: Buxted Enchanting

 left to right - Mrs T Waterhouse' s Supreme Champion: Pansi's Bounty

Buxted Enchanting. Jones/Hopkins. 1st mare class, Sen. Champion, Standard Ring Champion and Res Overall Supreme Champ.

Buxted Exclusive (the late Judy Hawkins' filly) got a 1st and 3rd

You are as young as you feel, and look! Here's Cranford Hector, former stallion now 17, looking like a 6 year old and embarking on his first ridden career with his owner Florence Taylor, the duo having enjoyed success in lead rein classes.

Pictured here at Equifest after their maiden voyage first ridden and getting a 3rd place. I think Florence is happy. Pic rght with David Buck Esq

Minsterley Show 20th August  2016


Judge Mr J Harrison


Standard Champion = Earlswood Ella Mrs E Gray

Standard Res Champion = Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn Miss F Morkill. (pic)
Standard Junior Champion ~ 1st  2&3 year old class Ember's Black knight
Nina A Smith. 


Miniature Champion = Gott Mabs Jane & Glenn Smith

Miniature Reserve Champion = Seva Renie Mr W Handley


Miniature Junior Champion = Robin’s Brae Tilly Jane & Glenn Smith

Miniature Reserve Junior Champion = Hasguard Pom Pom Mrs Salter


Best Gelding = Squirrel Nutkin of Catchpuddle T.A Jones

And a response from Jack's mother.

The Fanny years.
This is one pony!!
Jack and I adore this pony. We have enjoyed her spirit, intelligence and ability to turn her hand to anything.
Thank you Gerry Hart and Kevin for some great years with this pony.
Why do children have to grow?


'Charlie', is Magreed Charlie boy, bred by Pam Richardson, bought by me, GH as 2 year old colt when she retired. Sold to Alice Browning as a 3 yea old.

Well the wonder pony did it again! Took charlie to the oaks driving club show on Sunday and we had a very successful day... 2nd pleasure driving class, 1st exercise vehicle under 13hh, 5th mountain and moorland and also took best shetland! As always he was impeccably behaved and performed as if he was 18hh and Hackney bred haha! I really do believe he loves a "party" as at a show in the group trot rounds he really finds another gear and trots out. Lots of lovely comments really made the day too as it's not always about rosettes and silver wear, I've been having professional lessons for the last 4 months with Gary Docking and he has really helped with my driving, charlie has always been a fab driving pony however with me being self taught and breaking him myself we just needed that extra boost. Gary has been great and charlie as always has stepped up to the mark. Lots of future dates on the cards for charlie and with the help of julie Carter I now have use of a Bennington mini to complete the new look, not forgetting my new/old outfit raided from my nana’s wardrobe hehe jaeger jacket and a gold Laura Ashley blouse twit twoo!! A.B.


The National PC finals held in Sheffield today Friday 19th August. This will be Jack's swansong on Fandabbydosey, and I couldn't be more proud of both pony and rider. To see the understanding they have of each other is a joy to behold. Everywhere they have been, people have marveled at their exploits. They have been a credit to the Shetland pony. We've had a great few years and such fun, never be bettered. Thank you Sally Ann for your input, and as you say............. it ain't over yet. x


Pembroke county show.

Ponies owned by Cliff and Jacqueline Percy had a very good day!

Merrylees Nuggett was Miniature Shetland Champion & Reserve Supreme. Snelsmore Lalique was Reserve Miniature Champion and Snelsmore Spectre was Reserve Junior Champion.


Pic Merrylees Nugget

Becky Westall & James Bedford's Halfway stud in Newbury, could slip under the radar. They don't show a lot, but have ponies of the calibre here pictured, the 17 year old mare

Maggie May at 17 years old.

Becky says 'picture was her winning a championship at Weyhill miniature show in June, but so proud of her never stepped foot into a show ring until we brought her at the age of 16 I believe and ever since then hasn't stopped putting her best hoof forward winning the mare class at Newbury last year bless her she's a real little gem.'

Julian Walters and Sharptor Trinity qualify for the cuddy at Pembroke county.


