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Royal Highland Show. L.W.

RESULTS as best I could get, thanks L.W.

Female Champion & Overall Shetland Champion, Reserve Overall M&M Champion

Cassindilly Roxy Mrs L Wilson


Male Champion & Reserve Overall Champion

Hools Rising High Mrs K Peace


Reserve Female Champion

Stow Cornee Mr J Swan



Reserve Male Champion

Wells Craig Mr H Sleigh


Junior Champion

Wells Craig  Mr H Sleigh


Reserve Junior Champion

Stow Cornee  Mr J Swan


Best Gelding

Oakley of Auckhorn Mrs L Wilson handled by Lewis Wilson


Best Group of 3

Mrs L Wilson



Best Miniature

Doonpark Toad Mrs S Calvert


Female Champion & Overall Shetland Champion, Reserve Overall M&M Champion

Cassindilly Roxy Mrs L Wilson


Male Champion & Reserve Overall Champion

Hools Rising High Mrs K Peace


Best Gelding

Oakley of Auckhorn Mrs L Wilson handled by Lewis Wilson.







And Her Majesty definitely was amused.......... as was Prince Phillip as Su Woodcock, drives past with 'the Beast'. GH has no details of other SHETLAND EXHIBITORS but he two featured here would have done the breed proud, especially the minis. CHILTERN GROUP HERE IS a copy of the results from our show held on 25.06.2017 at Addington Manor.  Judge. J Jones

Wow! My wee Magreed Charlie Boy pony did me proud today, he truly is a super star 1st open miniature, 4th 2 wheel exercise class and then to top it all royal drive by.  I'm absolutely over the moon!!! So many people to thank... firstly Esme Pearson for being super groom and driver! My sister Charlotte Brownings Dean for being an extra pair of hands and photographer, Johanne Dykes for covering the yard and being such a huge motivator (planning and preparation prevents poor performance.  

Julie Carter who hates me saying it every time but thank you so much for all your lendings! Helen Bridges for your lucky apron! Penny Richmond for my hat feathers and flower, Sue Marskell Kerrie Aylmore fellow Gary's angels haha well done ladies!! Gerry Hart  where it all began ... And everyone else along the way... never did I ever think I would be turned out to the nines driving past her majesty the Queen. Taking nothing away from Alice and Charlie, they've made a much better job of it than we ever did! But above right is Kevin and Rachel Jenner with Cr. Double Cream, driving past HM The Queen, circa 1993

THIS is what a 'mother's dream'
 pony really is.


Lucie, Jack Dale's sister, and her
beloved 'Hamish'.

  okay Hamish, just need this chair. Don't you move, it's only noise.

I think that's near enough


oops, nearly overdid that

okay, sling my leg over yep, nearly there, bit of wiggling... ta dah.. success xx

Sharptor Bellissima, wins the first ridden class at the Derby meeting at Hickstead and along with it the HOYS ticket. Owned by Julian Walters, produced by Debbie Barr and ridden by Isabel Hanson. Paula Woolgar driving her gelding Cranford Feddie in the Concours at Hickstead's Derby meeting. Photo. S Marskell.

Another successful days racing at Lincolnshire County Show today. We had our 2nd Olympia Qualifier and would like to say a huge congratulations to Alice Robinson riding Cranford Fantastic winning the 2nd ticket to Olympia!!
Well done to all the other jockeys once again we had some great racing!

Mandy Shepherd’s Cranford Fantastic, (Zorro) has gone and done it again... he qualified for Olympia yesterday at Lincoln with Alice Robinson (age 13) T.S. x

Judges for The Downs Group Summer show at the home of Brian and Ann Page , Cherry Tree Farm Lingfield South Godstone on September 3rd thank you Mrs Carol Hodder for miniatures and Mr Nick True for standards , will include our Fun Ring with new fun classes for children and adults , also Fancy dress class with free entry very kindly sponsored with prize money from Cranford Stud. J.Jones

Do make the effort to put together a fancy dress. Adults and children. This class always was a feature at pony shows but declined as exhibitors started to take themselves a bit too seriously. It's about having fun with other exhibitors as well as your pony. Ed.

