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Yorkshire Shetlands Spring Show 13th April.
Thankfully the sun shone all day but with a chilly wind at the start.
Judges Mr Paul Dawson for the Standards and Miss Karen Nixon for the Miniatures did a brilliant job in there respective rings and came together at the end to judge our pairs section ,then on to the Championships.This year we had a different format to the championships bringing  forward senior and res,junior and res from each ring, then having an overall junior and Res,Overall senior and res then Supreme pony of Show and Res.      Top Honours going to 
Supreme Pony of Show                        Kentstone Tilly           C and G Howe
Reserve  Supreme Pony of Show        Butterby Temptress      Charlotte Smith J.B.

RESULTS Yorkshire Shetlands Spring Show
13th April 2014

Class 1 Lead Rein                                                          
1st Rawside Royal Maize    Katie McAllister
2nd Heather of Hools        Freddie Jackson          
Best Lead rein Katie Mc Allister

Class 2 First Ridden 
1st Edwin Jackson                               Best ridden Edwin Jackson

Class 3 Open Ridden No  entries
Young Handlers classes 4a/4b/4c
Class 4a
1st Emily Mayfield
2nd Katie McAllister
3rd Freddie Jackson

Class 4b
1st Hattie Jeffrey
2nd Jess Price
3rd Alana Hartley

Class 4C
1st Annabelle Pethibridge               
Overall  Child Handler Hattie Jeffreys 

Class 5 midi ht
1st   Rosslyn Lady Nina       Eileen Barnes
2nd Hermits Peaches n Cream   Chris Rudkin
3rd Lignite Ginger Boy           Julie Walker

Class 6 Standard Stallion 4yrs and over
1st Headowork Black Jack        K.Wigley

Class 7 Standard Mare
1st Rawside Royal Maize      Katie McAllister
2nd Coltonford Charcoal     Emma Gibson
3rd Hawkdale Kismet          Katie Dean

Class 8 Standard Gelding
1st Rosslyn Maclaren       Eileen Barnes
2nd Langa Edwin              Julie Walker
3rd Lignite Ginger Boy      Julie Walker

Class 9 Standard Yearling
1st Butterby Guardsman        Kayleigh Hutchings

Class 10 Standard Colt
1ST  Westpark Topstar      T.Shaw
2nd Ramper Gallanthus    K.Wigley

Class 11 Standard 2/3 yr old Filly
1st Butterby Temptress             Charlotte Smith
2nd Roughwood Violet               Charlotte Smith
3rd Dereden Duchess                Kayleigh Hutchings

CLASS 12 Veteran  Miniature or standards stallion,mare or gelding

1st Browtop Rose    K.Wigley

2nd Hermits Solo      G.Howe

3rd Gaylesbrook Caraway    B and J Headen

CLASS 13 Miniature Stallion

1ST Parlington Ulrik                  Parlington Stud

2nd Merrylees Little Brave      Mavis Poulter

CLASS14 Miniature Mare or Gelding

1st Kentstone Tilly        G.Howe

2nd Parlington Ursula     Parlington Stud

3rd Watson Chickpea       Mrs L.A.Mayfield

CLASS 15 Miniature Yearling

1st Parlington Annelise   Parlington Stud

2nd Hermits Sparkie       Amber Birch

3rd Blaizefield Nugget    Hazel Rickard

CLASS 16 Miniature 2/3 yr colt

1st Parlington Yeoman   Parlington Stud

2nd Plumtree Chimaira         Lynne Day

CLASS 17 Miniature 2yr old filly

1st Pinglewood Opal          Lynne Day

2nd Blazefield Amy        Mavis Poulter

3rd Parlington Zoe       Parlington Stud

Class 18 3YR OLD FILLY

1ST Parlinton Yana     Parlington Stud

2nd Plumtree Joyce          Terry Day

3rd Arvkris  Amaris          Chris Rudkin

19 Pairs Class

1st Butterby Temptress/Roughwood Violet      Charlotte Smith

2nd Plumtree Chimaira/ Pinglewood Opel          Lynne and Terry Day

3rd Blazefield Betty/Blaizefield Nugget     Hazel and Graham Rickard


Miniature Junior Champion                      Pinglewood Opel

Miniature Reserve Junior Champion          Parlington Yana

Senior Miniature Champion                        Kentstone Tilly 

Senior Reserve  Champion                         Hermits Solo

Standard Junior Champion                   Butterby Temptress

Standard Reserve Junior Champion        Westpark Topstar

Standard Senior Champion                Rawside Royal Maize

Standard Senior Res Champion     Coltonford Charcoal

Overall Junior Champion                     Butterby Temptress

Res Overall Junior Champion                 Pinglewood Opal

Overall Senior Champion                         Kentstone Tilly

Res Overall Senior Champion            Rawside Royal Maize

Supreme of Show                                 Kentstone Tilly

Res Supreme of Show                          Butterby Temptress

Birchmoor Drover.

Ridden by Alice Tomlinson and Produced by her mum Elaine Tomlinson.

Went Novice Working Hunter Champion at the NPS Spring Festival at Addington Manor on Friday. He was Reserve Novice Hunter Champion on the 22nd March at the BSPS Hunter Pony Show .Standing a full 42ins and kept as a stallion till November 2012 when we decided he would make a brilliant ridden pony . J.B.

One of the founding studs of the Stud Book, Transy, are holding an open day/stock judging on Sunday 29th June. Could you advertise on your website? Starts at 2pm ending with a hog roast in the early evening. Could anyone interested in coming contact me on Ian.ross14@btinternet.com . Tickets will be £10/ head kids free, all proceeds to Grass Sickness.

Before submitting the pony (stallion) that had the greatest influence on your stud, please see format and information required as set out on the page. Please help build this page into an easy reference point for potential breeders and acknowledge the work of previous breeders.

Received this today from Germany .....translation via Google below!
Hallo Gerry,
habe von David Hodge einen super Hengst gekauft, und er hat gleich in seiner ersten Ausstellung Hengstkörung alles gewonnen. War schon immer von den Englischen Shetlans begeistert. Der Hengst heißt Casend Claudius.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Josef Steindl.

from David Hodge a super bought a stallion, and it won directly in its first exhibition Hengstkörung everything. Was always enthusiastic by the English the Shetlands. The stallion is called Chasend Claudius.Yours sincerely

Full results and pictures capturing the 'flavour of the SOUTHERN SHETLAND PONY GROUP show, held 6th April, published here today, 7th April.

