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Royal Welsh Show brings 'double success' for the 'Boys from Devon' David & Julian.
Judge Mr N Vale, champion Sharptor Trinity (left) and reserve Top Rock Johntie (right).

A long trip to Bedfordshire County, but pleasing results for Daphne Elphick and Georgina Robins of Kingsacre stud, East Sussex.
Miniature Champion & Supreme Champion  Buxted Jemima ( Elphick / Robins Kings Acre)
Junior Miniature Champion Kings Acre Princess Beatrice ( Elphick / Robins Kings Acre Stud ) Buxted President Third and Best Miniature - in the standard and miniature stallion class

This is Beaudesert Dark Secret, known as Tildy.  We took her to the Performance show and were delighted when she won the veteran class.  She is 23 and although that is not a great age for a Shetland two years ago she was diagnosed with Cushings.  I thought seeing these photos might be a comfort to anyone else who has recently had a pony diagnosed with the same problem.
I must give all credit for her amazing condition to my friend Roslyn Bennett who has had the care of her for the last two and a half years.  When I broke my shoulder Roslyn came and collected both my mares and took them home with her and there they have stayed.   She is not on drugs for her condition but on a wonderful herbal supplement.  I would also like to thank Hazel Bennett, one of Tildy’s ex-riders, for showing her at Malvern.

And can I echo your sentiments about how special the performance show is for everyone.  We are not big show people but have been to Malvern many times since 1994 with various ponies and small children, there are classes for everyone.          Best wishes Joan Ferguson

Collytown ponies attended another open day event, this time raising funds for Power Pack a Devon based charity that creates opportunities for young wheel chair users. We helped raise a total of 175 which will go towards the amazing work this charity does to ensure these children get to live their life's to the max.
Although our ponies have never actually seen a wheel chair before they were not fazed and stood solid as a rock to be stroked by the children.
A great testimony for the breed, so kind & gentle.  Chamaine Blamey

Get off your knees in the show ring for the following reasons.............
a) you are showing a pony, not a dog.
b) It is incorrect, because should a pony get startled, at best you 'might' be able to get up and out of its way. You cannot dodge sideways or backwards and the age of some exhibitors, jumping up is a physical ability long gone.
c) You want to be taken seriously by the other breeds...............start acting appropriately
d) Not least, you look stupid.

N.B Should something occur that caused your pony to panic and injure you, your chance of compensation would be about nil, for 'not being in proper control'.

Replies........first one is from a judge.
You do make me chuckle, as reading your little quips on the web ,it took the words right out of my mouth. The times I look at people looking right down the nostrils of a cute foal, that really could be a ticking  time bomb waiting to explode and dance all over them.
Having bred, shown and handled foals from Irish Draught and Arabs down to ponies ,Kneeling down was never a option and carrying a dustbin lid to ward off flying feet was a live saver. I could add a few more silly poses to the list  but will refrain.

Performance show. 3 Counties showground.12-13 July.


A short shower on Sunday morning, welcomed, was the reality when a deluge was forecast, the show enjoyed fabulous sunny weather. Organiser Viv Hampton along with Sue Bearcroft and their stewards and judges must have been delighted with the show, reflecting their efforts. There was a very good in hand entry on the Sunday which is welcomed, but as the performance show, it strives to put on classes to suit every activity and level of ability in ridden and driven.

If you have never been, make a note in your diary for mid July next year. The children all play together and friendships formed and the event enjoys a barbecue in the evening.

Do make the effort to attend if you can, and if  as a parent, you could steward a few classes, i know the organisers would appreciate some help on the 2 days.

Here is a selection of some of the lovely photos that may be viewed and bought on www.emmpix.co.uk and shetland-pony.com thank them for providing this selection. GH


Some results from Great Yorkshire show. Judged by: John Harrison on 10.07.14
Dryfesdale Diversity : below,  First prize yeld mare and champion. Dryfesdale Delilah  : below right, First prize yearling. The Great Yorkshire show has recently affiliated, happy to promote the show.

The National Performance Shetland show held at the Three county show ground 13/07/2014
Snelsmore Nevada Miniature Champion and Reserve In-hand Supreme.
Kindy Heidi winner of the mare class and Reserve Miniature champion
Also in the picture her filly foal Snelsmore Roxanne taking the best foal rosette.
Pinglewood took both the Junior and Reserve Junior positions. 
A lovely grey standard pony won the supreme but not sure who it was 
One of memories of the show will always be seeing GH asleep in the front of the car, Kevin asleep in the back of the lorry, and baby asleep outside in the pram.
I wish I had a camera at that moment, it would have said it all.
True, I am the manifestation of sleeping beauty! More on performance show when results come through. Suffice at this stage to say it was a well run, happy event. GH

Last Saturday, eight year old Soffia Cynwyl and her pony Earlswood Joules took the Shetland Championship at The Clettwr Hunt Show under judge, Nigel Lewis and over the weekend, Soffia and Earlswood Joules were again Shetland Champions at the Tivyside Agricultural Show - also winning Best Ridden Shetland and Best Coloured Shetland - delighted!! A.F.