Lincolnshire County.......Buxted Discovery 1st stallion, Shetland Champion and Reserve overall Mountain and Moorland Champion.  Ceann Charm 2nd mare. Owned by Sian Greene and Belinda Jacques.


Royal Cheshire Show

Meanwhile - while Clive, Alison Bromwwich’s now Gelding, was practicing his tandem with Teddy - his daughter (out of Claylands Lady Jeanette) Claife Clarissa and her friend Aberdynant Dreamtime were strutting their stuff at the Royal Cheshire show as Lord and Lady Shetland in the side saddle display team.
They were stars despite the countryside ring next door with associated chainsaw carving/water zorbing/shotguns/speakers/music and clapping! Brilliant advert for the breed and well done great job to the children.


David and Julian had a very good day at the Royal Cheshire Show for the two Kittys'. Sharptor Kittiwake Champion Shetland and supreme M&M (excl Welsh), Sharptor Kitty Hawk, junior champion and reserve Shetland champion. Judge L E Henson 


Anna Stevens’ Sapphire Classic, (Stallion) Winner stallion or gelding class over 4yrs under judge,  Mrs L Sellars, 3 Counties, Malvern.

OK so it's on a Thursday, but ample notice and a great show for Shetland ponies ~ September 21st.

Thame Horse & Country Show affiliated to SPSBS with Jane Paterson judging, classes have great prize money of 40, 30, 20 & 10 in each class and Mrs G. Mather of Shawdene Shetland Stud. has very generously sponsored the Championship Champion 175 Res Champion 75. Classes for Miniature & Standard plus Gelding Class too.

Miniature Shetland Youngstock 3yrs & under Special Prize of 10 to the highest placed Yearling, 2yr Old & 3yr Old Miniature Shetland Stallion 4 yrs Old & Over. Miniature Shetland Mare 4yrs Old & Over with or without foal at foot, 10 for best foal Miniature Shetland Gelding Standard Shetlands Youngstock 3yrs & under Special Prize of 10 to the highest placed Yearling,2yr Old & 3yr Old. Standard Shetland 4yrs Old & Over Stallion, Mare or Gelding Open Coloured Shetland Any Age Miniature & Standard.


Royal Cornwall Show 9th June
On a rare appearance in the show ring, 15 year old Tawna Clementine caught the eye of  the judge - Sonja Flaws who had travelled all the way from Shetland - to take the Reserve Miniature Championship at Cornwall's County Show. An additional thrill for her owners/breeders was her 11 week old colt foal - Tawna Crackerjack, winning the S.P.S-B.S. Best Foal rosette before being pulled forward as Reserve Junior Champion. 
Trudy Waterhouse from Somerset had an exceptional day, winning four classes with her ponies.
Miniature Ring
Miniature Champion - Pansi's Bounty (Trudy Waterhouse)
Reserve Mini Champ - Tawna Clementine (Audrey Runnalls and Fiona Hammond)
Junior Miniature Champion - Witcombe Humphrey (Trudy Waterhouse)
Reserve Jun Mini Champ - Tawna Crackerjack (Audrey Runnalls and Fiona Hammond)

Pinglewood Thornton- 1st  Yearling Class
Witcombe Humphrey- 1st 3yr old class & Miniature Junior Champion (above right)
Pansi's Crunchie-1st Gelding Class and SPSBS Best Gelding
Pansi's Bounty- 1st  Barron Mare class, Miniature Shetland Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion (above left)
The 4 ponies above owned by......Trudy Waterhouse (Weston-super-Mare, Somerset)

Aberystwyth and Ceredigion County Show 10th June 2017
Judge Mrs R.C Davenport
Champion Syltina Cassandra – Miss F Morkill
Reserve Champion and Junior Champion Henri George of Catchpool – Naomi Hawker
Reserve Junior Champion Hawkerbays Aramis – Mrs D Hawker

Cranford Fantastic (Mandy & Digby Shepherd) Annihilate the field with Jockey, Alice Robinson, in Saturday's Grand National at the South of England Show, Ardingly. I didn't go today, Saurday, but watched Cr. Fandabbydosey yesterday come a respectable third, partnered by Olive Browne, (She needs another furlong!) Ed. Got to say, in the outdoor arena, they all go like the wheels of hell. Ed.