Classes 1-10 Miniature Shetlands
JUDGE: Mr P Tindale

Class 1- Novice

1st: Mr and Mrs Percy, Snelsmore Oceana

2nd: S Jessup, Kingscroft Very Cherry

3rd: C Salters, Hasguard Pepsi

4th: M Clarke, Pinglewood Bluebell

5th: B Westall, Kerswell Maggie May

6th: C Reeves, Wintermoore Bright Star


Class 2- Yearling, Colt, Filly or Gelding

1st: Mr and Mrs Percy, Snelsmore Quedesha

2nd: C Salters, Hasguard Pepsi

3rd: B Westall, Littlehalfway Dreamkeeper

4th: Cranford Stud, Cranford Juicy Lucy


Class 3- Newcomers

1st: Molly Clarke, Pinglewood Bluebell

2nd: B Westall, Kerswell Maggie May

3rd: S Jessup, Kingscroft Very Cherry

4th S Jessup, Kingscroft Hey There Delilah


Class 4- 2 Yr old Colt, Filly or Gelding

1st: A Davies, Halstock Deja Vu

2nd: K Rowlatte, Camlan Macsen


Class 5- 3 Yr Old Colt, Filly or Gelding

1st: G Mather, Shawdene Ebony

2nd: G Grove, Hillash Bruce

3rd: V Harrison, Parlington Yakira

4th: C Salters, Timberland X Factor

5th: G Mather, Shawdene Eraj

6th: C Reeves, Winterbourne Bright Star


Class 6- Gelding

1st: P Dashwood, Waterpitts Elegant Lord

2nd: S Hayes-O’Connor, Masara Lenny

3rd: E Cook, Camlan Kango


Class 7- Mare 4 Yrs and Over

1st: K Rowlatte, Wilma of Quendale

2nd: Mr & Mrs Percy, Snelsmore Lalique

3rd: G Mather, Longmeadow Tabitha

4th: S Jessup, Kingscroft Very Cherry

5th: G Mather, Snelsmore Indigo

6th: B Westall, Kerwell Maggie May


Class 8- Stallion

1st: B Westall, Blacketor Solar Black


Class 9- Open Broken Coloured

1st: P Dashwood, Waterpitts Elegant Lord

2nd: G Mather, Longmeadow Tabitha

3rd: K Rowlatt, Camlan Macsen

4th: V Harrison, N Well Mini Rose

5th: C Salters, Timberland X Factor

6th: C Cook, Camlan Kango


Class 10- Open Solid Coloured

1st: B Westall, Blacketor Solar Black

2nd: M Clark, Pinglewood Bluebell

3rd: G Grove, Hillash Bruce

4th: G Mather, Snelsmore Indigo

5th: S Salters, Hasguard Pompom

6th: C Reeves, Snelsmore Leia

Classes 11-19 Standard Shetlands
JUDGE Mrs D Tindale

Class 11- Novice

1st: Pickett & Sargeant, Champlers Sienna

2nd: O Lavender, Buxted Trooper

3rd: Mrs A Page, Buxted Darius

4th: P Hopkins, Sedgehill Niccolite

5th: E Ackrill, Coppice Maverick

6th: L Deacon, Celmisia George


Class 12- Newcomers

1st: E Ackrill, Coppice Maverick

2nd: A Sykes, Threapwood Vela II


Class 13- Yearling, Colt, Filly or Gelding

1st: L Rowland, Champlers Roseblosson

2nd: Pickett & Sargeant, Champlers Sienna

3rd: O Lavender, Buxted Trooper

4th: L Deacon, Tickners Muffin

5th: Cranford Stud, Cranford Jocelyn


Class 14- 2 and 3 year old Colt, Filly or Gelding

1st: Mrs A Page, Buxted Darius

2nd: K Rowlette, Firle Ruben


Class 15- Gelding

1st: Cranford Stud, Cranford Crunchy Munchy

2nd E Ackrill, Coppice Maverick

3rd, G Getley, Callum of Wortingwood

Class 16- Mare 4 Years and Over

1st: Pickett and Sargeant, Champlers Verity

2nd: B Jaques, Ceann Charm

3rd: A Sykes, Threapwood Vela II

4th: L Sayers, Champlers Voila

5th: S Kerr, Greenhurst Daytime

6th: J Middleton, Carmaco Athena


Photos kindly taken by Gary Woodley and submitted by him. Congratulations organisers, Delia, Gary. Judges Mr & Mrs P Tindale, stewards Simon Read and Carole Webb, and Jackie Percy for her help on show day. A very happy occasion for all attending.


All exhibitors will be looking forward to the Summer Show to be held at the same venue, Priory, Frensham

Class 17- Stallion

1st: A Page, Champlers Elgin

2nd: Pickett and Sargeant, Champlers Ebony


Class 18- Open Coloured

1st: L Sayers, Champlers Voila

2nd: K Rowlette, Firle Ruben

3rd: G Getley, Sygate Scarlett

4th: G Getley, Callum of Wortingwood


Class 19- Open Black

1st: Pickett and Sargeant, Champlers Verity

2nd: B Jacques, Ceann Charm

3rd: A Sykes, Threapwood Vela II


Class 20- Veteran

1st: Pickett and Sargeant, Champlers Ebony

2nd: K Rowlatte, Wilma of Quendale

3rd: O Lavender, Penlan Elspet

4th: V Harrison, N Well Mini Rose

5th: G Getley, Skygate Scarlett

6th: G Getley, Callum of Wortingwood


Class 21- Young Handlers

1st: G mather, Snelsmore Indigo

2nd: Cranford Stud, Cranford Crunchy Munchy

3rd: E Ackrill, Coppice Maverick

4th: C Reeves, Mardlebrook Killerton Lady

5th: A Sykes, Threapwood Vela II

6th: M Clarke, Pinglewood Bluebell


Class 22- Lead Rein

1st: Cranford Stud, Cranford Crunchy Munchy

2nd: J Middleton, Carmaco Athena


Class 23- Driving

1st: S Kerr, Greenhurst Daytime

2nd: G Getley, Sygate Scarlett and Callum of Wortingwood



Miniature Junior Championship

Reserve- G Grove, Hillash Bruce

Champion- G Mather, Shawdene Ebony


Miniature Championship

Reserve- P Dashwood, Waterpitts Elegant Lord

Champion- K Rowlatte, Wilma of Quendale


Standard Junior Championship

Reserve- Pickett and Sargeant, Champlers Sienna

Champion- L Rowland, Champlers Roseblossom


Standard Championship

Reserve- L Rowland, Champlers Roseblossom

Champion- A Page, Champlers Elgin


Supreme Champion-

Reserve- A Page, Champlers Elgin

Champion- K Rowlatte, Wilma of Quendale

Anna Stevens' Brinleyview Commanchee qualifying RIHS  at bsps area 16, Royal International small breeds, produced by Debbie Barr, ridden by Gemma Pallett, judge, gill Evans and Julie Stacey woods

Southern Group show Sun 6th May.


Good luck to all attending, have an enjoyable day.

Dryfesdale Damson in the evening performance at Ponies UK winter championships on 29th March.
She was Reserve Champion in the Keston Royal Occasion M&M inhand final, beating all other breeds except the Welsh D that was champion.
She flew the flag for her breed very well I think!


Entries are now being accepted for the 2014 League table/result service Affiliated shows Results 1st March to September 30th. You may send any early results from 1st March if applicable, but first publication will be 1st MAY Then updated throughout the season.
Entry fee until 30th April
£15, up to 2 ponies in hand. Late entry £25 no later than 30th June
Extra ponies in hand, ie 3rd pony after initial entry, £7.50 each whenever added. Ridden ponies, £10 per section. see. www.shetland-pony.com/2014 for rules/entry etc.

"Hello uncle Jezzer" Accompanied this piccy of Sally-ann Dale and Adrian Bevan's baby girl Lucy Rose, whose older brother Jack Dale is no. 1 jockey at Cranford. "We have a lead rein jockey in 3 years" I'm told, and with a little girl this cute, what more motivation do I need to keep going??

This web site, dedicated to enhancing the general public's perception of the Shetland Pony and enjoyment of ownership has sponsored the following in 2014.......