Collytown a fabulous day on Saturday 12th at Liskeard Show under Judge Mrs Shirley Cozens
Collytown Suki 1st in the 2&3 Year Old Miniature Class, Junior Miniature Champion, Overall Miniature Champion & Supreme Champion Shetland!
we were a little emotional to say the least, and very proud to join the other Champions in the main ring for the Supreme Light Horse Championship and parade.
It was also a family affair Ellie won the child handler class & younger sister Lauren (age 4) being placed a well deserved 3rd in a class of six children aged 12 & under, great day all round!

Yesterday at Caz's Fun show 13-07-2014,  two child handlers and 2 geldings showed that the gelding is no longer inferior in the show ring. Darklake Loki (bred by C.Seipp) & Jess Tropman won the 13years & under, Reserve Champion young handler, Senior Standard Champion & Overall Supreme of show. Little Madi Hannaford  & Kelliwic Bullseye (homebred) won the young handler under 8 class, solid colour class, Senior Miniature Champion & Reserve Supreme of Show. There were two very proud mums outside the ring I can tell you!

Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group Junior Members Kimberley Dow, age 10 with Earlswood Blake and Lewis Wilson, age 8 with Oakley of Auckhorn recently participated for the first time in the Fife Hunt Pony Club Junior 4 day camp with their geldings.

Oakley and Blake were put through their paces in dressage, cross country and show jumping disciplines and their red team won the points accumulator for inspection every morning. 

Very well done to you both, keep up the good work.     L.W.

Fairytail Hit The Jackpot , Overall shetland champion at Newport
agricultural show Shropshire July 2014,
Judged by Nigel Vale , owned and shown by the Mowview stud.


 A clear warning. With the Southern Group cancelling its summer show for the lack of pre entries, the writing is on the wall. If you want local ‘group shows’ to continue, it is imperative that closing dates for entries must be re established, and adhered to. Show secretaries are finding themselves 'ringing round to ask exhibitors 'are you entering the show this year'? THAT  is beyond the call of duty and it was the Southern group's secretary, quite rightly refusing to play that, that caused the cancellation. LET'S hope members adhere to the closing date for the autumn show, or lose it  they will. After all, County shows close entries 6 weeks before the show day. Group shows are run on a non profit making basis, or usually if there is a profit, it goes to the group’s funds. Nevertheless, organisers are concerned that a change in the weather could decimate the ‘entry on the day’ element, which has become the larger part. Organisers are concerned that where judges are booked to come a long way, that the entry warrants such effort by the appointed judges and expense to the show. Further, each class has to have rosettes from 1-5 ordered which can be wasted if only two entered in a class. If you want your group or local show to survive, make the commitment and enter by the closing day. Group and local shows are run for the benefit of exhibitors, not the organisers. Do not say you have not been  warned.

Full results of the 2014 National Breed Show of Wales  here
Class 53 should read 2nd Blackertor Unruffled - Jennifer Harris and 3rd Blackertor Perdy - S Yardley & A Rowbottom

And to underline the item below, this arrived this morning...........All foals sold. Realistic prices and hopefully things are improving. Also, of course, sold the mare and foal on shetland-pony.com.  Judy Freer. Merrylees stud Xx
GH says... Yes it takes time preparing pics etc, but update your site and response will follow.

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Shetland-pony.com. Maybe it’s because it was the first dedicated Shetland-pony site in the UK. Maybe it’s because my enthusiasm for maintaining it, promoting everything good about the Shetland pony in all its manifestations does not wane, whatever size, colour or in whatever it excels, or maybe because its address Shetland-pony.com  is so well known nationally and internationally, for all of those reasons and more, it remains the number one resource for enthusiasts to ‘visit’ regularly to find all things relevant to the breed.

It remains free of advertising and gizmos, easy to navigate, I’ve tinkered with the format, but you all enjoy its simplicity, so why fix what ain’t broke? Studs fold, people retire, but to date new studs come on to fill their places. Despite the facebook phenomenon, which I use to promote this web site, serious buyers still refer to the stud pages of Shetland-pony.com when looking for stock, probably because that’s where the quality ponies reside.

On a personal note, we no longer breed minis at Cranford. We’ve had a lot of fun with them over the years, but the last ten years we

have been more engaged with the ridden pony and hardly ever show minis in hand now and so over the last 5 years we have

dispersed them. From hereon in the intention is to breed 2 – 3 standard foals annually, and continue to enjoy competing with some of

them under saddle. With your continued support I will carry on reporting your news, continue driving upwards the perception of our

favoured breed,  and make sure your attention is drawn to the things I believe you should  know, without fear or favour. GH