South of England show on Thursday 8th June.

Champlers Victoria was 1st in the 4 years and over then Standard Champion. Champlers Vanita was 1st in the 3yr and under. Victoria then went Overall Ch.

Frank Hodder's Eiger Oliver – 1st in Miniature Stallion class, Overall Miniature Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion

‘Terregles Denzel’   a 5yr old miniature stallion, owned and bred by Douglas Robertson,  driven by 14yr old Arran Callander took the Contemporary  carriage driving challenge at Glamis Castle.

Arran came home with

Best young driver

Best Shetland

Best single driven pony

Severn Valley WPCA Show. pics left to right
St Ch Syltina Cassandra, Standard Jun Farnhalls Brianne, Mini Ch Seva Handalina, Mini Jun Ch Chasend Lady in Red 
Severn Valley WPCA Summer Show 3rd June 2017
Judge Mr N True

Standard Champion Syltina Cassandra – Miss F Morkill

Standard Reserve Champion Ember's Black Knight – Nina Andersen Smith

Standard Junior Champion Fernhalls Brianne – Mrs Salters

Standard Reserve Junior Champion Czar of Catchpool – Laura Butters

Miniature Champion Seva Handalina – Lydia Millichap

Miniature Reserve Champion Treflys Fanando – Elaine Fitzhugh

Miniature Junior Champion Chasend Lady in Red – Rosie Burton

Miniature Reserve Junior Champion Fernhalls Sarah Jayne – Mrs Salters

I received this email today. Pony, 'Everlands Musky' bred by 
the late Desmond O'Meara. I can't remember how/why I 
acquired the pony, but I remember Desmond was very partial.
That she looks so well  is a testament to her owners and her
old bloodlines. GH
You sold Musky to Trudy Ridgers in 2003, I bought her 
from Trudi in 2004.  She surprised us all yesterday 
having a lovely little cream dun Colt at the age of 23.

Bath & West results

 ~ Miniature ponies

Eiger Oliver – 1st in Miniature Stallion, Overall Miniature Champion & Reserve Supreme Champion (Above, left)

Stallion. 1st – Eiger Oliver – Mr F Hodder. 2nd – Shawdene Bouloux Bon Bon – Mrs G Mather

Colt & Gelding 2 & 3 year old, 1st – Eiger Rolex, Mr F Hodder (Above Right) 2nd – Witcombe Humphrey, Mrs Waterhouse

Filly, 2 & 3 year old. 1st  – Halstock Minerva, Mr Hodge & Walters. 2nd – Robins Brae Tilly, Mr G Smith

Yearling Filly, Colt or gelding. 1st Pinglewood Thornton, Mrs Waterhouse, 2nd Witcombe Jackanory, Mr & Mrs P Gerring

Mare 4 years and over, 1st Gott Mabs, Mr &Mrs Smith    2nd Snelsmore Querl, Mr & Mrs Percy

Gelding, four and over. 1st – Windwillow Phoenix Fire, Mrs R Steward. 2nd – Stepley Dougal, Miss H Merson


Messrs Hodge and Walters, off on the trail of ‘The Cuddy’ having got so close last year, this year with 3 year old filly Sharptor Kitty Hawk taking supreme Shetland Champion, shown by Stacey Palmer and then making
it into the final 6 in the Cuddy at the Royal Bath & West show


Don't forget to mark the date of the National Performance Show in your diary and do enter and attend. You will enjoy a lovely show, in a beautiful location. LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE and timetable and see if you could steward a few classes. If you feel you could help, contact Sue Bearcroft or Viv Hampton.