Foal of a Kerswell mare

Birchmoor Amadeus

Cranford Crunchy Munchy, Gabby Charlesworth 'up'
I have allotted time this spring/summer to paint four commissions in oil on a 'first come' basis. Painted in oil on canvas board, could be of a champion pony, or just a well loved pet. Although I work from photographs, I do not aim for photographic reproduction, but use several photos to ensure I capture the 'essence' of the subject. contact ghkw@showpony.com 

SWSPG SPRING SHOW.  Sunday 23rd of March & was held at Duchy College, Stoke Climsland.
top l-r. min.ch. res min ch. std ch, res std ch. bottom l-r. mini jun ch. res mini jun ch. std jun ch. res std jun ch,
Miniature Junior Champion: Tawna Angelica/ A.Runnalls & F.Hammond
Miniature Reserve Junior Champion: Collytown Shimmy/ A & C Blamey
Standard Junior Champion: Tegen Little Jewell/ W.Merrell
Standard Reserve Junior Champion: Sharptor Theodore/ C.Evans
Miniature Senior Champion: Top Rock Johntie/ Mr D.Hodge
Miniature Senior Reserve Champion: Tawna Viceroy/ P.Tabb
Standard Senior Champion: Lakehead Mabeline/ Mr & Mrs Bowden
Standard Senior Reserve Champion: Sharptor Chiffon/ Mr J.Walters & Mr D.Hodge
Overall Supreme Champion: Top Rock Johntie/ Mr D.Hodge
Reserve Overall Supreme Champion: Tawna Viceroy/ P.Tabb
Thanks to all who turned out their ponies so well this early in the season, our judge Mrs K.Richards had an extremely hard job to choose the winners. Thank-you to Lyndsay & Jess Tropman for organising, taking entries and stewarding our show.
Full class results available on the South West Shetland Pony Group website.

RPA is aware of a bogus email being circulated advising customers that following access to SPS on line through the Government Gateway, we have not been able to process their claim. This email is being sent from the email address “gateway.confirmation@gateway.gov.uk”. This is not a communication from the Rural Payments Agency. The email has an attachment which should not be opened as it contains a virus. Do not respond to the email and delete it immediately.
Kind regards 

'Hello everybody, I'm here' 25th March 2.10a.m Baby Dale, a little girl to Sally-ann Dale, and Adrian Bevan. A sister for Jack, and a lead rein jockey in due course!
7lb 3ozs of deliciousness arrived safely and relatively quickly after a few false starts. As Sally said to me when she phoned at 5a.m. 'Baby has had a feed, I've had a shower and cup of tea, and I'm ready to go home'
Congratulations to mum, dad and babboo!

Wessex Group Spring Show



Yesterday, Sunday 23rd March was a cold day in Somerset, not much sun and plenty of cold wind with heavy showers the night before but it did not deter exhibitors from coming to the show. Although we had plenty of entries, sadly and disappointingly there were very few standard ponies but the miniature classes were very well supported.  The thanks of the Wessex group go to our two judges Mrs S Seward (standard ring) and Mrs A Stevens (miniature ring), who had travelled down from Wales in the morning. After a busy day they concluded their judging with the following results:


Miniature Junior Champion: Snelsmore Orchid - Mr & Mrs Percy

Reserve Junior Champion: Shawdene Faberge - Mrs G Mather

Miniature Senior & Overall Miniature Champion: Nannau Midsummer - Messrs D Hodge & J Walters

Reserve Senior Champion: Birling Chicory - Lauren Mellor



Congratulations to everyone. We thank everyone for attending the show and look forward to seeing you all again at our summer show. C.H,

Standard Junior Champion: Sharptor Desire - Messrs D Hodge & J Walters

Reserve Junior Champion: Blackertor Delphine - Messrs D Hodge & J Walters

Standard Senior & Overall Standard Champion: Sharptor Trinity - Messrs D Hodge & J Walters

Reserve Senior Champion: Knix Perfect Pete - Mrs Jenni Gregory


Ridden Champion: Knix Perfect Pete - Charlotte Friend

Reserve Ridden Champion: Ulverscroft Sir Harry - Bella Heal



Yes, in hand is important, but surely we are breeding ponies to do things? Here's Alice Brownings mini Magreed Charlie Boy. Here competing dressage at Plumpton College. With a new carriage he;'ll be out being driven this summer. Jack Dale and Crunchy Munchy at the Southdown and Eridge mini hunt club at Firle Place 23rd March. A beautiful spring day galloping over the Downs, and  now to get ready for the show season.


Not ponies but quite interesting.....
Charmaine and Alyson Blamey have been asked to work with two (wild) young Reindeer as their owner would like them quiet enough to eventually take to Christmas Fairs etc.
Using the same methods as they use with the ponies Alyson made great progress today so much so that the Vet was able to give them their annual inoculations and trim their feet without any unnecessary stress or force.
They’ve got a lot of work to do as we all know these things don’t happen overnight, but what an amazing opportunity to work with these fantastic creatures.

Certainly something different, and I can't resist a 'project' either. Ed.

I know this foal is not purebred Shetland but I thought perhaps it could go on the website anyway !!  My little Welsh Section A rescue mare by Norest Quicksilver ran with my elderly bay and white stallion Jay of Glebe Farm.   The result is this lovely bay and white filly, "Cotmullion Cecily Parsley", born 13th March. I hope she should be a useful child's first pony in the future and can be registered Part bred Welsh.  More saleable than Section A`s at the moment, I predict !! You could be right there! Ed

Judy Hawkins' Kerloch rebel wins the open lead rein at the  Welsh Pony and Cob show at Crockstead and then went on to be reserve Champion.

Bethany Griffiths and Dryknowl Ennar have been busy over the winter with Pony Club and dressage, and have had a great start to the showing season with a win in the First Ridden class at Lionhearts on March 1st. Then another win in the NPS M&M Open First Ridden at SEWPCA on March 16th, which turned into a great day for the breed as 2nd was Clivocast Nina ridden by Sophie Turner. Bethany and Ennar are very much looking forward to the season ahead, having a great deal of fun along the way. Thanks to both Lynda Buchanan-Jackson and Jennie Ross for all their help and advice.
Lynn Griffiths

IMPORTANT NEWS.........Southern group show 6th April
Delighted to report that Jaquie Percy has stepped into the breech that has been caused by Delia Woodley's impending knee surgery and necessary withdrawal from the role of show secretary on the day. WELL DONE Jaquie. Delia will take entries prior to show day, but Jacquie will run the show on the day and if physically possible Delia will attend and assist in anyway she can from a seated position!!
IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SUPPORT THIS SHOW IF YOU CAN. Help is rarely forthcoming whebn it comes to running a show. You all say 'we mustn't lose this show'. The solution lies in your hands. USE IT OR LOSE IT. Delia's phone no.
 01962 772131 no email presently.





Lignite Dusky Beauty

A 2yr old homebred filly by Hartside Black Beauty  out of Lexus Daphne  won  Junior Miniature Champion, Overall Junior Champion and Miniature Champion at the National Stallion Show in Stirling on March 1st this year.

One of Scotland's most successful Shetland pony  breeders, Sam Macarthur has died  aged 83. He was born on the 25th June, 1930. After serving his time as a mechanical engineer, he set up a livestock haulage business in 1955, which he ran until 1990. That job made him a well known face in all north auction marts and at the Perth Bull Sales.

One of his main interests was breeding Shetland ponies and he was a member of the Shetland Pony Society since the early 1970s. As a breeder, he won many titles, notably Shetland champion and reserve overall heavy horse at the Royal Highland Show in 1988. In 1993, he also won; the St John Wells pairs inter-breed title. Sam bred Passionate of St Ninian, which went on to be World Shetland Pony Champion in 1989, shown by Yann Calvet, at Toures, in France.