South West Shetland Pony Group Summer Show 6th July 2014

Class 1 – Young Handler  - up to 8 years old

1st Lauren Blamey - Collytown Free Spirit

2nd Ellie Blamey  - Collytown Thumbelina

3rd Madison Hannaford  - Trelaske Magic Myth

Class 2 – Young Handler – up to 12 years old

1st Ellie Blamey  - Collytown Thumbelina

Class 3 – Young Handler  - up to 16 years old

1st Jessica Tropman -  Darklake Loki

2nd Jess Lillicrap  - Collytown Suki

3rd Georgina Pitts - Helawi Caspia

Young Handler Champion – Jessica Tropman - Darklake Loki

Young Handler Reserve Champion - Lauren Blamey - Collytown Free Spirit

Class 4 – Lead Rein

1st Lauren Blamey - Collytown Free Spirit

2nd – Alice Parker – Tegan Merlin

Class 5 – Open Ridden

1st Amber Heywood – Darklake Dingo

Ridden Champion - Lauren Blamey - Collytown Free Spirit

Ridden Reserve Champion - Amber Heywood – Darklake Dingo

Class 6 – Standard Gelding 4+

1st Darklake Loki – Jessica Tropman

2nd Coryhill Panther – Mrs S Braddon

3rd Darklake Dingo – Amber Heywood

Class 7 – Standard Yearling

1st Darklake Montana – Mrs L Tropman

2nd Roughtor Diamond – Patricia Nassau-Williams

3rd Zennor Coral – Mrs M Matthews

Class 8 – Standard Two Year Old

1st Bellever Eternal Flame – Mr & Mrs Bowden

2nd Stepley Tamaka – Mrs Cozen

3rd Samber Sylvinnia – Mrs Rae

Class 9 – Standard Three Year Old

1st Lovaton Socrates – Andrea Foster

2nd Westbridge Park Betty Boop – Mrs Chapple

Class 10 – Standard Brood Mare 4+

1st Lakehead Meredith – Mr & Mrs Bowden

Class 10a – Standard Foal

1st Lakehead Merianne – Mr & Mrs Bowden

Class 11 – Standard Yeld Mare 4+

1st Carmaco Pocheen – C Cook

2nd Darklake Suleika – Mrs S Braddon

3rd Zennor Abigail – Mrs M Matthews

Class 13 – Miniature Gelding 4+

1st Tawna Viceroy – Pam Tabb

2nd Collytown Brammer – C Babbage

3rd Kelliwic Bullseye – Mrs G Hannaford 

Class 14 – Miniature Yearling

1st Tawna Nutkin – Pam Tabb

2nd Tawna Florence – A Runnalls & F Hammond

3rd Collytown Shimmy – Mrs A Blamey

Class 15 – Miniature Two Year Old

1st Tawna Angelica  - A Runnalls & F Hammond

2nd Collytown Silkwood  - Mrs A Blamey

3rd Collytown Indiana Jones – C Babbage

Class 16 – Miniature Three Year Old

1st Collytown Suki – Mrs A Blamey

2nd Tawna Midas – Fiona Lawrence

Class 17 – Miniature Yeld Mare 4+

1st Collytown Cassandra – Mrs A Blamey

2nd Tawna Tia Maria – A Runnalls & F Hammond

3rd Collytown Thumbelina – Mrs A Blamey


Class 18 – Miniature Brood Mare 4+

1st Mignon Tiffany – Mrs Gillingham

Class 18a – Miniature Foal

1st Mignon Xander – Mrs Gillingham 

Class 19 – Miniature Stallion 4+ 

1st Treworder Grange Mischief- Noreen Burt & John Brendon-Cook

2nd Treworder Grange Simeon – Noreen Burt & J Brendon-Cook

Class 20 – Owner Bred Youngstock

1st Westbridge Park Betty Boop – Mrs Chapple

2nd Roughtor Diamond – P Nassau - Williams

3rd Tawna Angelica – A Runnalls & F Hammond

Class 21 – Owner Bred 4+

1st Carmaco Pocheen – C Cook

2nd Collytown Cassandra – Mrs A Blamey

3rd Westbridge Park It’s a Cracker – Mrs Chapple

Class 22 – Novice Any Age

1st Tegan Merlin – Jayne Parker

2nd Tawna Nutkin – Vic Tabb

Class 23 – Black Any Age

1st Darklake Loki – Jessica Tropman

2nd Carmaco Pocheen – C Cook

3rd Roughtor Diamond – P Nassau-Williams

Class 24 – Broken Coloured Any Age

1st Tawna Viceroy – Pam Tabb

2nd Helawi Caspia – Georgina Pitts

3rd Knix Honika – Mrs Chapple

Class 25 – Solid Colour other than Black Any Age

1st Trelaske Jumanji – Helen Fuller

2nd Helawi Golden Amber – Georgina Pitts

Class 26 – Pairs Class

1st Darklake Montana – L Tropman & Darklake Loki – J Tropman

2nd Collytown Cassandra & Collytown Free Spirit – Mrs A Blamey

3rd Collytown Suki & Collytown Thumbelina – Mrs A Blamey

Standard Junior Champion – Darklake Montana – Mrs L Tropman
Standard Junior Reserve Champion –
Roughtor Diamond – P Nassau-Williams