Surely this was only a matter of time. GREAT for Julian and David, and really fantastic for the breed. Well done! Ed

Meanwhile at Fillongley show,  Gott Mabs 1st, Miniature Reserve Champion and Reserve Overall Champion, Champlers

Georgia 2nd and Reserve Standard Champion, Judge Miss J. Paterson. Glenn and Jane Smith respectively.

Pembroke County and Julian Walter's Sharptor Trinity takes the Shetland Championship. Really, wowsers, beautiful.

Cornwall, Tregony.

It was a lovely hot sunny day down in Cornwall on Sunday for the  Tregony Show. Shetland Judge was Mrs D Tindale.

Zennor  Roxy shown by Mark Cosgrove  won the Standard 2 and 3 year old class , Junior Championship , Standard championship and Overall Championship .

Additional Honiton Results. here

The Downs Group Show. Lovely day out, with a good entry for judges, Sue Pye and Ian Spence, standards and minis respectively.

The 'fun ring was a huge success, show organisers Jill and Roger Jones, will be pleased as they have tried to encourage children and introduce a fun element. Julie Exall did a great job judging that ring. Jill will alter schedule timings to alleviate clashes.
Pauline Hopkins and Nick Williams travelled from the I. O. Wight to steward. Terrific stewards and great supporters.

Pic Shawdene Claret, Mrs G Mather, show supreme champion, and Cr. Fiddledydee and Jack Dale, Supreme Res.

Supreme Ch and Miniature Ch Shawdene Claret , Mrs Mather .

Res Supreme and Ridden Ch  Cranford Fiddledydee, Jack Dale

Res Ridden Ch  Riccalton Jack Frost , B Joyce

Standard Ch  Buxted Discovery, S Greene/ B Jaques

Res Ch Buxted Ellen , D Elphick/ G Robbins

Standard Junior Ch Kingsacre Enya , Elphick/Robbins

Res St Ch  Buxted Minstrel, Elphick/ Robbins

Res Miniature Ch Snelsmore Mystique C & J Percy

Jun Miniature Ch  Snelsmore Sienna. C & J Percy

Res Jun Ch Balmedie Farthing , C & J WADY

Champion Foal Kingsacre Enya , Elphick/ Robins

Champion Gelding  Buxted Trooper Elphick/Robins

FUN RING Champion  Shawdene  Duchess, Zen Fairhurst

Fun Ring Res Ch  Cranford Fandabbydosy, Lucie Rose

(courtesy of Emmpix phography)

3yr BREWARDS PLANET.( Home bred)

He was champion young stock, champion M&M and Supreme In hand of the Show at Leek and District Show

To quote one of the supreme judge’s “he never put a foot wrong all day”

Needless to say, Lionel & Janet Gregory of Brewards Shetland  stud are delighted.

3yr old Lornath Jigsaw.


pictured with Judge Mr. L Gregory

champion and reserve the Seva Renie on the left and Timberland Flower Blackberry Girl with foal on the right
Burwarton Agricultural show truly celebrated it's 125 birthday in style this year with a foot fall of around 20,000, strong entries in the horse classes, not least the Shetlands and fabulous weather.
Overall champion went to Lyncraft Stud's miniature Seva Renie with Charlotte Salters' mare with foal at foot, Timberland Flower Blackberry Girl taking Reserve. 
Junior Champion was Lucy Pope's 3yr old Lornath Jigsaw.
Both Renie and Jigsaw went forward to represent the breed beautifully in the Native Pony Bridles Supreme M&M Championship.

Canwell. Judge, G.Cowell. Far left, 1st+jun ch. 2-3 years, Cranford Frizzle. Owned by Ali Lynch (Corley Oak Stud) and Left, Lathom Jesmay, 2nd + Res ch. same owner/exhibitor.