Coming out of so many awful weeks of rain to a lovely sunny spring Saturday at our first outing with  Roger (Kerloch Kebel)  was very successful.

He won his lead rein class and then went champion at the BSPS show held at Royal Leisure, ridden by 7 year old Rowan, on their first outing. J.H.


Missing from St Austell Cornwall, all miniatures 2 Piebald mares 1 Black yearling with star and 1 Bay/Roan and White yearling Tel : 07982426748.
Thank you. Alison Hills
 ponies have been found safe in a disused farm miles away in a pen Maybe they were made too hot  
They have been looking for them for 2 days.  I.F.


Roger and Jill Jones re-enacting the WW1 battle of the Somme, or as they call it, 'taking hay to the ponies'. Good look Rog!

Suzanne from the Westbridgepark stud ran the Reading half marathon on Sunday for the Hampshire and isle of white air ambulance and completed it in 2:38. And if anyone wanted to donate please go to her just giving page
FANTASTIC EFFORT by Suzanne, especially as she is not due to have  her wellies surgically removed until mid May! I hope  the I.O.Wighters and Hampshire followers of this page chip in a donation.

Littlefort Atlantic Storm
The foaling season started very early this year at Littlefort!
This lovely colt was born early during the recent storms on 12th February.
He's by Merrylees Fine and Dandy, out of Eiger Kara, her first foal and all is well.

What's that green stuff he's standing on? And where's his snorkel?

Lovely foal, congratulations.


Early success, for Hools Shetland Pony Stud with 8 year old mare Strocherie Ennya, at the Orkney Riding Club Winter Woolie Show 2014. Ennya had last year off as she had a filly foal. This is her first outing with new rider Eilidh Dowell aged 8.

Ennya was Overall Reserve Champion In-hand, Overall Reserve Ridden Champion and Overall Reserve Champion! As her owner says "This talented mare never fails to surprise us!"


Judges Standards :- Mrs J Lambert
Miniatures :- Mrs J Whitehouse

Kerloch Rupert.............................................Nicola Maternaghan
Kinkell Geila.................................................Jane Barry
Warrackston Tamara...................................Irene Spence

1st Kerloch Rupert.......................................Nicola Maternaghan
2nd Isle of Mona Telstar...............................Linda Steward
3rd Kinkell Goodlad.......................................Jane Barry

COLT 2 or 3 year old
1st Cassindilly Jester........................................Louise Wilson
2nd Rosehoy of Transy.....................................Transy Stud

MARE or Gelding 4 years & over
1st Kinkell Geila............................................Jane Barry
2nd Struie Dainty.........................................Catherine Marshall
3rd Kerryston Nanette...................................Ken & Anne Scott

FILLY 2 or 3 year old
1st Warrackston Tamara...............................Irene Spence
2nd Kerryston Naomi.....................................Ken & Anne Scott
3rd Warrackston Bemused............................I.Spence & S. Pye

Filly yearling
1st Struie Dazzler.........................................Catherine Marshall
2nd Rashiburn Lady Bindi...............................W & K Campbell
3rd Myreton Galaxy........................................J & G Wilson

Lignite Dusky Beauty..........................................Lorna Jamieson
Myreton Dougal...................................................J & G Wilson

1st Myreton Dougal..............................................J & G Wilson
2nd Kerswell Montgomery....................................Alichbrae Stud
3rd Romany Santos.............................................Lyn Colquhoun

MARE or GELDING 4 year old & over
1st Strathlene Lucky Me.......................................Lorna Jamieson
2nd Destiny Alainn Denise....................................Lyn Colquhoun
3rd Orchid of Berry.............................................Ann Irvine

COLT FILLY or GELDING 2 or 3 year old
1st Lignite Dusky Beauty....................................Lorna Jamieson
2nd Hjaltland Lily..............................................EB & SA Knight
3rd Kerswell Merlot...........................................Alichbrae Stud

1st Hermits Party Girl....................................Nicola Maternaghan
2nd Lignite Chatterbox..................................Lorna Jamieson
3rd Alchibrae Evangeline...............................Alichbrae Stud

YOUNG HANDLER aged 7 to 11
1st Miss Anna Marshall
2nd Dawn Monie
3rd Lewis Wilson

YOUNG HANDLER aged 12 to 16
1st Emma Bowden

The following from Corley Oak is not untypical I'd guess, but would like to hear how you have coped (with pics if possible) through this wettest of winters EVER.
Took a 12.2 pony we’d bought up to the big horses’ winter grazing about 4 miles from home.  Couldn’t take the Landrover and trailer onto the field as it is too wet and muddy, in spite of the fact that it’s on a hill and has three lots of drainage underneath.  Never normally holds water but resembling a bog in places!  Sorting electric fencing and hay out, saw storm approaching, complete with forked lightning.  When all the birds did a runner, so did we (daughter and myself), back up to the “top road” where the Landrover was parked.  When I say “did a runner”, remember I have had two hip replacements recently, so daughter did the running, I did the fast walking!  Forked lightning landing all around us, then hail drenched us until we were soaked to the skin!  Daughter got to Landrover first.  Key fob refused to work and wouldn’t disengage alarm.  Both soaked through, sat in Landrover, having both accessed through driver’s door, alarm blaring, no heater – couldn’t start engine!  Had to sit in soaking wet, cold clothes until husband (ill at home with flu) could locate spare key, drag himself out and come to our rescue – the deadlock having deadlocked us into said Landrover!!  Ok – so we could have exited via the “sunroof” (sun – what’s that?!) but with forked lightning outside and said recent double hip replacements, not really an option!

Back at the ranch, water level on “home field” increased to a point where SEAGULLS (no doubt having fled from Somerset, Devon and Cornwall!) took to paddling about on the field!  Shetlands resembled equine versions of mud people, up to their bellies in mud, tails thick with it……  Even though they had three slabbed field shelters it was getting too much, so all 15 brought into stables and rear paddock (which has plenty of hard standing) so that they could escape the mud!  Round bales provided to keep them happy!
More torrential rain.  Yard flooded.  Husband pumped water out of yard into ditch.  Then I went down with flu (unsurprisingly!) and was bed-ridden for a week! Apart from that, we’re all good at CorleyOak Stud – and no doubt in a lot better state than the poor people who live near the Somerset levels for whom I have both admiration and total sympathy! All the best, Ann
Below, 2 fields l-r, before and after the winter. (Looking on the bright side, nice rainbow!)

With the weather being so awful of late and before we start to get busy with new arrivals and the show season we thought we would organise a couple of events.
The first was an Equestrian Table Top sale in our village hall on Sunday 23rd February, we were totally surprised by the number of people wanting tables the hall was full and we ended up having to turn several potential sellers away as couldn’t fit anymore in, with a good turn out of buyers the day went really well.
Our second event was a Veterinary Colic Talk by Vets from Calweton Equine, we decided on this subject due to hearing of six separate cases of colic in the local area over the past few weeks which had made everyone a bit concerned. 
Having worked closely with Vets Paul & Lee, we know they have an excellent informal way of putting things across that makes things easy to understand, giving people the confidence to ask questions without the fear of feeling unknowledgeable.
They both did an excellent job and there was lots of questions from the audience, we’ve had great feedback that people had learnt a lot and would feel more confident in not only recognising the symptoms of colic and knowing what to do but also the preventative things that can be done to reduce the chances of your horse or pony suffering from colic.
Over the summer we hope to hold one or two things at the stud once things have dried up a bit!
Alyson & Chamaine Collytown Stud    Well done you two for providing information and education and some interest to help pass away this interminable winter. Ed.