Standard Senior Champion – Lakehead Meredith – Mr & Mrs Bowden

Standard Senior Reserve Champion – Carmaco Pocheen – C Cook

Standard Gelding Champion – Darklake Loki – J Tropman

Standard Gelding Reserve Champion – Coryhill Panther – Mrs S Braddon

Overall Standard Champion – Lakehead Meredith – Mr & Mrs Bowden

Overall Standard Reserve Champion – Carmaco Pocheen – C Cook

Miniature Junior Champion – Tawna Nutkin – P Tabb

Miniature Junior Reserve Champion – Tawna Angelica – A Runnalls & F Hammond

Miniature Senior Champion – Collytown Cassandra – Mrs A Blamey

Miniature Senior Reserve Champion – Tawna Viceroy – P Tabb

Miniature Gelding Champion – Tawna Viceroy – P Tabb

Miniature Gelding Reserve Champion – Tawna Nutkin – P Tabb

Overall Miniature Champion – Collytown Cassandra – Mrs A Blamey

Overall Miniature Reserve Champion – Tawna Nutkin – P Tabb

Overall Gelding Champion – Darklake Loki – J Tropman

Overall Gelding Reserve Champion – Coryhill Panther – Mrs S Braddon

Supreme Champion - Lakehead Meredith – Mr & Mrs Bowden

Reserve Supreme Champion - Darklake Loki – Jessica Tropman


Supreme - Lakehead Meredith

Mini Champ - Collytown Cassandra

                    Mini Gelding Champ - Tawna Viceroy                                                                                       Mini Junior Champ - Tawna Nutkin

                Mini Reserve Junior Champ - Tawna Angelica

Reserve Senior Standard - Carmaco Pocheen                    

                 Reserve Supreme - Darklake Loki

Ridden Champion                                         

Stand Junior Champ - Darklake Montana

Stand Reserve Junior - Roughtor Diamond

Southern Shetland group show on the 6th july cancelled, due to lack of entries, they will continue with the October 5th show and hope entries improve.

Mr & Mrs J Checkley's
Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd winning 1st open ridden and reserve Champion at Aberystwyth County. 

All (3) together now
# you put your right leg in, right leg out, in out, in out
and you shake it all about......................

WALES breed show
Waulkmill Ross ridden by Maddie plumb owned by Debbie Barr,1st Novice L/R, 2nd Novice first Ridden, 1st Junior Ridden and. Res ridden Champion.

Anna Stevens', Champion Ridden with Brinleyview Camanchee ridden by Alice Barr, and her two home breeds, winning the yearling and two year old class and junior Champion.

A bit more news from Wales.
Eight year old Soffia Cynwyl of Newcastle Emlyn riding Earlswood Jules, CHAPS Champion at the National Shetland Show of Wales. The pair also won the Lead Rein class and the Open Ridden. A.F.


This from Alice Tomlinson

Yesterday I Competed my two Shetland Ponies, Birchmoor Admiral and Birchmoor Drover at the NPS Dressage Championships at Addington Manor, they were the only Shetlands competing and    did I think, hold their heads high for the breed. In the M&M under 138cms prelim class, Admiral was 6th and Drover 7th and in the Novice class Admiral 2nd and Drover 4th. I also made up a team for both classes with Natalie Greasley and her Exmoor, Porridge and a Highland Pony Natalie rides, Lochlands Treble Flute, we finished 3rd in the Prelim and WON the Novice team competition. Quite a day!

Thank You Michael and Joy Barugh for breeding two such wonderful ponies.

Philip Brighton took his 5 year old mare to Royal Norfolk and she won.

Her name is Kerloch Elisha she won first in the mare class and won championship too.

Welsh National Breed Show. David Broome Centre Chepstow. 29th June.
Pictured right. Supreme Championship.
Pictured below l to r, Supreme Champion and res. resp. Ceann Charm Belinda Jacques. Snelsmore Nevada. C&J Percy. Bottom left Ceann Charm.
Other principal results.........
Res black std ch Lucinda Davenport stallion? Miniature champ & reserve supreme Snelsmore Nevada C&J Percy. pic bottom right ~Coloured std ch & reserve reserve supreme Buxted Enchanting, P Hopkins. Res coloured ch std Buxted Daniel R&J Jones. Mini col champion  Brenda Twining Pinglewood Tobermory. res col mini Karen Hodge stallion? Black mini ch F Hodder Eiger Hugo. Ridden ch Alice Barr, Brinleyview Commanche.

Iceni Native pony Show. 14th/15th. Judges: Standard, Mrs G Cowell. Minis, A Bell Esq