8TH & 9TH JULY 2017


Affiliated to:


NPS Affiliation number S12.065


WR13 6NW Entry through ‘Yellow Gate’

Entries to:

Mrs S Bearcroft, Ropers Farm, Longdon Hill, Evesham, Worcs.

WR11 7RP. Tel: 01386 446097



Please Note: Bedding is NOT included in the cost of stabling. Please bring own

bedding (shavings or straw, NO paper) or pre order straw

ENTRIES CLOSE 1st July 2017

Late Entries— + 5 per class

(Pre-entered ponies may enter extra classes on the day for usual class fee)

Schedule of  classes         front cover             entry form

 timetable Saturday                 timetable  Sunday

Shropshire County Show 27th May 2017 results F.M.
Miniature Junior Champion Bwlchclawdd Glorious Girl – Paula Jessop
Miniature Junior Reserve Champion Cherub’s Court Jester – Debbie Davies
Miniature Champion Lornath Gethins Flame – Mrs Jan Sayer
Miniature Reserve Champion Selaw Superb – Ann Savage
Standard Junior Champion Somahouse Eureka – Danielle Ellis
Standard Junior Reserve Champion Pankymoor Kerrygold – Janette Forrest
Standard Champion Carrickfergus Misty Surprise – Mr W Handley
Standard Reserve Champion Brewards Pixie – Nina Andersen Smith
Overall Supreme Champion Carrickfergus Misty Surprise – Mr W Handley
Overall Reserve Supreme Champion Brewards Pixie – Nina Andersen Smith  
Judge..Mrs R Davenport.

Carrickfergus Misty Surprise owned by Mr W Handley of Lyncraft shetlands

Tredegar Show,

Sawmill Henrietta shown by Rebecca Rees. Winning 1st place in the 2/3 year old Filly Class. Miniature Young stock Championship. Reserve Miniature Championship.


Tredegar Show, and Yvette Jones with Timberland stud’s Reserve Miniature Youngstock Champion Kerswell Malibu


Team talk.

"Now listen here you two, I might be a girl and the smallest of the Cassindilly show team, but don't you dare show me up in front of those bigger boys. When I'm leading and I say trot, you trot, and when I say, walk, you walk, ok, got it? Good, let's go".

Seems that Jack Dale's mother, Sally Ann, is quietly bringing on a team of pink girls at her Rider and Pony training centre, Nr Heathfield for an onslaught at Heathfield show next year. I told Sally, 'I can't do Heathfield without a SHETLAND contingent'.
Left to right, speak, hear and see no evil , Lucie, Florence and Jessica, with the mighty, 'Hamish', Hawkdale Klansman.

Buxted Daniel, shown by Pauline Hopkins for Roger & Jill Jones, having been Standard Shetland Champion, goes on to take the M&M Championship at the Heathfield Show. (right)

Buxted Principal Boy (D Elphick & G Robins) 1st in their class (Below)

Fairy Fieldmouse (Lady De La Warr) 1st mini mare (Below right)

Scroll down for miniature champion C&J Wady's yearling

Scroll down for Res. Mini Champion C&J Percy's stallion


And young handler Florence Taylor.

Disappointing entry in the ridden small breeds NOT ONE Shetland entry. Look out next year.


Buxted Principal Boy

Fairy Fieldmouse

Balmedie Freebie yearling (C&J Wady) was Miniature Champion

Florence Taylor was second in a large young handler class with the
only Shetland, Cranford Hector.

C & J Percy's Snelsmore Pavarotti

Robert Pitcairn's 4 year old mare, Eiger Opal, 1st / 14 fwd, Miniature Champion and Res overall at Neilston Show.

Andrea Foster’s homebred  two year old filly Lovaton Lavender Delight , 2nd at Devon County Show. It was only her second show and it was very busy ,she took it all in her stride.