In line with breed society rule change allowing 4 year old stallions to compete without inspection/licencing etc, the rule has been altered in the league tables for this site. see www.shetland-pony.com/2014 rule changes highlighted thus

These are my latest paintings, Left; Southdown & Eridge Hunt at Lewes, East Sussex, Boxing Day 2013. and right: Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Colour copies on heavy quality paper available A3 (16" x 12")will fit standard readymade frame. Including p&p £20-00 each see for sale page

Help needed! Many of you know I painted like a man possessed between 1989 and 2000. Subject matter alongside commissions were mainly Shetland pony based. The 'muse' left me I guess, I painted myself to a standstill and stopped.

Happily my enthusiasm has returned and I am painting again. I was lucky in that pretty much everything I painted, I sold, but I cannot remember who the people were that bought these 3 pictures, one on the right and the two below. If it was you, or you know who owns them, I'd appreciate an email. Just for my own records and peace of mind.

Helawi Ponies going of to their new home with the Royal Family in Qatar  We have had great success exporting ponies to the Middle East.  We make sure that the new owners have knowledge of their natural environment.  We have regular contact and updates and it is amazing how well they do. I.F.


From the response received, you obviously enjoyed the cartoon below ! If you didn't, you must think it's aimed at you. Not anyone specifically, I just thought it very funny, but, if the cap fits.......... ;-) best comeback remark, "I thought most shows already have that class!

I am happy to publish the following, because 'standard or mini' Shetland ponies all come from the same source. Technically there are no standard bloodlines or miniature either, although breeders do use small or large stock with generations of large or small breeding to greatly improve the likely outcome of progeny. We have chosen to classify them but this classification is based not on a pony's parentage, but its actual height. As Lady Joan Gore Langton was well known for saying "little genes will out".
Felicity,s Flowering Felisha, 33 1/2 ins with 1/2 inch to spare now  has a JMB certificate  of her height, she is now a certified miniature shetland pony . In a perfect world hopefully the witch hunt, back biting and threats will now cease and this beautiful mare will be able to get back to what the owner and pony enjoy most, just getting out and about  in the show  ring .
Even better, perhaps the Exhibitors who have been so quick with their ill judgement of the pony's height could apologise to the owner and  better still club together and stump up the £81 JMB  measuring fee .Joy Barugh.

16th February 2014 # The Sun has got its hat on, hip hip hip hooray!

In an attempt to ensure there is a class to suit everyone, novice, newcomers, intermediates, how long before we see this class!!?


Delia Woodley, Kingswood stud, Hampshire. New field shelter erected new in November. Now sread over 5 acres Good news, no ponies hurt, and not under 3 ft of water. Shades of the '87 hurricane last night  (Fri 14th-15th).

The late lamented Hazel Larcombe's remaining Runnymede ponies, now in the care of Granddaughter Emily and 3 great grandchildren at Wraysbury, where you will all have seen Thames flooding.
Situation in Wraysbury has been pretty desperate, although incredible what community spirit it brings. We are dry in the house (just), but access only by boat
At the waters height (Tuesday/Wed) - this was the only strip of grass left - you'll see we backed the trailer in for extra shelter!

10 Arab horses were evacuated from the fields behind us.... but the Shetlands would not be moved! Levels receding now but its raining again. E.

The open ridden class (HOYS qualifier) at the Breed Show.I am informed that the decision to exclude the winner of the above class from the ridden ring championship (and by consequence the possibility of a place in the supreme championship) has not been definitely decided and along with the rest of the schedule will come before the council meeting in April. I have therefore removed the article from this web site which was well founded** to allow Council to take advice on procedure and listen to any view by letter from the members. I suggest if you have an opinion on the matter you should write to or email Council stating your view.

** When the HOYS qualifier was taken up by the Society 3 years ago, the Breed Show was held in Scotland. The winning pony was ridden champion and went on to be Supreme Champion.
The following year at Bakewell, the open ridden HOYS  was only included in the ridden ring championship at the insistence of the judge. The HOYS pony bucked and another pony went forward to the supreme and stood reserve Supreme.
Last year at Harrogate, the HOYS (open ridden) was denied entry into the ridden ring championship. The winner of the junior class (open class for under 14s only, there was only one entry but came a worthy 2nd in the HOYS class) went on to be ridden champion and reserve supreme.

Broadspring Tango won the Nps open at the area 7 show at Bury Farm on his first outing for a year and half. He's had a great start to the year so we're looking forward to seeing what other success he can have in the showing season.  

Another year's success with Timberland Emily.

Following a successful year, we were delighted to receive, not only the shetland-pony.com 2/3yr old filly section winners prize, but also the SPSBS National Award 1st prize for the 2yr old section. This is an unbelievable achievement for Timberland Emily as she won this award in 2012 as a yearling.

We wish everyone a successful 2014 show season.

Charlotte and Sabrina Salters.

Although I haven't seen the full results of Breed Society Scheme. It is pleasing that the results mirror those on the shetland-pony.com scheme. Main difference is that the Society scheme (which is based on my concept) allows any number of shows results and shetland-pony.com allows a maximum of six. Where there is a discrepancy and a pony improves its position, it is because of this. I believe my scheme gives a truer result, but the Society scheme is free. However for your fee, you get months of publicity throughout the season, on a section that is followed keenly and fab mementoes.

Not sure if this is too much blowing our own trumpet but we were delighted to receive through the post an award certificate and rosette for Plumtree Chimaira from the SPSBS. He had come 1st in the yearling section of the National Award scheme. We had a lovely time showing him last year and made many new friends and really enjoyed ourselves.
We only had Chimaira  as Plumtree had been given backword on him and we couldn't resist him. many thanks to Lorraine and Jodie for letting us have him.
Regards, Lynne and Terry Day

On Sunday 2nd February there was a bloodhound meet at Lopshill, near Damerham. The meet was at 12noon and it was on foot. At the end of the meet 90+ people mounted and several people followed on foot.
It was lovely weather, the bloodhounds followed the quarry on four trails, there were breaks at the end of each trail to give the quarry enough time to run on. There was 13 miles to be covered and this took four hours in total.
It was a great day had by all, with tea, cakes and sandwiches!!
Digby Shepherd and Cranford Fantastic (Zorro) following their local bloodhound pack. MS

Did you know that Fly the Last  Flute who won Supreme at Olympia was bred by Elaine Tomlinson, Alice Tomlinson of Birchmoor Admiral's fame, mum? – not good English that but you get what I mean.  Wowee she obviously knows and breeds a good un!!! Also for the second year running the sensible BSPS have chosen a black Shetland for their Pony Personality of the Year namely Buckberry Emile – how cool is that – (Well deserved I'm sure, but hopefully not just because of colour!) this year they have done it as a joint Rider and Pony Personality and given it  to Treacle and his jockey – Charles Oakes and Buckberry Emile – another great boost for our lovely breed! JN.

Who needs Facebook to look at on a boring, wet and windy winter's day when there are many pleasures available on shetland-pony.com.
Just look at the European stud. Wonderful photos of some beautiful ponies, many bred here and exported.
The foals are super and so are their names.
There is Crunchy Munchy of Bavarian Sea, GH says, yes., it's true, checked it out myself, see  http://www.ponygestuet-chiemsee.de/fohlen-2011.html  wouldn't be the first time I've been copied!! or the ultimate ‘Expensive van Bromishet’
Just wish I could find the translator on my pc!