Class 16 Standard Shetland

Stallion 4 years & over

1st           Clivocast Contender                       V Hampton

2nd          Claife Redman                                   M Lee

3rd           Red Indian of Catchpool                                C Faulkner

 Class 17 Standard Shetland Mare & Gelding 4 yrs & over

1st           Waulkmill Jolly May                         L Webb

2nd          Briar Pete

3rd           Hodeam Briar Rose                         D Marven

Class 18 Coloured Shetland

1st           Clivocast Contender                       V Hampton

2nd          Buxted Vitality                                  C Boyle

3rd           Red Indian of Catchpool                                C Faulkner

Class 19 Standard Shetland Yearling

1st           Llogr Dulci                                            R Cook

 Class 20 Standard Shetland 2 & 3 yrs

1st           Sharptor Keepsake                         M Lee & S Wooderson

2nd          Buxted Vitality                                  C Boyle

3rd           Pelynka Lucky Token                      L Webb

Champion Shetland : Clivocast Contender

Reserve : Waulkmill Jolly May

Class 80 Miniature Shetland

Stallion 4 years & over

1st           Spellbound Jedi Knight                  D Rogers

2nd          Pinewood Nimbus                           J Clitheroe


Class 81 Miniature Shetland Mare & Gelding 4 years & over

1st           Pringlewood Showgirl

2nd          Buxted Evette                                   J Clitheroe

3rd           Parlington Xeven                             E Messer


Class 82 Miniature Shetland Yearling

1st           Airyhope Tallulah                             J Prentice


Class 83 Miniature Shetland 2 & 3 yrs

1st           Pinglewood Linnett

Champion Miniature Shetland : Pinglewood Linnett

Reserve Spellbound Jedi Knight

Class 9 Shetland Ridden

1st             Clivocast Contender                             V Hampton

2nd            Waulkmill Jolly May                             L Webb

3rd             Butterby Nutmeg                                    Mrs V Eyres


Breed Show entries close today 25th June postmark

Collytown Stud were invited to take ponies along to the Cudugon Court Nursing Home Open Day in Exeter last Saturday.
The home opened its doors to the public and the grounds had stalls, games, food & entertainment. We took along Collytown Snowflake with foal Collytown Serendipity and another little mare Collytown Thumbelina.
The Open Day was extremely successful with lots of people both young & old, we ran a guess the foals name competition and the ponies were a big attraction.
Feeling sorry for the residence that were not able to come outside we offered to take Collytown Thumbelina inside, knowing she is of a very laid back nature we were pretty sure she would be ok.
She didn't disappoint not only did she go into the lounge area she travelled up in the lift and around to the individual bedrooms like she'd been doing it all her life!
We were so proud of her, and it was so humbling & touching to see the reactions of the residents. One lady in particular we were told had never spoke in the twelve months she'd been in the home, we walked into the room and Thumbelina rested her head on the lady's knee, her face instantly lit up and she stroked her and started to speak to her - the nursing staff were amazed, and we were all in tears!
Very rewarding to share the fantastic ponies we have and see first hand the positive impact they can give.

When 'cuteness' no longer works. Genevieve Mather's granddaughter at the Downs spring show.

"And as for  you mister, you can stand still and stop fidgeting for 5 minutes"  Katie Ledger at the same show.

Some news from NPS Area 20 show on Saturday 21st June. Judge Tony Bell Esq
Sharptor Truffle won her 2 and 3 year old class went junior champion and then overall reserve Shetland. The adult stock mare, Snelsmore Madonna, owned by C&J Percy was Mini champion and overall Shetland champion and 4th in the all breeds supreme ch/ship
Thank you to Kevin who kindly showed Evangelist so expertly for me in the championship.
Jill and Roger were delighted as Buxted Daniel won the four and over home produced class then went on to be Overall  M&M home produced Champion a super day was had by all.

 Buxted Daniel
Winning M&M Home produced championship

Snelsmore Madonna
Mini champion and overall Shetland champion
and 4th in the all breeds supreme ch/ship

Sharptor Truffle
2 and 3 year old class, junior champion
and overall reserve Shetland.

Two lovely island bred ponies, beautifully turned out with two equally smart riders. Ponies are Robins Brae Kyler (onleft) and Robins Brae Kushlaa on the right, owned by Amanda Slater Breckenlea Stud and leased by myself for my two daughters Heidi (4yrs & Bethany 8 yrs). Pictured here at the Whalsay Riding Club, run by Roselyn Fraser. Kyler , was gelded last year as a 7 yr old, is broken to drive and I broke him with my 4 yr old 3 weeks ago!!!....they both took to it like ducks to water!

A Hat Trick for Susan! Susan Calvert of the Doonpark Shetland Pony Stud in Dalbeattie has for the third year in succession won the Best Miniature Title at the Royal Highland Show. In 2012 her winner was Braywood Charcoal - in  2013 she won with Fordhouse Paddy and to top it all this year their progeny - 4 yr old filly -  Doonpark Katie - pictured - gained the same award in a very well supported class  - what an achievement - well done Susan  LJ

Thursday Royal Highland Show 2014. Here are the Results
Champion, Junior Champion, Best Female - Wells Vitesse - Wells Stud
Reserve Champion, Best Male - Westpark Royal Star - Wells Stud
Reserve Male - Kerloch Rupert - Jed Hart Stud
Reserve Female - Stow Eliza Jane - Stow Stud
Reserve Junior - Stow Viva - Stow Stud
Best Gelding - Oakley of Auckhorn - Cassindilly Stud

Pictured is 2yr old Champion Wells Vitesse

Orkney Riding Club Show on Saturday 7th June, Strocherie Ennya, ridden by Jade Roberts &  handler.
Hools stud Mandy Cromarty did really well, they got 3rd in condition & turnout junior ridden, 3rd lead rein any breed & 1st registered M&M lead rein qualifier for Blair International Horse Trials!



Pictured above is Jade, Mandy & Ennya

Lincolnshire county show, Champlers Elenora, yearling filly, owned by  Philip Brighton won first in the yearling class and won the junior championship. P.B


Lincolnshire County Show -
Mesdames Elphick and Robins' home bred two year old filly 'Kingsacre Princess Beatrice' was first in her class, Reserve Junior Champion and Best Miniature.