Honiton Agricultural Show on Thurday 4th August, another hot showing day and very successful day for Frank & Carol Hodder's Eiger Neptune taking the Overall Miniature Championship and then the Supreme Shetland Championship with Reserve to him being Sharptor Chieftain.
The other main results (that I am aware of)
Standard ponies-

Standard Yearling class 1st Westbridgepark  Bombay Sapphire. S Chapple 

2 & 3 year old - 1st Sharptor Silver Skylight, Miss K Hodge

Mare class 1st and Reserve Standard champion Westbridgepark Apple crumble. S.Chapple

Stallion - 1st Oakgrove Bazbee, Mr B J Gamblin
Junior Champion & Overall Standard Champion - Sharptor Silver Skylight 
Miniature ponies -
Yearling - 1st Wotknotts Jilly, Mr & Mrs C Ridgers
               2nd Eiger Rolex, Mr & Mrs F Hodder
               3rd Tawna Blue Moon - Mrs J Gillingham
2 & 3 year old - 1st Wotlnotts Midge, Mr & Mrs C Ridgers
                       2nd Witcombe Humphrey, Mrs T Waterhouse
                        3rd Mignon Whispa - Mrs J Gillingham
Mare - 1st Pansi's Bounty, Mrs T Waterhouse
           2nd Eiger Oriana, Mrs V Lang
Stallion - 1st Eiger Neptune, Mr & Mrs F Hodder
              2nd Sharptor Chieftan, Miss K Hodge
Junior Champion - Wotknotts Jilly
Reserve Junior - Wotlnotts Midge
Senior Champion, Miniature Overall & Supreme Champion - Eiger Neptune
Reserve - Sharptor Chieftain

Sharptor Ambition, Sharptor ambition winning the Picton final . Only his 4th show . Also 5th in the hoys shetland class. Not bad for a baby .


Certainly had the best start in life, bred by Julian Walters, raised by Debbie Barr, licenced by Gerry Hart and used for Cranford foals 2015/6. Now Owned by Linzi Cave and Julie Barton, who has broken and schooled him..

Brinleyview Commanche, owned by Anna Stevens/Lara Joslin/Catchpool Shetlands, ridden by Gemma Pallet ~  reserve overall junior champion coloured at Hickstead Royal International! With renewal notices sent to subscribers to this site, here is a typical e mail reply, that gladdens my heart and keeps me 'keeping on'


Sent you a BACS payment 50 this morning for the web link.

As always thank you for all your support & hard work in continuing to host Shetland-pony.com, it is an excellent platform for Breeders, Shetland enthusiasts, general public & the Society (SPSBS) M.B.

Shetland pony stud book society driven awards. Summer 3 day event.
Thankfully the weather was kind to us after a very wet start to our season.
Training with Stuart Roberts renowned international dressage judge.
Abbeyfield stud visit, seeing some of the older ponies in retirement which hold many fond memories for Peter and Doreen Tindale and some up and coming young stock.
Abbeyfield Dean 25yrs, Lockinge Patricia 29yrs, Stowell Park Bess 32yrs.
We looked at conformation, movement, and very important temperament when choosing a suitable driving pony.
One older gent owned and driven by event organiser Willowe Keeley, Clothie Tumbel age 26 yrs young, pictured is still working in harness at shows / events.
Many tips, experience's, and stories were  exchanged over dinner and picnics.
At the end of the weekend Willowe held an informal meeting to discuss future event for 2016 / 2017.

Willowe Keeley and Sue Prior with Clothe Tumbel

Tolby returns to a nice cool bucket of water

Pedro enjoying his work, happy pony.

Getting her carriage ready for inspection


New Forest show.

Champion standard - Champlers Verity. Mesd. Pickett & Sargeant

Called into the final six of the M&M championship.


Reserve champion, Gemma Reece's owner bred and exh. Shandwick Baby-Bea pictured above

Junior Champion - Champlers Roseblossom owned by Lynda Rowland


judge. S Cozens Standards.

More from the New Forest show.


Our ponies did us proud three first, a second,

Reserve Junior Champion with Snelsmore Spectre and Champion with

 Snelsmore Nevada.