Hodeam Amelie, ridden by Lucia Stanley 


Supreme champions at ICENI show on Sunday. Lucia also had her first go off lead rein winning the walk and trot and first year first ridden.
Thank you as always to our very kind sponsor S-J Dolby of Tack and Turnout at Woodfarm Buisiness Centre in Stonham Aspal for supplying us with all our products.

Iceni native pony show Shetland championship is sponsored by shetland-pony.com

Gary and Julie Snaith had a fantastic day out with the two of HOLMHILL STUD’S Shetland ponies today 21st May at the native pony festival.
Schivas Victoria, first in small M+M veterans then took supreme champion .
Vanessa first Youngstock then supreme Shetland champion.
Excellent day.

Confused with social media and promoting your ponies? Don’t be. I am getting enquiries like this from breeders and owners/showing people.
Things move fast on the internet, but people realise they need a www. Address for their activities. You can get a website diy simply, (www.simplesite.com)
and your stud name etc for minimal cost yes, even I managed it to test it. All you’ll need then is a link on Shetland-pony.com to be sure it will
be viewed, not lurking , unknown and unseen in cyber space.

Hi Gerry

How do I subscribe to shetlandpony.com, silly me thought it was automatic as a SPSB member.

Many a Thanks. CB



GH reply………do you have a website, ie a www.etc.com or .co.uk ? would you prefer to link to your facebook page? be careful on the 2nd
choice, it may contain stuff you may not necessarily deem appropriate ! Reply to that and i will advise your best course.
thanks for your interest.


Thank you , my web is currently under construction , will be finished for the 23rd May 17. I can pop details over . 
Thank you.  CB
GH reply………ok, great. let me have url, ie www. etc. fees are 50 per annum from aug 11st - july 31st. i will set your up as soon as you
let me have the detail and charge you 15 until renewal 1st August 50. in 12 months you get 4 x free adverts, usually 10 pounds each,
to sell stock, plus your news with a link to your site on news page. a great deal i think.

Two Parlington bred ponies enjoying success at the weekend with their respective owners. 4 yr old stallion Alexander with his owner Allan Preston winning his first ever class at Ayr County Show and going on to become miniature champion and yearling filly Delilah owned by Clare Boardman winning her class at Nottingham County shown by Sarah Drewery.  facebook~Parlington-Miniature-Shetland-Stud-

Daphne Elphick & Georgina Robins had a good day at the Chiltern Show.

Buxted Principal Boy, 1st 2/3yr old class, Junior Champion, Miniature Champion and Reserve Supreme.

Buxted Perfection, 1st miniature mare class and Reserve Miniature Champion.

Mandy Sargeant, showing Champlers Vanita, 3 year old filly at The ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Fri 12th MAY.


Cr. Fandabbydosey makes her TV debut on The Royal Windsor Horse Show special ITV, with her owner and jockey, 11 year old Olive Nicholls, Victoria Pendleton and Alan Titchmarsh. IF you wish to see it, its on itv catchup. Search under 'R' then select Royal Windsor horse show.

Average 1500 visits per day to Shetland-pony.com. People who view this web site will only find Shetland ponies. We don't 'do' bitching, criticising, video clips of abuse to humans and animals etc, JUST SHETLAND PONIES.

Average of  525 page view to sites with Shetland-pony.com/studname

Average daily hits 12,500 which include link buttons.

To the for sale page averaging 2100 DIFFERENT PEOPLE EVERY MONTH AVERAGE NUMBER OF VIEWS 5500 THAT IS WHY WITH THE CHANGES MADE www.shetland-pony.com  with its home page listing subscribing studs, the news page and the for sale page, remains the best way to promote your stud / your ponies, your news, successes and to sell stock

A fabulous day at Royal Windsor horse show for the

both Sharptor & Blackertor studs.

Catherine Evans Blackertor Endeavour winning the Shetland young stock class, Sharptor Perdita 1st in the Shetland 4 years and over and champion, Sharptor Ambition for Linzi Cave 2nd and Reserve champion. Sharptor Armani 3rd and then Catherine Evans Blackertor Elmo 4th.