Hackamore Poetic Justice beautifully ridden by Aliya Dora Khan won the first ridden and then went mini champion at Bolton and Lancs bsps show Then won and were champion in the mixed height novice with new forest reserve.

sorry about picture quality, the rain was Biblical ! Ed.

The Red Rose Show 15-06-2014 Judge Mrs C Cook, Somerset
Pinglewood Opel
1st 2 & 3 yr old filly
Junior miniature champion
Reserve miniature champion

The 3 rings then combined and all 3 judges, Mrs C Cook, Mr P Dawson and Mrs S Cozens judged the championships.
Opel was Overall Junior Champion and went on to be overall Champion of the show.
Terry Day showing her and it was the first time ever he had won a cup let alone 3.

Some results from three counties
Judge: Mrs P Campbell
TOP ROCK Johntie, clocks up two more County show successes having already won an NPS silver medal this year. HAS any other mini achieved this feat ever?

Miniature champion: Top Rock Johntie : messrs Hodge & Walters

Reserve miniature champion: Eiger Hugo F & C Hodder

Standard champion: Sharptor Predator : Hodge & Walters

Reserve standard champion: Gamon Bluebell : J Gregory

Royal Cornwall Judge mrs j Barry

Sharptor trinity: standard champ & supreme shetland. messrs Hodge & Walters

 Miniatures.  Judge: mrs j Lonsdale

Top Rock Johntie : miniature & res supreme champ. messrs Hodge & Walters

Belatedly, Just found in email 'junk box' don't read anything into that! email does it sometimes.

Stafford County, principal results

Standard Champion . Champlers Mimosa. Mrs. J. Smith.

Reserve Standard Champion. Annwood Ginnetta   Mrs M. Davenport

Junior Champion. Annwood Ginnetta. Mrs M. Davenport.

Reserve Junior Champion. Brewards Pippa. Mr & Mrs. L .Gregory.

Best Miniature. Longfield Lisa. Mr. A. Aspley.

Best Gelding. Buckberry Emile. Mrs. C.Preece.

Apologies to all exhibitors

entered at

Cheshire County Show 17th June 2014. Unfortunately, due to health issues I am grounded & unable to Judge this time but I wish entrants Good Luck & sunshine!
Many thanks  Lin Henson.

Hoping to find someone coming near the Royal Welsh showground Or perhaps to a show within a reasonable distance from us, ect, to take a pony back  back to sussex or near. Not in any great hurry, whenever someone could do it.
Thank you   johncheckley@sky.com

Southern Shetland Group Summer Show Sunday 6th July 2014

at Priory Equestrian Centre Frensham Farnham, Surrey, GU10 3DP


Affiliated to: The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, G.E.M.S. and the I.S.S. Royal London Show 2013
Show Secretary: Mrs Delia Woodley Tel: 01962 772131 or 07824393559


Entries close: Monday 30th June (postmark)

And there was me thinking I spoke/wrote in clear English! So to reiterate lest there should be any doubt, as far as the results/league tables are concerned this is the rule regarding 'best miniature' rosettes. Where there are no miniature classes and therefore no miniature championship, being 'best miniature' rosette IS NOT MINIATURE CHAMPION and is not eligible for points. PLEASE NOTE!! If there is a championship and a miniature is ACTUALLY champion, then obviously if a best miniature rosette is awarded alongside champion/reserve, junior/reserve rosette then of course pony is eligible for points. This scheme is self policing, i make mistakes, we all do, but i expect contact pointing out mistakes in submissions which may be erroneous, but are rarely contrived!

Severn Valley WPCA Show 7 June 2014
Judge Mrs S Cozens
Standard Champion Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn – Miss F Morkill (PIC LEFT)

Standard Reserve Champion Champlers Georgia – Mr & Mrs G Smith

Miniature Champion Gott Mabs – Mr & Mrs G Smith

Miniature Res Champion Rose Petal Patacake – Mrs N Plante & Miss LK Mellor

Miniature Jun Champion Rose Petal Patacake – Mrs N Plante & Miss LK Mellor

Miniature Reserve Junior Champion Hasgurad Pepsi – Mrs C Salters

South of England Show, Ardingly. Shetland Successes. One of the biggest show in the UK, saw Mesd. Picket & Sargent's mare, Champlers Verity take the overall Shetland championship and get a last 6 'pull' in the prestigious Cuddy qualifier. Frank Hodder's stallion, Eiger Hugo, was reserve overall Shetland champion. In a large class, Cranford Crunchy Munchy won the first ridden pony class piloted by Jack Dale, amongst some top Sec A ponies, many of whom are RI and HOYS qualified. More results in due course.
Champlers Verity take the overall Shetland in hand championship
o/all Champion - Champlers Verity, Mesdames D Pickett & A Sargeant 
Reserve o/all Champion - Eiger Hugo, Mr & Mrs F Hodder
Std Champion - Champlers Verity, Mesdames D Pickett & A Sargeant 
Reserve Standard Champion - Somahouse Holly, Mrs A Page
Miniature Champion - Eiger Hugo, Mr & Mrs F Hodder
Reserve Miniature Champion - Eiger Oliver, Mr & Mrs F Hodder
The other miniature results were as follows:
Yearling class: 1st Shawdene Givanchy, Mrs G Mather
2 & 3 year old class: 1st Eiger Oliver, Mr & Mrs F Hodder
Mare class: 1st Shawdene Claret, Mrs G Mather
Stallion/gelding class: 1st Eiger Hugo, Mr & Mrs F Hodder