Nice to see some other Snelsmore ponies in the ribbons, well done

 everybody lovely day. JP

Judge. Caz Cozen-Cooke minis,

Today, Wednesday, I will be emailing the annual reminder for subscription renewal for your link to www.shetland-pony.com unless you are domiciled in the islands, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I sent yours yesterday, Tuesday. In the fast changing world of digital media I am happy that Shetland-pony.com continues to deliver what it was set up for. Support the Breed Society membership, promoting the breed without favour, anyone who is showing the breed in the best light, providing visual access to quality pones that continue to improve for the information to the equine public and the reputation of the owners and breeders. News as sent by yourselves and reports by me in which I try to give everyone ‘a go’ in an evenhanded  manner as possible. Oh yes, and it keeps me busy!

Naturally, as people retire, numbers might be expected to fall, but today, I have two studs applying to re-join having opted out last year, and another 3 weeks ago. It isn’t ‘free’ but it’s nothing against what it offers, and the price has been the same since 1999! So I thank you for your continued support, and if you feel there is something that could be better, feel free to contact me. GH.

Parklands Show RESULTS HERE

Regarding new forms for passports. It seems my article regarding forms for registering foals gave the impression that I blame Society admin. for my inability to grasp the forewarnings of the new arrangements. I now understand that it was in the magazine 2015, which is why I had an idea something was changing, and President's report 2016' which I had not seen. Mea culpa. IN FACT though, it had arrived, I was not aware of its arrival, and therefore had not read it, having now done so, it was perfectly clearly explained. MEMO to me..READ THE MAGAZINE, IT HAS REPLACED THE NEWSLETTER I would like to make it clear that I was to blame, not administration. Anyone offended, please accept my apologies.

Hools Janet, 3yr old Filly 
Owned & bred by Hools Shetland Pony Stud from Toab, Orkney. She was 1st 2/3yr old filly class, Standard Shetland Champion, Overall Shetland Champion, then went on to become Native Champion Pony at the Sutherland County Agricultural Show Saturday 23/07/2016.

The Reserve Champion Shetland was a yearling, Stow Lady Violet shown by the Stow Shetland Pony Stud
Hjatland Thor a 9yr old Stallion shown by EB & S A Knight won the Champion Miniature Shetland & Overall Broken Coloured


And still the news comes in from a sizzling Royal Welsh Show.

Gillian Lloyd’s homebred yearling Cotmullion Paprika Prince, won a huge class..... Gillian sold him in the Autumn and he has been winning all over the place this season.... SO proud.... and beautifully shown by his owner Linzi Hamilton.......Gillian was delighted with this result, as was his new owner and exhibitor, particularly  because of the numbers and quality of ponies forward.


More from Royal Welsh Show

As previously reported it was an extremely hot day but it did not deter the shetland exhibitors with massive entries, 57 entries in the standard shetland section and 87 entries in the miniature shetland section making an incredible total of 144 entries of which most were forward. It was certainly a super show of shetland ponies. 
Limited results due gleaned to hot weather 

Miniature Stallion Class:
1st Eiger Oliver - Frank & Carol Hodder  pictured left
2nd Eiger Neptune - Frank & Carol Hodder
3rd ? Treflys Fanando - Elaine Fitzhugh
Miniature Champion: Eiger Oliver
Reserve Champion: Eiger Neptune
Overall Shetland Champion: Sapphire Classic - Mrs Anna Stevens & Mrs Lara Joslin
Reserve Overall: Eiger Oliver
Overall Juniior Champion: Annwood Tulip - Mrs R C Davenport
Reserve: Halstock China Girl - Miss L Mellor & Mrs N Plante     
The overall standard of all the massive entries were some of the best we have seen this year, well done to everyone and we echo the comments already expressed, it was a lovely show, even though it was very very hot.C.H.

Beat this for a photo!!
Phoebe Preston showing the Gelding, Kinkell Ewen at the Yorkshire Show.


Ewen is now seven, he was purchased as a foal and the show was both Ewen and Phoebe's first time showing at a county show.
He won the gelding 4 years and over class then was awarded the best gelding.A.P.
She did an amazing job completing the lap of honour with all the adults following and didn't hold anyone up!! D.J.