For the first time ever we can all say, whatever age we are, that we 'have never seen weather like this before'. How the folk in the south west are coping is beyond me. However the good news is that it will stop in due course and life will eventually return to normal. There has been little news to report, unsurprisingly. I have resisted the temptation to engage you wit 'neck nominations' the latest face book craze. (Drink a pint of something disgusting, do something stupid, video it, publish with 'nomination or challenge to 3 more) Some are funny, the funniest is a 'wrong side of middle age' Scots farmer in wellies and a mankini drinking the dangerous end of a pint of Grouse. This site's stats tell me people from the UK and continent are scouring it for stud news, updates and news, of which I am struggling to supply other than my own 'doings' but this site is not about me IT'S ABOUT YOU! So if you have some news, send it in and I will publish. GH

Carnage at Cranford. Just having a coffee, CRASH, car turning into next door drive gets hit up the back end by 15cwt van, accelerator jams, flies thru post and rail hitting water trough, driver in car in shock, cuts and bruises otherwise ok. more aggro when I want to paint and watch the footie.

Derek O’Brien 1924-2013
Annwood stud.

Derek passed away peacefully on Christmas Eve, in his 90th year. Manners and charm personified. Sadly missed by all who knew him.

Jack Dale and Crunchy at their first dressage competition at Plumpton Agricultural College, prelim 4. came 5th out of 29! Just to prove he's still under control, despite loving to 'get a wiggle on' hunting. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152520539219745&set=vb.630459744&type=2&theater

For those of you who have resisted the 'facebook' thingy, it's worth setting up 'an account' so you can see the occasional item that may be of interest and I will post a link to it as per above, merely click. Also the item on the sea at Grutness Shetland, below.

Southely Red Ember has settled in very well at his new lease home and has been out winning, as well as showing him she is doing pony club and mini jumping.
"Has had a fab day's showing at AINTREE INTERNATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CENTRE, Mr Red and Lola won the FR and the Veterans class, then took the Pony Championship (in very good company.) Very proud of them both, plus Lola won £25 and race tickets for Mummy and Daddy!! :-) xx"

Surf's up at Grutness, Shetland



SPSBS Driven Performance Awards 2012/2013

The annual luncheon and presentation of awards took place on January 12th 2014 at the Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent when 36+ members and guests from across the country met from 11am for coffee, mulled wine and chatter before sitting down to lunch.

Lunch was followed by a very entertaining and informative talk by Mr David Kay of the Oxendale Stud. He has served on the Council, is a member of the SPSBS Centenary Committee , is on the Judge’s Panel and is also a past President of the Shire Horse Society and an authority on rare breeds of poultry, obviously a man of many talents.

 Mr Kay set the scene for his talk suggesting that he and Willowe (our organiser and secretary) wanted to establish a business in Wolverhampton delivering beer, so far so good except that Willowe wanted a smart van with all mod cons and David favoured a pair of Shires and a dray!

Using documentation, comparisons and anecdotes  from his time with Thwaites brewers  it was very  clear why the Shires  would be  the obvious choice for the company accountant  and publicity.

 Mr Kay was thanked  and warmly applauded before proceeding to the presentation of trophies and cups (results attached )

Doreen and Peter Tindale organised a very successful raffle and thanked Willowe for her  organisational skills for the Scheme.

We look forward to the 2014 season and the next luncheon  booked for Sunday January 11th 2015

Watching us watching you........Every year the Collytown Stud have an equine photographer visit them, last summer she brought a friend with her who shares her passion for horses, one of the foals in particular took a real shine to her friend. Really cute video clip here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cp7sV9nnag 

Attended the Southern Group lunch yesterday 19th at the invitation of New organiser Delia Woodley of the KINGSWOOD STUD in Hampshire. It's been at least 5 years since I went to their lunch at Hamptworth Golf club and it was most enjoyable. Good to see so many old friends and good to see everyone champing at the bit looking forward to the show season. Delia is very knowledgeable, and is enthusiastic, and I am sure with a new organiser the group will continue and enjoy success. Mandy Sargeant and Jackie Percy have offered to help Delia and Gary.

Letter of thanks from Macmillan Cancer Care for your donations of £1050.00 Click here

The listing of the NATIONAL STALLION SHOW BELOW, means it won't be long before 'the season' is underway. This is bound to be a difficult year, with breeders especially reappraising the number of and which shows they will attend. When it comes to 'in hand' most breeders, whilst they may well enjoy showing, do so to promote their stock and the sale of progeny.
Although things are 'dire', there is the flickering of interest, and there are still people wishing to acquire Shetland ponies for a myriad of reasons from a child's pet, companion, or as a pony to produce and show. Whilst the 'for sale' page on this web site is quiet in January, it always is, the huge number of sites on facebook and the like offering 'free adverts' mean that people who want to sell, but know chances are slim, will place an advert to sit amongst the 3 legged, laminitic, uncatchable and the 'nappy', hoping that someone will fall into their £150 - £200 bargain, drawing attention to the huge surplus of equines in this country.

We have sold two this month, due entirely to our web site on shetland-pony.com where despite social media, (Aw, bless, I'd buy it if you weren't so far away, you are asking £200, will you take £100? etc etc) serious buyers come to research and seek out the best. Most of our enquiries are for standard ridden ponies, because nowadays that's where our interests are concentrated, and once you stop showing, or your ponies aren't shown by others, you disappear off the radar very quickly, so for us, to disperse our mini herd, as part of retirement wind down, we may have to get back 'in' to get 'out'! No problem, we'll enjoy it.
With 'disappearing off the radar' in mind, if you are showing this year, join the league tables and results scheme when it starts up beginning of March and get maximum publicity for you efforts.

The Glasgow Agricultural Society PREMIUM LIST For


to be held on SATURDAY 1st MARCH 2014 within

One of the Country's oldest and most respected studs returns to shetland-pony.com after a two year absence. Welcome home Harry.

Thought we'd have a few sunny days.........before the snow comes!

Don't forget...Breed Society membership for 2014 is due on 1st January.
You may pay by debit/credit card and by
telephone 01738 623471.

Giving it plenty of 'air'

Muddy, but happy

Let's go!

'Our' Shetland pony. He is 9 and called Claredale Sam aka Sammy Shetland. He hunts every weekend with the Cheshire Bloodhounds with his little jockey James aged 8. He is kindly on loan to us and is a little diamond.

Judy Hawkins' youngest grand daughter Emily Hawkins-Smith, aged seven,  following in her sister’s footsteps on Kerloch Eliza, learning her up downs and loving every minute. Our next generation enjoying their Shetland ponies  looking forward to the 2014 season

BEWARE callers with an Asian accent asking for you by name and saying there is a problem with your computer. They may even say they are Microsoft. (THEY AREN'T) There IS NOT A PROBLEM WITH YOUR COMPUTER, it is a scam. Suggest you say 'there is nothing wrong with my computer, f*** off' or other favourite expletive. Most satisfying. THEY ARE VERY THICK SKINNED AND WILL TRY SEVERAL TIMES, which will give you lots of opportunities to practice your Anglo Saxon.