Good luck and have a good time, all those showing Shetland ponies at Royal Windsor, Friday 12th May. This is one of the 'biggies'.

Nefyn Show 1st May 2017
Judge Mr Harrison
Champion  Eifama Misty Morn – Mrs Salters
Reserve Champion Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn – Miss F Morkill
Junior Champion Fernhalls Sarah Jayne – Mrs Salters
Reserve Junior Champion Enigma Zara – Christine Gray


Reserve Champion Serenteifi Rhodri Emlyn             and                   res jun. Enigma Zara

Herewith the list of those who have kindly
sponsored the 2017 National Shetland Performance Show. Saturday-Sunday 8th-9th July. Their support and contributions are much appreciated.

Ridden Championship


Driven Championship  


In Hand Championships  &

Open Ridden/Novice Ridden Championship

Heritage Grange Stud - Clare Boardman https://www.facebook

Sound System

its intelligent transport services


Thimbleby & Shorland  www.tsauction.co.uk Driving Ring

www.ghyllparkequestrian.co.uk – Ring 3

Shrubb Saddlery                        – Ring 4

Mr & Mrs Barugh, Birchmoor Stud  Ring 2

www.briarshetlands.com  –  Ring 1

www.shetlandponyagility.com  -  Ring 5 


Hackamore Stud 





Countess de la Warr, South Park Shetland Pony Stud - Mini

Claylands stud Claylands Stud

Robert & Julia Banwell

Gerry Hart  - .www.shetland-pony.com            - Driving

Pony Breeders of Shetland

Rosalyn Fraser

The Alex Moulton Charitable Trust

Middlemoor Minis

Coppice Stud Coppice

Plumtree Miniature Shetlands  -  Mini Mare Class  www.plumtreeminiatureshetlandponies.com

Gillian Marston

Jackie Rawlings

Keeley Family
SPSBS Driven Performance Awards

Mrs J Walpole    www.shetland-pony.com/liscombe

Sarah Hird

Jenny Blake

Abbeygreen & Fayrefield studs – Standard In Hand

Lel Mayfield

Sonia Cowie Bland

Lynda Rowland

Lynne & Terry Day  -  Mini In Hand

Chasend Stud

Ladbury Shetland Pony Stud  www.shetland-pony.com/ladbury

Linda Impey

Anonymous   -   Standard In Hand 


Hodeam Shetlands, 2x1st and a reserve championship. (Welshmoor events Easter Show.)
Well done Lucia Stanley and Georgia Filby. First time ever in the ring and just 2 years old and, Hodeam Amelie who took it all in her stride as usual.
Picture leading Lucia Stanley, rider Georgia Filby and holding her on tight,
Holly Bland.


Southern group show, Ceann Boadicea, shown  by Sian Green.

Threapwood Vela II, Halfway stud


Buckholt Fieldfare, Halfway stud


Hallplace What-A-Cracker & Merry Mouse of Quimper,

Sharptor Desire, H Randall

Hestigarth Ike, S Newell 

Mrs G Mather's show team, had a very good day.

Alan Davis and 'Bubbles' (get outta here Alan)
starting the season with a win.

Florence Taylor and Cr. Hector at Southern group show, 2nd in first ridden and 1st in young handler.

Lucie Rose & Hawkdale Klansman, 3rd in lead rein.


Southern group show 23 April


GH Says, SO good to see the ridden classes being supported. Having fun DOES NOT mean stressing obsessively in pursuit of a ticket to HOYS!!

Jenna Land’s Cranford Firestorm at his very first show. Winning the

mixed youngstock, and getting 2nd In a big m & m class. Very pleased

with him even if he was a little  vocal


Couldn't put this better myself so over to you ALICE

Absolutely over the bloody moon with my gorgeous pony! What a star! Two 2nds and qualified for Addington wooohooo. nothing like achieving your goal for the season at your first show out! Huge huge thank u to Sue Marskell for having MAGREED CHARLIE for pre show sleepover and getting him there! Joe Marskell for being top groom! Kerrie Aylmore for all the laughs and whip fights haha! Jim for being driver and picnic provider hehe. And everyone else for an all round fab day.