Hi Gerry I don't know if you consider it worth putting on website but….
We went to the royal welsh show for the first time yesterday and were amazed by the sight! it was packed with people from all walks of life, so many stands and interesting things to see and set in such stunning scenery!
the coloured cob classes (in the ring next to the shetlands) were stunning to see and filled the ring on one occasion, as there were so many entries!
So many Shetland ponies were forward and all were spectacularly turned out even in the unforgiving heat!
classes were very well attended with the largest class having up to 27 entries in the mini Shetland colt filly gelding  2/3 year old.
we took our 3 year old colt - Brackenfields Firefly Cast a Spell and were amazed and very proud of him when he was given 5th place in the above mentioned huge class!
yes I know it wasn't first but we couldn't believe the judge would pick ours out of the many stunning ponies that were available!
I think all those owners/breeders and handlers, including Charlotte Corbishley who owns and handled Fly in the ring, deserved a medal just for standing in the heat for so long! 
I was immensely impressed by the judge and stewards who did a wonderful  professional job in such searing heat.
people around the ring were so friendly and helpful and it was nice to see new and old faces and catch up with other like minded pony people!
the only thing I can think of that would have made the day better was a set of sprinklers or misters to refresh both horses and handlers!
in all a wonderful day, many thanks to all who worked so hard to make the day a success.
you betcha I'll put it on! That's the second time today I've read a report where author has not been first or champion. Not that there is anything wrong wih coming first! So delighted to publish your report of you enjoying your day out with your ponies, the show, and taking your ponies home proud knowing another day, another dollar'. Bit more of this and perhaps not all is lost. Well done. Ed. piccys below.


World Horse Welfare Affiliated Shetland Pony Show

 Results 17th July 2016

Judge. Mrs J Stevenson.
Photo Left Champion Alison Bromwich
Right Reserve Champion Linzi Cave


For those constant malcontents.....who are forever complaining about 'the Society'. I presume they really mean the Council who act on our behalf as the members. Frankly I can't think why anyone would stand and at their own expense, probably 3000 over 3 years if you live in the South. Constrained by Company  law, EU laws and charities law let alone our constitution. There are few thanks, mainly brick bats. Those who stand do so as a 'give back' thanking the breed that gives them so much pleasure. Its a fact that to operate, we have to have a committee/council, call it what you will. Perhaps those who complain so vehemently and venomously on social media, should put themselves forward, they'd be most welcome to  have their eyes opened as to the realities of a running a breed society today.

Great Yorkshire Show 12/13/14 July Judge: Mrs Jayne Whitehouse.

The weather for the whole 3 days has been sun and showers and packed out with visitors.The shetland classes where very well supported with a hint of the old days. A sea of black ponies with some beautiful coloured  mixed in.2 show teams had taken the long journey from Scotland to compete and I hope more will come next year .The Sleigh family
of the wells stud had donated two beautiful  new trophies ,one for Champion Male and one for the  Junior champion to add the the many other trophy's of the section.Facilities
for staying over the 3 days are good,plenty of exercise areas and free grass fodder provided fresh twice daily.

Principle awards   

Overall show champion & male champion Kerlock Rupert       Jedhart Stud

Overall Female champion&junior ch Ravenside Curiosity        the Lothian Family

Reserve Male Champion  Hose Shadow                mesdames Stevenson& Needham

Reserve Female Champion Riverview Dazzle  the Barugh family

Best foal Warrackston Major              Mr I Spence&Mrs S Pye.

And best gelding    Kinkell Ewen shown and handled to perfection by Miss Preston age 5 years and her very first show,     ( apologises but I did not get her name). J.B.    MANY thanks for report J.B. owners exhibitors of any of the above may, if they wish, send email images for publishing. ghkw@showpony.com Ed. by 20th July please.

Reserve Male Champion  Hose Shadow
mesdames Stevenson& Needham.
 Great Yorkshire Show.


Ravenside Curiosity exhibited by the Hartside Stud (Lowthian Family), winner of Overall Reserve Champion, Overall female Champion and Overall Junior Champion. Great Yorkshire Show.



Supreme Champion- Halstock Suger N Spice/ Mr D.Hodge & J.Walters.

bit late but too good not to publish. GH


Meanwhile, at Kent County, Chris and Jean Wady on a rare day out showing, the two year old filly Balmedie Farthing under Judge Mrs D Barr, took the Miniature Champion and Reserve overall.