Just into the new year and despite the wet and mud, interest in buying ponies is starting to stir. We have sold one in the last week and there is interest in two others which may or may not materialise. We have decided that very few, if any mares will be covered this year, those that do get covered will be to maintain health. We have plenty of stock for sale, and we tried hard to disperse the herd four years ago, but somehow we collect them. For my part, I'd stop breeding now for the same reasons as 4 years ago and just keep a few ridden ponies, the old girls and Hector the stallion. Kevin does not want to stop breeding completely, and there's the dilemma. He 'does' the ponies, not me, so I can't force it, but he has sense and fewer will be the way forward. It's not about the money, selling ponies, it's about what is the point in breeding ponies that people no longer want in numbers they did? Ideally, someone/persons much younger would buy the breeding stock and give it 30 years like we have. We have had a ball, good times and  bad and met some fantastic people who are and will become lifelong friends. I am sad to see Grimpowood stud is giving up, time takes its toll on all of us and we all have to stop in the end, nothing is forever.
Despite Facebook, to which I admit a slight addiction, albeit most of it's dross, THIS SITE remains the one for people looking to buy or research ponies available. News is a bit thin this time of year and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to report at the facebook level! I may well have some exciting news come Friday that will be of interest and help to a lot of you, so check back then. GH

This is our miniature gelding Tussilago Jacob and my 12 year old
daughter Laura trying out their Christmas present for just the
second time. Laura has been working hard long reining Jacob 
since the summer holidays. There is plenty to brush up on, but I'm 
pretty proud of the pair of them!
Happy new year to you,
Jo O'Nions 

                                                         Derek O’Brien 1924-2013
Derek passed away peacefully on Christmas Eve, in his 90th year.

From the moment his wife Joan founded the Annwood Shetland Pony Stud in 1964, he was a constant and enthusiastic supporter of the Breed and the Society, of which he became a Life Member.  He spent many happy hours at Annwood Farm and later at Hills Place harrowing paddocks, repairing fences and carting hay.

Always on hand to drive the lorry, he could be found polishing ponies at shows and  was occasionally persuaded to anchor a foal in the ring.  Wonderful times were had attending County shows, visiting studs and making annual visits to the Aberdeen sales, where he often enjoyed a dram with friends made along the way.

Derek gave much to the equine world, serving for many years as Secretary to the Dartmoor Pony Society; he was also Mountain and Moorland Representative on the NPS Council, and Chief Mountain and Moorland Steward at the South of England Agricultural Show.  It was thanks to his hard work that Shetland Breed Classes were introduced at Ardingly in 1969 and have been a feature of the show ever since.  He remained interested in Shetlands to the end, offering sound advice and support to his daughter Mary and grand-daughter Lucinda, who continue to breed Annwood ponies today.

He will be sadly missed by Joan, his children, grand-children, great-children, and many friends.  There will be a Service of Thanksgiving for his life at 12:00 noon on Friday, 10th January 2014, at the Parish Church of St Thomas, Winchelsea, East Sussex.

You've done it !! With 2 pledges yet to arrive (Known amounts)  the target of £1000 for Macmillan Cancer care has been achieved. Plus approx another £50 in gift aid as a result of your response to back up your donations takes the monies raised to well over. I Will publish exact final figures etc when I hear from the charity, but thank you all for your support.

Macmillan Cancer Care appeal........please note. Our appeal is closed for this year. Please make any new pledges/donations directly to Macmillan Cancer care.

Caught reading!!
Thought I would share the picture that I took for Harry and 
Edward's entry into their schools caught reading competition.
Degai Beauty will stand for
anything as long as she can eat!

Best wishes and a happy new year
Sophie Jones.

Have you done anything with your ponies over the holiday period? (Apart from drag through the mud wind and rain to feed/attend as req!) ALWAYS HAPPY to publish your news and pictures of anything entertaining or that shows the breed in good light.



The Southdown Hunt's Children's meet. 30-12-2013

The meet was postponed until 12 midday with the forecast that the wind and gales would pass. They did, about 1.30pm, but forty odd kids had set forth, soaked to the skin. I'm not sure that at my keenest I'd have gone, but if you're that keen you deserve a good day, and they certainly flew around, through and over the Plashetts Estate and Bentley wildfowl for 3 and half hours. Crunchy is certainly fit and hunting is Jack's passion. Next Sunday, dressage!! Recover some weight!

Towards the end after three and half hours

News from Olympia....Buckberry Emile owned by Mrs C Preece best Shetland. Ridden by Charles Oakes.

Waulkmill Red Oak....winner of the Shetland Grand National.
Ridden by Alfie Marshell (East Sussex)

Butterby Express 8th in the in hand veterans
Best Dartmoor, Oakleat Navigator.. 6th overall and best Dartmoor. Owned by D.Hodge and Debbie Barr. Produced by Debbie Barr and ridden by Alice Barr, well known Shetland pony producers.

Jack Dale, Cranford's no 1 jockey.........Here singing unaccompanied, unpractised, prior to Christmas Eve concert.

Rides like the devil, sings like an angel.



Somebody knows where this little pony is!!!!!!! he is owned by this 5yr old boy who has grown up with him. he is his best friend and loves him so very much. his letter to santa last year was not for any presents, but just for his pony to get better from having cushings. this little boys heart and world have been shattered. so if anybody knows where he is, or indeed if you have him please please contact me, anonymously, and i will drive anywhere in the country to collect him. 07415207601.

Eynhallow Lewis. Sorry this is so late...postman left the package next door..lol...Just wanted to send you the picture to show they arrived ...I would like to thank the class sponsors, the rosettes are gorgeous...thank you. Sharon Cumberland

Eynhallow lewis. R/up Standard stallion, pictured ...Prince has now gone on to his new home...

Alichbrae Shetland Ponies enjoyed success at Tayside Youngstock Show taking Overall Champion with their home bred filly Alichbrae Lady Primrose, she also took Best Miniature along with best coloured two year old. 
Judge was Heather Wilson. The filly was also placed Reserve Champion a few weeks ago at the Central Shetland Pony Group Youngstock Show.


Thanks to You and the Enigma stud for the gorgeous prizes in this year's show points league table. We have caught some Cornish winter sunshine to take these pictures of my ponies sporting their rosettes. I feel so very proud that two of my boys have achieved the Shetland-pony.com Miniature Gelding Winner and Runner-Up for the second year - Tawna Viceroy and Tawna Boy George this time, and Viceroy and Tawna Moonshine last year. Viceroy has actually won his section for four successive years - the first time, also winning the Mini Yearling group.  My Shetlands bring me enormous pleasure all the time, and I enjoy showing and taking part in your league during the season. Here's looking forward to next year, and in the meantime, Happy Christmas!
Best wishes. Pam Tabb GH SAYS. Well done you! You have superb ponies from one of the best studs in the country, and your production does them credit, reflected in their continued success in the show ring.

I know its not a usual venue, but I was not able to book any indoors for April as too late, but I have managed to book Priory Equestrian Centre, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey for our first show on 6th April and it can be indoors, so weather should not stop us, hope lots of you can come, good hard-standing for parking, just need to sort a chuck wagon, if anyone knows of one, that would be a help. D.W.