Glen Smith's birthday, Sat 22nd April, and if you are into in hand showing, a lovely birthday, when your

filly, Robin's Brae Tilly, takes the Miniature Junior Champion at the Shirrford Shetland Show.

Whilst the missus, Jane and Threapwood Tarna take Supreme Champion at the same show.
Pic. left and right resp.

Judge:- Mrs J M Barugh.

Claife Clarissa and friends (Klingrahoull Cavalier x Claylands Lady Jeanette)

Millquoy Democrat won his first Novice Novice M&M working hunter class on Easter Monday at the Hunt Charity Show held at Morris Equestrian Centre.

He then went on to be the Pony Workers Reserve Champion, 12 ponies in the championship and his 10 yr old rider Eloise Vose was delighted.

The only Shetland competing and he certainly flew the flag for the breed .

From Facebook Wed 19th April, Shetland Performance Show - WELL THE SCHEDULE IS READY, so please take a look! for rules/timetable & entry forms see our website.

Or, already on http://www.shetland-pony.com/advshownotice.htm (this bit added by GH) 


Brilliant day for Hodeam Shetlands at Ipswich Horse Society.
Hodeam Briarrose winning the small breeds in-hand and qualifying for Equifest and Hodeam Amelie winning the lead rein m&m also qualifying for Equifest. Superbly ridden by Lucia Stanley and led by my daughter Holly Bland and support of
Lewis Greathead.
Thank you to our lovely sponsor S-j Dolby at Tack and Turnout at Stonham who reluctantly came for photo's


Briar Pegasus winning the NPS Novice Lead rein and going on to be Champion Novice Lr/Fr Beautifully ridden by Honour Ballard and lead by John Harvey.

Friends and associates have raised 500 in sponsorship (via social media, so it ain’t all bad!) for this year’s National Performance Show at Malvern in July. As important, if not more so, is ensuring the continuance of this and many other Shetland pony shows. Contrary to the view of a tiny minority, those of us who have run these shows for so long, are far from afraid of newcomers, they are essential to the future. Show organisers are keen to involve like minded and ‘much younger people’ to help and be committed to take over and carry the baton on.
Breed Societies, at least native pony societies are NOT  run for profit, no one is getting a dividend. Apart from Office staff, it’s all done voluntarily, but ALL of us who are members are part of THE SOCIETY, none more important than the other.

Records need to be kept, policy and purpose and standards, Judges’ appointment, rules appertaining and finance, need to be maintained. That is the work of the Council who oversee those, things on OUR behalf. They are UNPAID and pay their own expenses. A huge commitment and gift to us all.  Similarly judges, may require their expenses to attend a show, but these are invariably minimal, another gift to the membership. Group Shows and the like, Shetland only, are also run by enthusiastic members, for the members, with any ‘profit’ securing future events. It’s the same with groups. Then we come to the remaining membership who enjoy these facilities. Nothing wrong with that, it’s the purpose of the activities. I retired from running the Sussex show several years ago, after 18 years, and the South East Group, a couple of years later. Although a very popular show, no one was prepared to take it on, so it ended. Similarly the South East group, that folded when I retired, but its funds went to ‘the Downs Group’ which formed afterwards albeit by two friends who are my age!

My point is this, especially for the events mentioned above. They need new blood to carry on. They need people who purport to love the breed, to give up or better put, ‘donate’ one day a year to a show of their choice. You do not have to be a breeder to get involved, an interest in Shetland ponies and commitment will more than suffice. Anyone who has attended the Performance show will have seen the happiness and sense of achievement attained by child, parent and pony. Approach a show secretary; say what you can offer by way of help. I am sure you will not be rebuffed, but welcomed with open arms. GH