Eiger Hugo, res overall Shetland in hand

Jack Dale 'peeps round the corner' top of the line of a large NPS/PUK/MICOR

Sometimes it really is worth taking that chance when it comes to surgery. Little Teddy was born on 4th May but 4 days after he became poorly. Unsure of what was wrong he was sent to Endels Hospital in Sailsbury where they established he had an internal abscess which had given him cystitis. Five days of antibiotics did not clear it so we had that hard decision of operate or put him to sleep.
As you can see, we decided to operate, the vets had never operated on someone so small so was new for them. Due to his size, he had to be taken to their small animal hospital, on the lap of the vet in the back seat of the car!! It was a success and he is now thriving. We will hopefully have him out showing this year too. LC.
Well done you. I hope he thrives and fulfils your hopes. Absolute proof that breeding and raising ponies is for some, far from a money making exercise.

The Central Scotland Shetland Pony Group
 held its inaugural Spring Show on Sat 31st May at Coalsnaughton, Tillicoultry.  This show had classes for Standard & Miniature in-hand and the Junior section of the show incorporated the Young Handlers, Ridden, Handy Pony and Pony Club Games.  Our judge for the day was Miss I Spence from Alford.   The weather was fabulous and the show was a huge success.  Please find attached the full results and photo of the Supreme In-hand Champion right, Eynhallow Bloom, Brood Mare with foal at foot from Eynhallow Stud being presented with the William Wyber Memorial Perpetual Cup by Lynsey Thomson & a group photo of the children below left, who took part in the event with their awards, and Reserve Supreme Champion below right (Alichbrae Stud Shield) - Kerswell Montgomery

Royal Bath & West Show, Saturday 31st May
What a difference a day makes, with drying weather and the sun shining there was no need for vehicles to be towed in or out as previous days.  Below are the results of the Miniature Shetland classes
Champion:    Eiger Hugo, Frank & Carol Hodder pic above left
Reserve Champion:    Snelsmore Jasper, Clifford & Jacqueline Percy
Junior Champion:    Eiger Oliver, Frank & Carol Hodder
Reserve Junior Champion:    Shawdene Eraj, Mrs G Mather
Other class results:
Mare:    1st    Windwillow Zsa Zsa                                                 Yearling:  1st Alasken Midnight Socks         
              2nd   Pansi's Bounty                                                                           2nd Cadlanvalley Chieftain
              3rd    Merriville Molly Malone                                                              3rd  Kerswell Lotus
2 & 3 year old filly:  1st Shawdene Eraj                                        2 & 3 year old colt/gelding:  1st Eiger Oliver pic above right.
                                  2nd Kerswell Syrinx                                                                                       2nd Whitcombe Eros
                                  3rd Tawna Florrie Fimble                                                                             3rd Kerswell Mr Red  
Stallion/gelding:   1st  Eiger Hugo
                               2nd  Snelsmore Jasper
                               3rd Kerswell Senator   

Midlands County Anna Stevens' Brinleyview Commanchee ridden by Gemma Pallet who has also qualified him R.I.H.S. The combination also won their section of the Olympia qualifier at Suffolk this week and were 2nd reserve........all in all no mean achievement.....and of course thank you to Debbie Barr who puts it all together!!!

Midlands County

Judge Mrs V. Hampton.

Top Rock Johntie, owned by Messrs D Hodge and J Walters, winner of the Shetland championship, he qualified for the overall M&M in-hand championship which was a strong line up, he won this and gained the NPS silver medal on his first outdoor show.

Hertfordshire County FULL results for Whitsun bank holiday click here
Standard Shetlands 4yrs and over
Tosca Last Addition - M.Halsall  pictured left
Heidi of North Booth - M.Burrows
Clibberswick Selena - C.Boyle
 Miniature Shetlands 4yrs and over
Vatna Faith - R.Rands
Helawi Jester - K.Hills
Parlington Xeven - E.Messer
 Standard Shetlands 3yrs and under
Sharptor Etienne - S.J.Belton
Slades Victory - E.J. Payne
 Miniature Shetlands 3yrs and under
Pinglewood Showgirl - D.Barrett
Tussilago Kinsman - N.Scott
Tyrcoeds Royal - C.Planton
 Shetland Champion - Pinglewood Showgirl
                 Reserve - Sharptor Etienne
Broadspring Tango ridden by M. Halsall also won the Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland and Welsh A Open ridden. pictured right

 Missina Showcase of Champions 4th/5th July, 2014. Cambridgeshire
I just thought I would drop you a quick e-mail about the above show which is new this year.  The organisers have gone to great lengths to ensure there are Standard/Miniature Shetland classes included within the schedule which is always comforting to know.
It is this group of people who gave me so much support in putting my Miniature Shetlands, Helawi Masquerade and Helawi Mountbatten in the spotlight and assisted us in becoming the smallest ever driven tandem in the British Driving Society’s elite Tandem Club. 
They are very keen to make us Shetlands welcome at the above show and I wonder whether you could make space on your wonderful site to promote it in its maiden year.  There are the standard in hand and ridden classes but in addition, there are performance classes such as the halter/obstacle, dressage to music (long reined), puisance (in hand) and driven.   This is a truly magnificent selection.  Lastly the Supreme Champion Shetland has prize money of 100.
The show is not registered to the SPSBS however the judges are of an excellent quality.
Many thanks for your continued work to promote the Shetland Breed.
Kind Regards, Tiggy Bays-Griffiths.