I have been contacted by a lady who has bought a colt foal.  She has a lovely home waiting for him, but is having difficulty organising transport.
She has contacted me and asked if I could help, so I suggested your website; the lady concerned does not "do" computers or e-mails.
She was wondering if there was anybody out there who was transporting ponies form the Essex area, where the foal is, to Exeter, where she lives, and would have room for this foal.
She is quite happy for her phone number to be displayed and for anyone who could help to contact her for more details.
Please contact Clare if you can help 07935 841998

Wondered if you have seen the Christmas advert from Three.co.uk with Milday Socks
Best regards, Jane and Andy Page

Dear All,

I am trying to organize the continuation of the Southern Shetland Group as Donna is not able to continue.
I would be willing to run the group with the help from some fellow members, but there may be others of you who would like the opportunity to take over the running of the Group.
I have confirmed the booking for the Xmas lunch for Sunday 19th Jan 2014 at Hampworth Golf and Country Club. this is the same venue as last year. Donna and Carol may be able to attend and hand over to the new organizer.
I hope all names forward for this position can then be voted on and we can look forward to the Group continuing.
I am sure, like me, all of you would like to thank Donna and Carol for all their hard work in keeping the Group going, for as long as they did and wish them both well for the future.
It would be helpful if as many members and competitors of the Group could attend this lunch and have their say in the way the future of their club is run.
In the meantime, if anyone would like to take over the running of the Group, or help in any way, can you please contact me before Xmas lunch in January.I will forward prices when Hampworth have come back to me.
Also confirmation of first venue and date when I know. If anyone knows of any member who does not have internet access, could they let me know contact details please.
01962772131           07824393559

Northern Ireland stars. Left, Barns Rosanna, owned by the Beltoy stud, winner open ridden section shetland-pony.com league tables, kindly sponsored by Halstock, Sharptor and Beltoy studs.

Right, Beltoy Rosezario, owned by Beltoy stud. Winner gelding section, shetland-pony.com's league tables, kindly sponsored by Birchmoor stud.

hmmm, very cunning Mr Bell, got away with brushing head and neck only!!??

South West Shetland Pony Groups Youngstock Show Results, we had a great day with lovely weather. The committee would like to thank all the helpers on the day as well as the judge Mrs C.Hodder.  For a full list of class results please visit our group website.  G. Hannaford.









Buxted Exotic, owned  by Alichbrae stud, who took  Miniature Champion at Stirling on Saturday at the Winter Fair. Judge was Jimmy Wilson,



BRITISH NATIONAL FOAL SHOW. Champion Shetland Foal  (left) Sharptor Etienne - Sarah Belton,
Reserve Champion (right) Snelsmore Quaffle - Jacqueline Percy. VERY LARGE entry of minis, over 20 fillies and 14 colts!
Classes were split between gender/height. Classes for all breeds, not just Shetlands. Pic shows
Sharptor Etienne with Shetland judge Lionel Gregory Esq.

NPS AREA 20 Martin Davey Award for Achievement. Presented to Jack Dale, by Mrs Martin Davey at the Area 20 AGM and supper 23rd November. Jack, unaware he was to receive the award asked his mother, "Why am I being forced to go to a boring old AGM?" Out of the mouths of babes.................

Small is best when it comes to Pony Club Games.

Baronshill Morag ridden by Leah Noreci and Stepley Samara ridden by Ellie Simmonds competing for Oxenholme branch of the Pony Club in Myerscough winter games league.

The day after my mother's funeral, this picture arrived of my uncle Robert, Mum's brother, the last of her siblings, now 96. Pictured at the recent Remembrance day service in Sandown Isle of Wight. On the left is his son, Neil, who represented his father at Mum's funeral.

Robert, served in the Argyle & Sutherland, Black Watch, and was a marine commando in the war. A hero, there are so few left now. Self effacing, a true gentleman, we are so proud of him.

Hi Gerry,
A huge THANK YOU to You for organising it, and to the Enigma stud for sponsoring the fab, personalised, blue, white and silver rosette received this week for attaining the runner-up position in the mini 2 & 3 year old section of the show points league with Tawna Marina. It's a bit of fun to take part in the scheme, and creates extra awareness and interest in ponies throughout the country as the season progresses. The reward this year is absolutely gorgeous and glamorous...which is more than we can say about Marina in this weather! Best wishes, Fiona Hammond.
Thank you Fiona, This is typical response and it seems everyone is pleased with the scheme and appreciative of the sponsors. Photos please suitably adorned will be published, and for those of you who groan and say.....'ponies are hairy, filthy etc. REMEMBER. that's how Shetland ponies look for 8 months of the year, far more normal than the summer shimmer!!

Buxted Enchanting. Winner of Standard 3 year old. Owned by C Pearce, exh. P Hopkins. In shetland-pony.com's league tables sponsored by Birchmoor Stud

Timberland Emily. Winner miniature 2-3 year old. Owned by C Salter. Mini league tables, sponsored by Enigma stud.

Buxted Evangelist Owned by Judy Hawkins. Winner mini stallion section in the Enigma Stud sponsored results and league tables promoted by shetland-pony.com

Kerloch Rebel, owned by Judy Hawkins. R/up, affiliated l/rein Sponsored BY Beltoy, Halstock and Sharptor studs,promoted by shetland-pony.com

Champlers Mimosa. Winner of Standard mare. Owned by G&J Smith. In shetland-pony.com's league tables sponsored by Birchmoor Stud

Snelsmore Nevada. Winner miniature 2-3 year old colt. Owned by C&J Percy. In shetland-pony.com's league tables, sponsored by Enigma stud.

Plumtree Chimaira,owned by T & l Day. R/up yearling mini in the Enigma Stud sponsored results and league tables promoted by shetland-pony.com

Jack Dale winner affiliated l/rein sponsored BY Beltoy, Halstock and Sharptor studs, on Cranford Stud's Shanlock Vera.(Jack sporting his new haircut and a onesie!) 
Flying the flag for SCOTLAND. Lorna Jamieson

foreground - Lignite Dusky Beauty (filly), winner most points yearling miniature. Middle Strathlene Lucky -Me, runner up mare, mini section and whose foal (Lignite Logan) won most points. Back Lexus Daphne, winner miniature mare class. Miniature in hand classes sponsored by Enigma stud.

The central Scotland Shetland Pony Group held its Young-stock show at the Caledonian Mart, Stirling on 16/11/13. Judge Mr R S Pitcairn.  Full results here

Miniature Champion                                     Myreton Dougal from J&G Wilson

Reserve Miniature Champion                    Alichbrae Lady Primrose from S McKay

Miniature Foal Champion                            Cassindilly Fusilier from L Wilson

Standard Black Champion                            Cassindilly Jester from L Wilson

Reserve Standard Black Champion          Kerryston Nanette from K&A Scott

Standard Black Foal Champion                  Struie Mandy from C Marshall

Standard Coloured Champion                    Dryfesdale Diamond Jubilee from E Carlyle

Standard Coloured Reserve Champion Myreton Georgie from J&G Wilson

Standard Coloured Foal Champion          Doonpark Spencer from S Calvert

clockwise from top left.......

Standard Black Champion
Cassindilly Jester from L Wilson

Standard Coloured Champion
Dryfesdale Diamond Jubilee from E Carlyle

Miniature champion
Myreton Dougal   from J & G Wilson


Registered Pure Bred Shetland.  Ponies 4 years old or over.  Riders any age.
With the Society Breed Show opting for A HOYS qualifier (Cannot do both at same show) I have negotiated a 'Shetland only' SEMI FINAL qualifier with BSPS, which will be held at the THAME SHOW in Oxfordshire September 2014. This is an opportunity  for a SHETLAND PONY, to attend the Heritage finals for next year's Olympia without the necessary BSPS membership required when entering the competition at other shows. see paragraph below in italics.
Ponies, Owners and Riders need not be B.S.P.S. Members to compete in the Olympia Breed Semi-Final qualifying classes but pony, owner and rider will need to register to compete in the SEMI-FINAL to be held at the B.S.P.S. “Heritage” Championship Show.  Classes will be judged under B.S.P.S. rules as per the 2014 B.S.P.S. Rule & Show Handbook.  Animals must be the correct height for the breed as laid down in the individual breed standards.