Main results from Bath and west

Champlers Verity, Champion, Mandy Sargent

Westbridgepark Chardonnay Reserve Champion
Mrs S Chapple

Champlers Rose Blossom, Junior champion,
Linda Rowland

photo and result courtesy of Delia Woodley

LEFT Champlers Roseblossom. RIGHT. Ch. Verity

Bath & West today.....
Vehicles being towed in as well as out! Look in front of the stables. ~

"Better make sure you oil his feet before you leave the stables"

Yes, right up to his elbows, then hose him off before you go into the ring. What a dreadful time the West country have had this last winter and spring.

Good luck to those competing. photos kindly by Mandy Sargeant.

25 kids from the Southdown and Eridge (East) mini pony club, took their 'pony awareness badge' at Cranford today, 28th May. They get tested by organiser Chrissie Wells, on having seen how ponies react in a semi wild situation, what to do and not around ponies etc, and if they 'pass...' they get a badge. Pictured on the terrace at Cranford having eaten sausage in bread roll, cornettos and fruit drink. Think it went quite well! The other picture, surrounding the mini donks, yes, there's 4 mini donks somewhere in that scrum.
The day after, E.Sussex & Romney Marsh Pony Club, Jack Dale collects his P.C. 'Jumping badge' on Cr. Fandabbydosey. Jack, zonked out, but not so sure about his mount if she is, it'll be a first !

Stafford County Show

Champlers Mimosa. Owned by Jane Smith.
1st &Standard Champion

Derbyshire  We called you earlier about our shetland mare, she gave birth to a dead foal at 6:30am Sunday morning. our mare is very depressed and we are trying to find an orphan foal for her. we have saved the colostrum and she has plenty of milk....we recon she could take something a little bigger than her because of how much milk she is producing, I hope you can get in touch with us soon, we would really appreciate it, thank you. esme1953@hotmail.co.uk

If you think the reporting of shows like the Downs group show, below, is fabulous, and want your show reported in the same style, this is what you have to do.
Get a Secretary who is on the ball and wants to promote your success and their show, whether or not they were participating.
Get them to send photos or liaise with photographer and principal results ASAP. I am happy to publish full results when available. SPEED IS THE ESSENCE! No one/show is excluded, if you aren't included it's because I haven't been told!!

Stepley Stud exhibited at Sherbourne Castle May Fair today with Stepley Volcano Husk and he won his 4yr and over shetland class and then went on to be open pony champion. This is a lovely country show and is always well supported.

Three full brothers (Kerswell Nutcracker x Tawna Merryn) bred by the Tawna stud found themselves competing against each other at the Cornwall Open Show on 26th May at the Chyverton Estate Equestrian Park. The S.P.S-B.S. affiliated classes were judged by Mrs Marion Matthews. Pictured from left: Tawna Petroc (owned and exhibited by A. Runnalls & F. Hammond) - 2 year old - 1st in youngstock, 2nd in broken coloured, Reserve Mini Champion. Tawna Midas (owned and exhibited by F. Lawrence) - 3 year old - 2nd in youngstock, 2nd in solid coloured. Tawna Viceroy (owned and exhibited by P.Tabb) - 5 year old - 1st in Geldings, 1st in broken coloured, Miniature Champion.

The Downs Shetland group Spring show, Buckhurst Park, By kind permission of Countess De La Warr. Organised beautifully by Roger and Jill Jones. Photographs courtesy of Janice Dunkley contact for copy of your pony. buxtedshetlands@btinternet.com
FULL RESULTS http://www.thedownsshetlandponygroup.co.uk/2014-show-results

Results : Standards judge: T Bell Esq

Standard Junior ch + standard champ + supreme = Sharptor truffle / Judy Hawkins.
Reserve Standard Ch. Champlers Verity, Mesd. Picket & Sargeant.
Reserve Junior Buxted Darius / Ann Page
Results: Minis judge: Miss Z Bell
Mini Junior Ch Walstead Teddy 1st / Sonia Burt
Reserve Junior Balmedie Twilight / Melody Bourner
Mini Senior Ch + Reserve Supreme Snelsmore Madonna C&J Percy
Reserve Senior Shawdene Aerial Mrs G Mather
Champion Foal Balmedie Puzzle C&J Wady
Ridden Champion: Cranford Crunchie Munchie Hart & Whitmee
Reserve Ridden Ch: Clivocast Nina owned by Lisa Turner
Champion Gelding: Schivas Kevin / L B Jackson